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An extra slice

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Gabriel invites Harriet to dinner, only she’s cooking it!  Read Isabelle’s blog and watch her YouTube vid which is from Harriet’s POV and here’s Gabriel’s :-

“Yeah, well, Gabriel here and I’m writing up mah diary which is getting kinda X-rated nowadays so I won’t tell you about THAT otherwise I’ll have to go to confession AGAIN.  Anyways, I’d invited Harriet to dinner and the time just got away from me with a crapton of things needing to be done, so when she arrived I was just laying the table for dinner and about to start on the veg. Mistakes had been made!

But fortunately I was OK and still in her good books and she got on with cooking a traditional family recipe called Lamb Cutlets Vichyssoise. When we sat down to eat it tasted just like something Mama would make!  I’m deffo onto a good thing with Harriet in many many ways. Later on I washed up and dried the dishes to prove that yes, men DO know what a kitchen sink is and how to work it, they just don’t admit to it very often. I thought using the floor mop might be overdoing things, though, so that stayed in the cupboard.



Having plied Harriet with a glass of the rare vintage (apparently it only takes one glass, don’t judge me) I decided that I wanted an extra slice of her delectable booty and as we cuddled she flinched. It had nothing to do with the wine but then I noticed her tattoo. Wowser! This gal really rox and it turned out she’d had it done recently and WITHOUT painkillers. I coulda advised her to take 4 codeine before stepping into the tattoo parlour (maybe she wouldn’t have needed that much but I’m allergic to pain). Not only that but she’d had her lip pierced. I’m a simple man and I woz impressed!  Well now, I can’t tell you any more about what happened next so I’ll leave you with this conundrum (word of the week).  From what Harriet was describing about her tattooist, he sounded familiar! Yikes I wonder if I’m right… Gabriel over and out! ”




Gabriel’s Gear

Tattoo is from my all time favourite Juna Artistic Tattoo – this is Iwe and there’s appliers for Adam, Altamura, Belleza, Omega, Signature, Slink and TMP. Also there’s classic avatar layers in the box. Dark, Medium and Light tones.

Then we’ve got the Nero “Valentino Hoodie” in Marine Blue. By Designer Rodney Luv, he’s been doing the Saturday Sale recently and this product was on sale for only L$75 down from L$295, versions for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Geralt, Slink Physique. Keep your eyes peeled for more special offers.


The beautiful interactive kitchen from Dench Designs – see this post

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

02/06/2019 at 1:34 pm

Dusk retreat

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Dusk is one of the nicest times of day to just sit and relax after a day’s work. And if you’re got a cuppa and a good book, it’s even better!

There are three stages of dusk. Civil dusk is when the geometric centre of the Sun’s disc goes 6 degrees below the horizon. The atmosphere still reflects some of the Sun’s light so the sky is bathed in reds and oranges. It’s an excellent time to take photographs of this softer, glowing sky. Nautical dusk happens when the Sun dips under the horizon by 12 degrees and it’s difficult to distinguish the sky from land or water, making it impossible for sailors to use the horizon as a navigation point. Most stars and constellations are now visible to the naked eye. Astronomical dusk is the official beginning of night time and the Sun is now 18 degrees below the horizon, however a very small portion of sunlight is still scattered across the sky so may prevent astronomers from observing some of the fainter stars and galaxies. Fascinating!


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Fancy Decor, Storax Tree
Others:- Apple Fall, Architect, Bad Unicorn, Ariskea, Two Moon Gardens
Events: – FaMESHed, The Saturday Sale

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

Fancy Decor, will be at April FaMESHed on 1st until 27th
Pieces from the Ruben Collection
Ruben Cactus Lamp – LI 1 – on/off via touch
Ruben Canvas – LI 1
Ruben Chair – LI 1 – 10 relaxing solo sits
Ruben Console Dresser – LI 2
Ruben Potted Plant – LI 1
Ruben Vase – LI 1

Fancy Decor: Succulent Bowl – LI 3 – from the Modular Outdoor Living Kit
Fancy Decor: Couperin Table – LI 1 – from the Couperin Collection

Storax Tree – join the Inworld group for some fantastic bargains every fortnight!
Group Gift
Clay and Bamboo Vases Au – LI 8 – Transfer/Resizer
Group Savings – only L$20
Feline Treasures – Naptime – Ginger Tabby e – LI 3 – Transfer/Resizer
Special Offer (in the Sales Room)
Area Round Rug A82 – LI 3


Ariskea, Saturday Sale offer – L$75
[Calmly] Camomille basket [Decor][1] – LI 3 – also has a holdable version – two other colours available

[Bad Unicorn], Saturday Sale offer – L$75
Book Lamp – LI 3

Apple Fall
Juliette Teapot – LI 1 and Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea – LI 1

After hours Tray – LI 1

Outside the window, I was using:-
Two Moon Gardens – Wooden Path with Borders 1 – LI 21

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


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The Owlery was a room on the top of Hogwarts Castle’s West Tower, where the school owls and the owls belonging to students lived during the school year. The Owlery was a circular stone room, rather cold and drafty, because none of the windows had glass in them. The lack of glass in the windows allowed the owls to come and go freely. The floor was entirely covered in straw, owl droppings and the regurgitated skeletons of mice and voles. Many owls nestled here on perches that rose right up to the top of the tower. During the winter months, the room was very cold, to the point that one had to be careful with ice on the higher landings.

Our Second Life® virtual Owlery is much more civilised and comes complete with stained glass windows. The owls get in through the round window and have a nice, warm set of rooms all to themselves 🙂


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products and avatar accessories I used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Syndicate Sunday, Juna tattoos, Dragon Magick Wares
Others:- *HEXtraordinary*, MINIMAL, C L A Vv.
Events: – Syndicate Sunday, The Saturday Sale

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

Syndicate Sunday – Feb 3rd – 10th – all items only L$69

1 . Juna
Although the offer is primarily for ladies, this great Symo tattoo goes very well on a slim, male body too! I used the Jake MESH body with the Omega applier option which worked perfectly so I’d say this was unisex. I would imagine that a larger male body with more defined musculature may distort the tats somewhat but it’s so cheap as this special offer – why not just try it out?
In the pack you’ll find dark, light and medium system layers as well as the Multiple HUD. This contains the applier for mesh Body in 3 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75% and Light 50%) for:
• Altamura
• Belleza
• Eve
• Maitreya
• Omega
• Signature
There’s also a Juna: TMP Symo tattoo Woman option included.


2. Dragon Magick Wares
This is a daft price to pay for a lovely RP build – what’s there to think about?
Dragon Magick Wares Luna Cottage – LI 130 – Copy and Modify, you can enlarge this cottage only. It’s a beautiful building with Magick and RP aspects. There’s 4 rooms inside and they are light, airy and decorated with stained glass windows. Click doors open and close. The front door has an additional wrought iron decoration and door knocker. The footprint is 14 by 11 metres and the height is 0.45 metres. Here’s a picture to show the roof décor.


MINIMAL – The Forest -standard- The Saturday Sale offer! – LI 203

*HEXtraordinary*  – Screech Owl – Perched – worn
And try Marketplace resellers, too

C L A Vv. Branch Crown Wood Gold – gacha prize

Cheers, m’dears 🙂