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Live long and prosper

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22769 ~ [Bauwerk] recently brought out this fabulous Starship Skybox which instantly reminded me of you know what, being the Trekkie nerd I am *laughs*.  So I thought I’d have a bit of fun and create my very own Vulcan chap. His personality turned out to be anything but how that fantasy race actually act, but never mind! Maybe he’s stepped one too many times into the teleporter, maybe Dr McCoy was right about teleporters – he hated them  Here’s my favourite quote involving the good doctor…

McCoy: Where are we going?
Kirk: Where they went.
McCoy: Suppose they went *nowhere*?
Kirk: Then this will be your big chance to get away from it all.


Gabriel  – Gladiator Set (gacha) pants, belt, boots

Vero Modero – Ramsa Set – Harness collar and shoulder pieces

ADAM Mesh Body V 1.4b – hair base from the HUD
CATWA Daniel Bento Mesh Head V 1.07
CATWA unrigged Animated Mesh Eyes
SLINK – Bento Dynamic Hands
MANDALA – Ears – STEKING season 5
Shape – my own

Hair – NO.MATCH – No.Thrill, blacks
Appliers – 7 Deadly s{K}ins – GUYS department location
Nathan (group offer at L$250) Omega Face Applier Steam (no hb)
Omega Body applier – trail Steam V 1

Bento Gesture – COBAIN on MP (must have Bento hands on)

All by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]
22769 – Starship Skybox – LI 58 – Footprint 21.2 by 33.7 by 9 metres
Animated Star field diorama, sliding doors open/close on touch, lights on/off
22769 – Spaceship Junkyard Debris Table – LI 4
22769 – Spaceship Junkyard Debris Chair – LI 4 – 12 original Poses





Cheers, m’dears 🙂



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I love a good Dinosaur movie, there aren’t many I haven’t seen.  My favourite story in this genre is Jules Verne’s “The Lost World” which is so exciting and well written.  Although penned in 1874, it is still an excellent read and I believe you can get it for nowt on Kindle as a classic.  There were some friendly dinosaurs in the novel, or at least they didn’t attack the hapless humans too often! And I think they were plesiosaurs, the chaps that are still supposed to be there in the waters of Loch Ness, Scotland.

All these recollections were brought on by [VM] Vero Modero‘s hunt gift this month, and it’s the “Dino Hoodie”.  The ITBH Hunt is on until March 29th so if you hurry, you’ll manage to get your copy.  The Hint is… surrounded by skulls.. the object is a Blue Butterfly dollabie.  Now the Dino Hoodie has five sizes, XS through to XL and I was wearing the L size. It’s in the men’s department, just follow the floor map at the landing point. It’s not difficult to find 🙂

Here’s what I was wearing: –

**RE** Ewan Necklace – Male

[VM] VERO MODERO – Dino Hoodie Size L (in sizes XS – XL with alpha)

ADAM Mesh Body v.1.4b and ADAM boxer v1.2 underwear
CATWA Bento Daniel Bento Mesh Head
7 Deadly s{K}insOMEGA Head Applier ACE V2 HB Caramel and OMEGA Body Applier – Smooth Caramel and don’t forget that March’s Group Gift is a 400L$ store voucher


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Winter Warmers

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Looking for a warm, cuddly Jacket? How about a t-shirt inner and matching scarf? If you’re into Hunts, then you can get the “Kenan Plaid Jacket/Shirt” combo with wool scarf by Vero Modero completely free. The set is a gift in the Merry Christmas Hunt, run by Nefeli Events and it’s on until January 2nd. You’re looking for a mistletoe badge and the clue is, “Did u meet Mike?”. It’s a rather cleverly placed gift, this one – you have been warned!

The set includes 3 sizes of Mesh Jacket, and 5 Standard sizes XS – XL Jacket/t-shirt combo in both plain and print t-shirt inners. The mustard wool scarf can be resized. Alphas are included for the jacket on its own and the combination sets.


Visit Vero Modero Men’s Department




The hat is “Humphrey’s Fedora” and it’s by Petit Chat. It includes a texture change HUD for both the hat and the hat band, so I was able to match the plaid shirt quite well. The hat is resizable, too. It needs either hat hair or a good hairbase underneath – it’s quite adaptable and very smart. Pick up your copy at the InspirationSL Event which runs until January 8th, here’s the Blog for information. As you might imagine, the theme for this event is Hollywood Glam.



