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Whale… what whale?

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These lazy sea lions are too busy chillaxing while Moby Blue has sidled up behind them… the only chap on watch is the pelican 🙂


Here’s all the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today, in detail:-

Sponsors:- Chez Moi Furnitures, Galland Homes, TLC Home Collection, Raindale, Newchurch, Little Branch
Others:- Dreamland Designs, The Looking Glass, [Tia]

Chez Moi Furnitures
Whale Float (PG and Adult versions). This super Whale Float is 2 Land Impact, and comes with Copy & Modify Permissions. The PG version has 65 animations, and the Adult version has 105 animations.  He’s currently resting in my swimming pool!

Galland Homes – Caribbean Hut – deck area
A modest one-room build designed to be placed over the water or land. The hut has a Land Impact of 25 and Permissions are Modify & Copy

TLC Home Collection
1. From Life’s a Beach gacha – No.8 Brown Pelican on Barrel – LI 3 and a very meaty crab I extracted from a deckchair lol (same gacha) – he’s 1 Land Impact
2. Sea Lion Colony – Adult (LI 3) and Baby (LI 1) sea lions in various animated poses, complete with rocks & wooden raft habitat (if they are all used it’s 31 LI)

Sunbury Hammock with texture change HUD – currently at Sense Event
Hammock with and without the stand (8 LI and 6 LI), 10 couples poses, 16 solo poses, and 12 friend poses – all original by Raindale!

Newchurch – Octopus Chandelier – 2 colourways (the other one is amber) – click on/off light – Land Impact is only 3 for quite a large Chandelier

Little Branch
1. Mango Tree – gently animated 2-seasons tree. A couple of versions included, the season changes are Spring with fruit and Winter with snow on the trunk and branches. Permissions are Copy/Modify and Land Impact varies between 7 and 12 at the default sizes depending on the version chosen
2. Bird of Paradise plant which is texture change for differently coloured blooms – blue, yellow, pink and lime. Land Impact is 3.


Dreamland Designs, currently at the Precast Event from Aug 1st
Flamingo Beach Sign – LI 8
Lemonade Cocktail Crate – LI 6

The Looking Glass, currently at SWANK
Jiwa Tenang Potted Plants Collection – Land Impact varies – from 3 – 5, and they can go up quite large for that amount.

[Tia] – Junebug Garden Parasol – Group GIft – LI 4

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


An evening at the Opera

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HCC_Maxwell Suit_half

It’s been some time since I last posted for Second Life Fashion, so I was really pleased to see this fabulous suit by Heth Haute Couture, which includes matching shoes.

I went to the Angel Manor West sim and photographed in the grand surroundings of the Rose Theatre!  This suit has stunning textures on it and it’s easy as pie to fit.  You get 5 sizes – XS – XL and a combined alpha for suit and shoes. Shoes in Small and Medium sizing.

HCC_Maxwell Suit_full

The jacket does have a pattern to it, darker brocade on base material and it shows up Inworld more than here in the photographs, but it’s nice and subtle. The trousers fit nicely and have a good shape. The waistcoat is amazing – beautiful pattern with buttons that stand out well. The fancy tie effect is included in the suit so there’s no fiddling at all.

HCC_Maxwell Suit_half close-up

I was wearing size Large. The shoes were size Small which was quite adequate. This outfit would be suitable for legacy avatars. If you have a Mesh body, try out the demo first. I was using SLINK AvEnhance hands in a medium size which fitted well. You may need to lift the shoes slightly to fit closer to the trousers and Heth thoughtfully provides a handy posestand in this set so you don’t have to search through Inventory.


This suit is presently being shown at December Swank event and it’s on until the end of the month.  Very reasonably priced for an all in product. Do go and visit because there’s other Menswear designers showing, gifts around the Christmas tree and a fun skating rink 🙂

HCC_Maxwell Suit_windows half

Visit Swank Event

Visit Heth Haute Couture mainstore

That’s all for now, so I’ll say, “Cheers, m’dears!”