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Beau Monstre – Vengeful Threads

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Vengeful Threads_Beau Monstre


Vengeful Threads are taking part in Menswear Fashion Week 2016 with this fascinating outfit called, “Beau Monstre”.  As always with VT the difference is in the detailing. with the pattern on the back of the jacket being repeated in the matching tee top. Lapels, shoulder line and cuffs all match up to give a beautiful look to this low neck outfit.

Sizing is standard XS, M, L, XL, XXL for the pants and jacket with alphas for both. For the top you can either go with a clothing layer or Omega appliers for mesh bodies. I found the medium fitted well enough around the neckline and arms. Given that there’s a further 3 sizes above that, it should fit a lot of shapes. Footwear – you could either wear short boots or shoes with a bit of skin showing, the pants are versatile with a well shaped mesh.

I’m playing around a bit here – this is the box that the outfit arrived in. The pose is included and it certainly has possibilities so a bit of a bonus!

Vengeful Threads_Beau Monstre Box


Menswear Fashion Week runs until the 19th June so why not take a wander around? The theme this year is Paris. Here’s your TAXI.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

P.S. The animated pelican insisted on being in the picture because he reckons he’s a Beau Monstre too,  and you can get one of his mates from THC (The Home Collection) – MP


Cosmopolitan Event – last 3 days!

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There’s some beautiful and clever Home & Garden items at the current round of Cosmopolitan – and there’s still three days left to go and pick up those last minute bargains! I chose four designers to showcase today.

The Home Collection – “Enchanted Swans”.  One of those beautiful garden pieces that is ready to place and no messing around! As with all products at Cosmopolitan, it’s original mesh. A landscaping piece with pool, furniture, plants and – swans.

Cosmopolitan - The Home Collection - Enchanted Swans 2


Enchanted Swans is 39 LI in total with an extra 2 LI for each swan. They swim around the pool in a mirror motion and at one point meet up to form a heart shape. The bench has 11 poses, all nice and relaxed. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

Cosmopolitan - The Home Collection - Enchanted Swans 1


Galland Homes – “Stonehurst Redux”.  Designer Robert’s new house which will fit perfectly on a 512 m plot. A great balcony and front paving area is attached and it’s 26 LI in total. Lots of prims left to furnish this spacious home.

Cosmopolitan - Galland Homes - Stonehurst Redux 1


A look inside reveals warm wooden floors, stone bricks walls in places and a floating staircase. Modern styling that actually looks and feels a lot more expansive than it measures. You can Copy/Modify Stonehurst Redux, enlarge it to suit your space.

Cosmopolitan - Galland Homes - Stonehurst Redux 2

Perfect for first time land owners, maybe a guest house on larger land. Tall windows add to the spacious effect, inside and out.

Cosmopolitan - Galland Homes - Stonehurst Redux 3


Cosmopolitan - Galland Homes - Stonehurst Redux 4


One Grid – “Stockholm Bedroom Set”.  Stunning modern styling in the Scandinavian Homes tradition. This set would look perfect in a room with bleached wood and plain walls.  The bed contains over 300 animations and has a Land Impact of 12.

Cosmopolitan - One Grid - Stockholm Bedroom 1


Other pieces include – bedside table in two versions – LI 1, canvas stack – LI 1, pendant light – LI 4 with a good spread of light, quotes in frames – LI 1, the perfect radiator – LI 3, log hanger which is held up by chains either end and includes a hanging clothing item, Monstera potted plant – LI 2

Cosmopolitan - One Grid - Stockholm Bedroom 2

All pieces have Permissions of Copy/Modify.

Cosmopolitan - One Grid - Stockholm Bedroom 3


Compulsion – “Wine making set”. A great decor/roleplay set to place on a patio, in a cellar or on garden decking – anywhere like that. There’s 11 pieces with a Land Impact of 20 when they are all rezzed. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

Cosmopolitan - Compulsion - Wine Making Kit 2


Just thinking, this would make quite a good historical roleplay set as well.

Cosmopolitan - Compulsion - Wine Making Kit 1


Here’s your taxi to Cosmopolitan – and don’t forget, only 3 days left.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