Visit InspirationSL Event

Visit Petit Chat Mainstore for more Fashion ideas




In the pictures today, I’m wearing another one of the Advent Calendar skins from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, today. This is a system skin called “Zen”  in taupe. There are five versions of the skin included… from clean shaven to full beard. You also get SLINK appliers for hands and feet.  Zen has other skin tones from medium pale to dark – walnut, steam, earth and caramel so if you see it in the store elsewhere, then there’s a good variety. It suits more rounded faces and so I kept my usual shape.

There’s a different variety of skins/appliers every day until 31st.  You do need to belong to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins group but you can join free for this month!  Whether you wear system or Mesh body/face – there’s something for everyone. Even if you joined the group today, you’d still have 9 different skin gifts by the time the Event ends so it’s well worth doing.

Here’s a landmark to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins  gent’s department – go in the door and to the right,  you’ll find the Advent calendar tree on the wall at the back. Each day is designated by a miniature Christmas Tree, have your group on and simply click to receive the gift for that day.




Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Man in the Mirror – 7 Deadly s{k}ins & Vero Modero

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“I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways” MJ

We change a lot of things in Second Life® but skin and face can be a fundamental change in how others see us and how we project our personalities onto the virtual platform.

7 Deadly s{K}ins November group gift is a store voucher for 400 L$. It’s a great start to a new you. I used the “Ace” face applier for CATWA heads via the OMEGA relay. I must say this is one of my favourite 7DS skins, the texturing of the beard and hairbase are wonderful. The face applier gives my CATWA Paul mesh head a balanced look. The eyebrows are neither too arched or too thin. There’s a clean faced version, and a without hairbase version in the face appliers, too. They are very good value considering that at one time we used to pay out 1K for a system skin. I teamed these appliers with an existing system skin which I think was a hunt gift from somewhere. If you can do this, you’ll make a savings but then you might just want to pick up the matching skin  from 7DS anyway, use the DEMO first and see.



I was wearing an outfit from Vero Modero which is pretty well mid season if you don’t want to get into the sweaters and overcoats yet. These are separates – the Andon Jacket that comes with and without t-shirt insert plus the Murat leather pants. There’s a choice of half a dozen t-shirts with various sentiments on them, although the jacket will always be the colour you see. I chose the Love Rocks t-shirt/jacket combo. You can also wear the jacket without the t-shirt so it’s a versatile outfit for not a lot of lindens. The jacket has five sizes from zero to five (I chose the 3 size) and the pants have versions in XS – XL. The medium fitted well under the size 3 jacket/t-shirt combo.  I tried a necklace on with this but it tended to cut the line a bit, so I wore a lapel brooch instead. I quite like the way the neck and chest are slightly bared, it balances up the overall look.  The leather pants, by the way, have really nice back pocket details so you could wear those with another outfit, maybe a tucked in shirt, to show off that feature.



I took the photos in my dressing room – yes I do have one *laughs* – so the furniture in there is nice and restful so I don’t feel rushed while styling outfits. Try it sometimes, it works!

AF – Mission Armoire (Antique) – I admire this piece by Apple Fall, it’s vintage and the doors open and close. The base drawer is meshed open which is appropriate for a dressing room.
Fancy Decor – Ghent Altarpiece (small size) – this goes up on the wall, you can open and close the triptych. One of my favourite stores for décor, this is so colourful and represents the actual thing in real life. Talented designer, is Jake!
N4RS – Nouveau Art Set – Sofa – another vintage set from the 1930s, it matches the wooden floor of the room so well. Pieces include rug, glass wall décor and sofa for up to 2 avatars.
Alouette – Antoinette Floor Length Mirror – try Marketplace for this as I am not sure if the sim still exists.

Here’s your taxis:

Visit 7 Deadly s{K}ins GUYS department


Visit Vero Modero (and you’ll land right by the entrance to the men’s section)


Cheers, m’dears 🙂

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Saint or Sinner?

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7 Deadly s{K}ins are having a great Halloween Hunt at the mainstore!  It’s called the Witch Hunt and the top prize for the gents is the “Juro” mesh face applier. Such a great gift and well worth trying to find all the 13 clues and gifts along the way.



A curse has been placed on the lands of Valyria, causing a thick fog to descend. A local convent of Valyrian witches seeking revenge for the murders of their sisters is to blame.

Your help is needed in finding the witch that has placed the curse!

