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Cute Halloween

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If you read my blog regularly, you know I’m fond of the cute style, especially in animals and décor.  So today, I present Cute Halloween 🙂  There’s some great products about in the H&G world at the moment and here’s some of my favourite things.

Chez Moi’s Spooky Bed started my inspiration – that Autumnal leaf decoration around the bed frame is really beautifully done. The bed is packed with animations in the tradition of Chez Moi, and there’s both PG and Adult versions available.  At the same Event – ON9 – Newchurch has a unusual vanity set out with some great poses – you can wash your hands, wash your face and clean your teeth – the marble top went so well with the bed, it’s a shame not to pick up both sets.

I’ve also used the Yram Strange Travel Set by Serenity Style and that’s at The Secret Hideout Event (details below). There’s a stage to this set which I put behind the bed and then used the travel features as a side table.  Get that clock of extreme cuteness! It has bunny ears.  The wall decorations of a spooky haunted house, cat and flying bat are from a great gacha by [ zerkalo ]  and that’s at The Season’s Story.  You may have to choose a quiet time to get into that Event as it’s very busy.  I managed with the early am SLT times.

Then the cake!  This is another gacha by Bee Designs at TLC.  The first Play got me the Rare which is that fabulous party cake that the JIAN chipmunks are eyeing up.  Do go and have a look at the JIAN Chipmunk Collection, it’s on at The Season’s Story Event and is so cute you won’t believe your eyes.  You get a big log as a home for them all, décor versions that are animated and no less than 3 versions to wear.  One is on your head/hat which is cheeky to say the least, one is curled up on your shoulder and just peeks out every now and then, and the third is a companion. I couldn’t resist the entire set – could you?!


Here’s all the Home & Garden products I used today, in detail:-

::Newchurch:: Vanity Set currently at ON9 Event
:: N :: Wei Craftsman Vanity, Oak – LI 4
:: N :: Mission Sconce, Mica – LI 1 – light on/off via touch
(also a mirror in this set – Mission Bath Mirror in Oak – LI 1)

Chez Moi Furnitures, currently at ON9 Event through to Oct 28th
Spooky Bed (available in PG and Adult versions) – LI 14

Serenity Style, currently at The Secret Hideout Event
Yram Strange Travel Set
Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Stage – LI 7 (enlarged from default)
Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Suitcase – LI 2
Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Rounded Suitcase – LI 1
Serenity Style- Yram Strange Travel- Clock – LI 1

[ zerkalo ], currently at The Season’s Story Event
Halloween Ornaments gacha
[ zerkalo ] Halloween Ornaments – Haunted House – LI 4 (enlarged)
[ zerkalo ] Halloween Ornaments – Cat – LI 2 (enlarged)
[ zerkalo ] Halloween Ornaments – Bat – LI 1


NEW Apple Fall
Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – LI 15 (greatly enlarged here and is normally 1 LI). See all the other new Autumn designs for kitchen mainly – take a full wallet! It’s the first table on the left as you go into the garden, can’t miss it.

Bee Designs, currently at The Liaison Collaborative
Only L$55 per Play
Halloween party gacha Cake RARE – LI 2
Bat Cans – cute cans with bat wings! – LI 1


Ariskea – [Curiosity] Fragment Mirror, from a set currently at FaMESHed and you can purchase the items individually – LI 5
Store #12 in the Green Park Quarter

Chipmunks from JIAN Chipmunk Collection – the Wanderer has a Land Impact of 7
currently at The Season’s Story Event (sponsor)

Storax Tree – Feline Treasures – Pumpkin Patch – Grey Tan Tabby – LI 4

+Half-Deer+ – Nightglow Bird – Robin – String lights (down) and Lamp (up)
(from a set at Collabor88)

House – a room in Scarlet Creative’s – Blair Keep 1 (212 LI) I did modify the floor and moved it up, the house is not 2 floors usually, just very high ceilings, but shows it can be done.
(Scarlet Creative is changing sims after the 12th Oct, still on MP in the meanwhile, see FB for further info – http://www.facebook.com/scarletcreative)


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


A busy Halloween at Zerkalo

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Zerkalo are downright busy of late!  I spoke to designer Anais last night when I visited Britain Knave’s romantic new sim, Rosewood Isle, which I must say I found very beautiful.  More about that in another post.

So this post is about Zerkalo’s Halloween gacha – ‘Pumpkin Faces’ which you can find at the Wayward Halloween event and ‘Halloween in White’ which is available at The Seasons Story event. There’s a lot of discussion on the rights and wrongs of gacha but where else can you get such wonderful pieces of furniture and decor at such cheap prices?  If you want the whole collection, of course it’s not so cheap but my strategy is to play once or twice on any gacha I really love and I’m grateful for whatever I get! If you’re into styling then you can build up quite an inventory of gacha items and put them to good use on a theme or time of year, for instance.

Zerkalo - Pumpkin Faces - Wayward Halloween

‘Pumpkin Faces’ is a set of fun pumpkins suitable for various areas around the home and garden, I like them on the porch. Inside each pumpkin is a flickering candle which lights up the eyes or mouth and makes the whole item look suitably eerie. There’s 8 Commons and 1 Rare between 1 – 3 LI.

I put some of these out,  including the witches hat Rare pumpkin, on a forest floor area and there they sat flickering away. Windlight setting was a sunset one, I think, and it showed them up in glowing colour.

Zerkalo Pumpkin faces - errie glow!

‘Halloween in White’ is a set of mainly white furniture and decor that Zerkalo are so good at texturing. I learned from a texture artist that white is one of the hardest colours to texture properly and I can well believe it because as soon as you add some shading or noise… well it isn’t white any more.

Zerkalo - Halloween in White - Seasons Story

There are 7 commons and 1 Rare (the mantle) to collect in this gacha. The Rocking Chair has animations – 12 solo sits and 6 cuddles n kisses. Pieces are between 1 and 8 LI and are modify as well.

Here’s the set in a display, the windlight setting was an evening one because the stars were out in the sky and the candles glowed on the mantelpiece. I added an extra single candle as well.  A lovely little tea set is included in the gacha which you could use in any number of other settings for only 1 Land Impact.

Zerkalo - Halloween in White - display

So who’s coming to tea then?  In the dead of night you need some comfort *laughs*. Well, I wasn’t complaining 🙂

Zerkalo Halloween in White - arrival for tea

TAXI to Wayward Halloween event

TAXI to The Seasons Story event


Until next time, happy decorating and Cheers, m’dears!