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“To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.” – Billy Graham

Well you better go say your prayers if you’ve been drinking all that beer!


Here’s the Home and Garden products I used today in detail:-

unKindness products:-
uK – Little Oasis – Rock Shelf Brown – from gacha at the mainstore
uK- In the Bayou – Cypress Stump – LI 1 – from gacha at the mainstore

uK – End Times Billboard Photo Prop – 5 Land Impact @ Man Cave Event
Two versions with different billboard textures – Beer and Gas & Oil

uK – Shanty Church Gacha – @ The Gacha Guardians
Rare ~
uK – Shanty Church House Building RARE – LI 42
Gift of the Guardians ~
uK – Shanty Church Pray Billboard – LI 10 – this is the Copy/Modify piece
Commons ~
uK – Shanty Church gacha – Fence Left – LI 2 (Also right fence available)
uK – Shanty Church gacha – Fence Double – LI 2
uK – Shanty Church gacha – Hymn Board – LI 1
uK – Shanty Church Bench – seats 2 people – LI 4. Has 3 poses – M/F sits and 1 standing prayer pose
uK – Shanty Church Podium – sits 1 – Has 3 poses – LI 1
uK – Shanty Church – Long Signs – LI 1 (Old Signs also available)
uK – Shanty Church – Book Pile – LI 5

Little Branch – Giant Beech @ Sense Event
LB – Giant Beech {Animated} 4 Seasons – LI 19 at default size
This is a big, beautiful tree that is subtly animated and absolutely huge! It can be modified with ease. The animation is a gentle movement of the branches. It is also a four season tree and I had it on the Fall Season.

Dysfunctionality – [DDD] Swaying Leafy Bush – Corner and [DDD] Swaying Leafy Bush – Fat – 1 Land Impact each – I used the Browning and Muted textures

JIAN – “Scruffy Shepherds gacha” 14. Sleepy Adult – static dĂ©cor piece – 1 LI

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Won’t you stay for Tea?

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Go on, go on, you know you want to!  Click on the picture for a huge close-up:)


Here’s details of all the Home & Garden products I used today :-

Chez Moi Furnitures – Spider Gate Modular Building Kit – Mainstore/MP
Main Wall piece and open/close gate – LI 3
Wall Section – LI 1
Corner Post (not shown) – LI 1

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] – A Night with Tim, currently at The Gacha Guardians (Gimme Gacha Productions), runs through to the end of October
22769 – This is Halloween – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Tims Armchair – COMMON – LI 3 – 9 poses
22769 – Tims Teddy Bear – COMMON – LI
22769 – Mad Hatter Hat stand – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Tea with Tim – COMMON – LI 4
22769 – Side table – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Snake pouffe – RARE – LI 3 – with 9 poses
22769 – Jester Console – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Tims Floor lamp – COMMON – LI 1 with lighting script
22769 – Limp Bookshelf Left and Right – COMMON – LI 5 each
22769 – Vortex Rug – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Tims Plant Black And White – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Tims Plant Black And Orange – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Twisted Candle Holder – Gift of the Guardians – LI 1


Raindale – Charfell cabin – LI 40, currently at The Season of the Witch Event, runs through to November 4th. The cabin is easily resizable from tiny to huge – the default size has a footprint of 10 by 15 metres.
There’s also an optional platform with a texture change HUD – 5 Colours, this will be very useful if you don’t have landscaping to match

unKindness – uK – Dreamer’s Sky gacha – Slumber Circlet – LI 2
uK – Dreamer’s Sky gacha – Goodnight Moon SOI – LI 4
This is from an older gacha which is now at the mainstore. The Goodnight Moon is a Seed of Inspiration (Gacha Garden) and only available through resellers.

JIAN – Cat Pumpkin :: Sitting – from Pumpkin Collection with Kittens

*HEXtraordinary* – Cheshire Cat – LI 5
From April 2017 Deco(c)rate

Landscaping – ground textures/terrain prims, grasses, trees – from KIDD – Halloween Grassy Landscape Kit – Anthracite

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Forest Retreat

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An idyllic place in the woods!  The scene illustrates firstly, a new gacha set by unKindness – Old Smokem’s Mountains National Forest gacha – and it’s all about landscaping for a wooded area that is similar to a national park.  The Rare is the signage and Commons include all sorts of fencing made from cut logs, steps to go up various inclines, camping signs and even a dĂ©cor bench.  It’s a really useful set if you do a lot of landscaping/blogging scenes that require landscaping.

Here we’ve got a new release from KraftWork and this is the Triciclo.  There’s both adult and children’s sizes and also a dĂ©cor version.  These are great fun, you can ride them on most terrains and it’s easiest to use your arrow keys for greater control.  When you leap on the tricycle you’ll find a HUD comes up so you can alter the riding position and also how you view yourself camera wise.  It’s possible to set the camera to go behind you so you can see yourself crashing up the gutters and all that good stuff!  If you don’t like the two colours I’ve shown in the picture, then there’s a texture change HUD for 8 colours and 12 country flags – brilliant!  See below for more details.