In 13 locations from the main store of 7 Deadly s{K}ins to the garden on the grounds you will find hints to locate 13 witches. Once all 13 are found it will spell out the location of the final witch from whom the curse was made.

At each location you will find a prize for your Witch Hunting, find all 13 and you will score the main prize. Keep your eyes peeled for the bones of a sacrificed peasant that the witches murdered to increase their power. Each bone will lead you to the next.

Start at the gallows and collect a HUD. Attach the HUD and click on the small skull on top of the HUD giver and there will be your first hunt hint. You are looking for bones. Inside each bone you will find a prize and the next hint to the next bone. When you have found all of the skeleton you will automatically be delivered the main prize. During the hunt you can detach the HUD at any time and resume your hunt when your ready the HUD will save your found bones.


Juro contains 12 OMEGA face appliers based on CATWA in 3 skin tones and I was wearing the Cotton tone (the others are Drow and Stone).  You get clean, clean with hairbase, beard with hairbase. Also included are SLINK appliers for hands and feet.  It’s a very engaging, handsome skin.



Here’s what I was wearing –

CATWA Paul Mesh Head with Animations HUD

CATWA Mesh Eyes

Adam Mesh Body

No_Match hair – No_Perfection in Coffee 3

Harness and shoulder decoration from Vero Modero – Ramsa Set


Saint or Sinner?  Make up your own mind!

Visit 7 Deadly s{K}ins mainstore



Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Store hunt at [VM] Vero Modero

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There’s a number of really good hunts on at the moment but don’t miss this one, gents!  It’s the [VM] Vero Modero Red Dot Hunt.

Go to the store (and you’ll land near to the men’s section) and search the vendors for red dots. There are five in the menswear section and if you like the product you can get it for only L25. There’s a mixture of casual and formal outfits so for only L125 you get a total of 5 outfits, can’t be bad! Now don’t pay the vendor, pay the red dot to receive your hunt prize.

Arrchie and me are wearing two of the outfits available, they just happen to be formal wear. I’m not going to tell you the location of the red dots but they are not that hard to find. There’s also a similar hunt for the ladies in their apparel section.

Visit [VM] Vero Modero mainstore – TAXI


Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Cyber City Fashion with [VM]

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VERO MODERO - Kaya jacket n pants


There’s a lot going on at Cyber City lately, so much so that it takes a lawman to deal with it! So here’s the Angel of Cyber City on the lookout for trouble and looking suitably debonair while he’s at it 🙂

Introducing four amazing outfits for men by [VM] VERO MODERO on a cyber trance theme and they could also be used in roleplay situations.

The Angel is wearing [VM]’s “”Kaya Jacket and Baggy Jeans”. All the neon yellow areas that you see can be changed to any colour by the use of a HUD, the sky’s the limit. The jacket and pants come in standard sizing and there’s a couple of alpha layers as well.  I was using the L jacket over the M jeans.

I guess this guy’s a baddie or he could have just won Mr Cyber City! He’s wearing [VM]’s “Ramsa Set” which comprises harness and pants in standard sizing, together with suspenders/braces clipped onto the waist and two black feathery shoulder pieces. I chose the M pants and suspenders/braces and the L harness.



Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Luke and his latest enemy are dancing with light sabres. Luke wears [VM]’s “Dark Side Set”. There’s an all in one mesh with and without cloak versions, and a pair of boots. Like the Kaya set, Dark Side has a colour change HUD and all the areas you see in beige can be changed to any colour you prefer. There is one size for the Dark Side Set with alpha.

Luke’s enemy is wearing [VM]’s “Rock Coat Set”.  One size coat, pants and boots included and the coat has a colour change HUD. I rather like this set with all the belts around the waist and the coat flowed nicely.

VERO MODERO - Dark Side n Rock Coat Sets

Other items in the pictures: –

A&Y Cyber gas mask, Inferno version
Multi colour particle Halo by Party Particle
Yellow and Blue Cyber claws and arm bands by DOCKS 
Toxic Clockwork Yellow wings, Khyle Sion at Refined Wild
ILLI Damon Boots
Dream Cosmos Eyes by Spacefeary’s Shop

Rigel Hair – jet black, Niran Hair – flame, Ahiga Hair – jet black, by Wasabi Pills

HANDverk –  Wema body paint

Action Ultra Glow Light Sabre by Action Products


Your Taxi to [VM] VERO MODERO mainstore


Cheers, m’dears 🙂