The bungalow with the cute porch is by Galland Homes and this is on sale at a very special event called ForMax Event, to support long time designer, Max Graf – he was evicted from his real life home recently.  The event is on from October 3rd to 10th. The Keys Bungalow is a small, one room beach bungalow, open/close door included.  I’ve placed this within a wooded environment to show that it’s not just for the beach but is versatile enough for a number of areas.


The smart dog kennel above is by Serenity Style and it’s for another special Event.  An exclusive for Rally to Rescue. This is a charity event to help dogs. The present edition is focusing funds for Operation Delta Dogs, a mission to rescue homeless dogs and train them to be assistance dogs for veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. For more information see their website.


Above picture concentrates on the latest gacha from Raindale – Bright October. It contains all sorts of pumpkin related products, candles, frames and even a broom decorated with string lights. At only L$40 per Play, it won’t be expensive to get yourself a really good set of Autumnal dĂ©cor.


Here’s the Home & Garden products in detail:-

Keys Bungalow by Galland Homes – LI 44 which will fit on 1024 sq metres.This is at the ForMax Event, to support Max Graf, it’s on from October 3rd to 10th. Also, see their…

TLC Home Collection – Deer Family (mainstore) – a must have set for Autumn! There are versions of the deer that have hot breath particle effect for your cold weather scenes.
TLC Straw Feeder [Summer] – LI 3 (winter version also included)
TLC Fallow [Male] + B – LI 5
TLC Fallow [Female] +B – LI 4
TLC Fallow [Fawn] + B – LI 2

KraftWork – Triciclo, currently at FaMESHed
KraftWork Triciclo (ADULT) – LI 4
KraftWork Triciclo (CHILDREN) – LI 3
Change Colour of Bike and Flag via HUD
Adjustable pose for riding the tricycle and camera follow/static options
There’s a front light and a riding sound, and you can switch camera follow on and off plus there’s an unlock/lock option to ground the vehicle. Texture change options include 12 country flags and 8 colours for the tricycle itself via a HUD.

Serenity Style– My Puppie Sweet Home – LI 3 – Copy/Modify – I resized upwards a bit to fit the adult dog. An AO for the Sign Texture is included so you can make your own sign.
An exclusive for Rally to Rescue.
The event runs from 1st October to 20th and 100% of the sales is donated.

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 11. Wanderer Silver Black
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Calico Wandering Kitten

Raindale – Bright October gacha, currently at The Avenue for their Halloween Round – everything is exclusive and original Mesh!
There are 7 common prizes (no rares) with Permissions of Transfer/Modify, and it’s L$40 per Play.
– Broom – dĂ©cor only – 2 LI
– Pumpkin candles – 3 colours – 1 LI each
– Frames – 4 kinds of pictures – 1 LI each
– Pumpkin stack + candles – 1-3 LI
– Apple candles – 3 colours – 1 LI each
– Pumpkin dot lights – 2 kinds – 1 LI each
– Pumpkin string lights + tiny green pumpkin – 1 LI each

Raindale – Southwell gacha – tea set – 2 cups, teapot and biscuit plate
At mainstore
Raindale – Kenward gacha – welcome post – LI 1 – at mainstore
Raindale – String light – LI 3 – from Avenden Cottage set which was in Builder’s Box for August 2017. It has a HUD for on/off bright, glow intensity and colour. It’s a very useful set of lights as it’s large enough to go across a front porch in one go.

22769 ~ [ Bauwerk] Travel Magazines – LI 1
From the Harvest Fest gacha which was recently at the Arcade (see resellers on MP)
22769 – Farmhouse Table – COMMON
22769 – Distressed Rug – COMMON

Soy. Reed Mini Mat – Dark
Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Dark -Down

unKindness – Old Smokem’s Mountains National Forest gacha, currently at The Gacha Guardians 
uK – Old Smokem’ Fence 3 – LI 2
uK – Old Smokem’ National Forest Sign RARE – LI 1
uK – Old Smokem’ Curved Incline Steps – LI 2
uK – Old Smokem’ Steep Incline Curved Steps – LI 3
uK – Old Smokem’ Log Bridge – LI 2
uK – Old Smokem’ Straight Path – LI 1
uK – Old Smokem’ Winding Path – LI 1
uK – Old Smokem’ Log Bench Poseless – LI 1

uK – Little Oasis gacha – Rock Shelf Brown – LI 10 at default size (mainstore)

Hayabusa Design – Nissa Sinensis Old M17-1 v1-1

[DDD] Twinkling Flower Bush – Cluster
[DDD] Twinkling Leafy Bush – Cluster – texture change

Ground – Vita’s Ground Textures – Autumn Dry Leaves – 3D seamless

Until next time, enjoy your seasonal decorating!

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

A touch of the Gothic with 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]

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You can’t escape the Halloween season in SL!  There’s such an outflow of creativity from the designers, not least by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] who have brought out a number of sets for various events. I’m showing two of the sets today.

A lot of care and attention has gone into the set for We ❤ Roleplay which runs until October 31st . Three pieces are provided, the Gothic mausoleum, Gothic grave and the Grim Reaper himself! These are intricately made and beautifully observed. Here’s the stats:-

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] Gothic Mausoleum
mesh ground building
LI 30
8,2 x 8,2 x 10,3 meters
front doors open/close separately on touch

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] Gothic Grave, decoration item only
LI 5
2,2 x 1,9 x 4,6 meters

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] Grim Reaper, decoration item only
LI 9
1,0 x 0,9 x 2,2 meters
light on/off on touch

Permissions: Copy/Modify- used scripts may have different permissions

I had to do some close-ups to show you the fine detail:-






The second set is based on all the items you might find in an abandoned fairground, including the entrance gate. This is a gacha and it’s for The Gacha Guardians which also runs until the end of October. Here’s their website which will be helpful to read as it’s a game as well as an event and you need a special HUD.



22769 ~ [Bauwerk] Abandoned Playground Entrance – LI 24 – 10,1 x 05,0 x 12,1 meters

Broken Merry Go Round – LI 5 – 4 single sit animations – 2,6 x 2,3 x 1,7 meters
Peekaboo – LI 1 – 2 single sit animations up to 2 Avatars – 1,4 x 0,5 x 2,4 meters
Broken Star – LI 3 – Light/Intensity on touch
Abandoned Popcorn Cart – LI 2
Broken Slide – LI 4
Hit Willy – LI 2 – the creepy clown beloved by all 🙂
Old See saw – LI 4
Rotten Kissing Booth – LI 5
Rusty Arrow – LI 2
Rusty Ball In Bucket – LI 2
Ticket Counter – LI 3

Gift of the Guardians – after each 20 Pulls (each pull is 50L) you get a special key you can exchange for the Broken Ferris Wheel Cart – LI 9 – 10 single sit animations up to 2 Avatars
This item is only available until the end of the October’s Gacha Guardians, though.






Visit We ❤ Roleplay Event for the “Gothic Mausoleum Set” – TAXI

Visit 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore to play the Gacha Guardians “Abandoned Playground” – TAXI

bauwerk logo

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Pontoon Party from 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]!

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22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party Gacha - full

Just right for the warmer weather – 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] have a superb gacha out at the Gacha Guardians Event, and it’s called, “Pontoon Party”.

There are 16 items to collect at only 50L$ per pull. Permissions are Transfer/Modify and it’s all original creator Mesh.

Rare – Pontoon – LI 13 – it’s huge and it’s excellent lol There’s 6 single sits for up to 3 Avatars and I put this by the side of an estuary, it fitted in well with the rest of the walling along the riverside. You could be waiting for the ships to arrive!

22769 Bauwerk - Poontoon Party - pose


Garden Chairs in white , pink and brown at LI 2 with 4 sit poses
Folded Up Garden Chairs in white, pink and brown at LI 2 each
Garden Sun Shade at LI 6 – well detailed piece and properly tilted like it would be IRL
Wooden Tree Planter at LI 4 – nice and tall for such low Land Impact
Wooden Planter at LI 3 with 4 sit animations for up to 2 Avatars
Garden Table at LI 1
Bar Sign with great lights at LI 6 – alter the light intensity on touch
Foooood! – Coffee Mug, Marble Cake on plate, French Fries/Chips in bowl – all are LI 1, Curry Wurst n French Fries on platter – LI 2


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - table n chairs


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - closeup


Gift of the Guardians – is a fab Container Bar at LI 27. It’s a ground building that could go in a lot of places, not just on the Pontoon. The Pontoon has railings along part of it as shown in the picture.

22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - railings n bar


This is a great garden/outdoorsy set with well detailed pieces that look good. The planters are a welcome addition to the hard landscaping and soften the look well. The Tree Planter fits in nicely against the side of buildings where the foliage is shaped – useful detailing.

22769 Bauwerk - Poontoon Party - pose2


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - cafe area


The Gacha Guardians Event

Start the event by grabbing a HUD that can be found at the main starting location or any of the participating stores. Use the HUD to find and collect special rune stones at each location. Once you touch one of the rune stones you can move on to the next location or play the gacha machine at the current one. The special ‘Gift of the Guardians’ can’t be won by chance. After you’ve played any gacha machine 10 times, you’ll get a Key. After you’ve visited all the locations and touched each rune stone, a portal will open allowing you to enter the Guardian’s Treasure Room! Use your collected Keys to unlock the special gifts left by each participating designer. After the event end, the Gifts are all retired and won’t be available again.

Visit the Gacha Guardian’s Start Location

Gacha Guardian’s Website

Visit 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore