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Underneath the Mango Tree

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“Underneath the Mango Tree
Me honey and me can watch for the moon
Underneath the Mango Tree
Me honey and me make boolooloop soon” ~ Cibelle

I remember this song from the James Bond film, Dr No.  It was ‘sung’ by Honey Rider when she emerged dripping from the sea  in what was a very racy bikini for those days. She’d been hunting for shells and pearls. Whenever I see or hear of a mango tree, this daft song comes into my head – go figure 🙂

The scene features a new beach hut by Galland Homes which is very versatile because you could put it facing the sea like the above or further up on the land proper.  There’s plenty of room to furnish the inner room and also down on the deck which I’m using as a mini pontoon here.

The trees are by Little Branch.  The Avocado and the Mango.  I’ve included some close-up shots of these because they are so wonderfully made with plenty of leafy branches and fruits in the spring/summer versions.





Here’s the Home & Garden products I used, in detail:-

Galland Homes – Caribbean Hut, currently at FaMESHed
Land Impact is 25 with Permissions of Copy/Modify

Little Branch
Mango Tree, currently at FaMESHed
Default size of LI 7 for V1 and LI 12 for V2 – spring and winter

Avocado Tree, currently at The Mens Dept
Default size of LI 7 – winter, spring, summer and fall
Fluffy Grass {Mesh} – LI 10 for huge patch

TLC Home Collection – from Peacock Family (also in white variety)
TLC Male Peacock Tail Up* – LI 2
TLC Peacock Female* – LI 1

Storax Tree – Group discounts to only L$20
Tropics Med Patio Chair Right Ap – LI 13 – Transfer/Resizer

Bird of Paradise – Large – Mesh Plants by Reid Parkin

{XO} FullPermDock-Boat – {XO} by Saera Ellisson

Here’s hoping your weekend’s a good one!  Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Storax Tree – July Releases

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Designer, Kate, has many beautiful new releases for Storax Tree this July! It’s well worth visiting the Sales Room every week for bargains – all new releases and all 60L or under for a limited time. And why not pick up the July group gifts while you’re there. Every week group members receive a comprehensive run down via notecard on current bargains and new releases.

There’s new additions to the ‘Tropics Range’. A beautiful teardrop shaped hanging chair and set of planters. I used ‘Tropics Spring Planter Di’ and ‘Tropics Teardrop Hanging Chair Af ‘- more varieties available.

Tropics hanging chair n planter

The planter is 3 Land Impact and permissions are Transfer/resize via HUD. The chair is 10 Land Impact and is packed with animations, some of which rez props – 3 table sits, writing, 3 casual sits, eating/paper, coffee/paper, coffee n chat.

Tropics hanging chair n planter_side view

Here’s the planter in close-up so you can see the hidden gnome!

Tropics planter_close up

A completely new series – the ‘Joie’ set has matching items, all with their variations.  I used :

‘Joie de Couture Mannequin Aq’ – LI 5 – transfer/resizer
‘Joie de Modestie Room Divider Cq’ – LI 10 – transfer/resizer
‘Joie de Tournesol Candles AAi’ – LI 8 – transfer/resizer

Joie set - main

‘Radio Days Seating’ – the ’33 RPM Bn’ variation here – is typical retro styling and again, packed with 13 animations, some of which rez props.  It has a Land Impact of 9 and permissions are Copy/resize via HUD.

Radio Days seating

The ‘Coffee n Chat’ animation!

Radio Day - coffee n chat

There’s three of these new release ‘Simple Elegance Tray Table’ sets on new release and I was using the ‘Bamboo H’ variation.  Land Impact of 8 and permissions are Transfer/resize via HUD. Close-up shows all the detail, you won’t need any other accessories for a great tea time table.

Simple Elegance - bamboo tray

bamboo tray close up

The last little group is as follows:

‘Morocco Table Top Collection B’ – LI 2 – transfer/resizer
‘Feline Treasures’ – Naptime – Solids Siamese d – LI 3 – transfer/resizer
‘Clay and Willows Vase DL’ – LI 3 – transfer/resizer

Cat Vase Moroccan group

All these items have variations with many being on offer in the Sales Room! The vase is really beautiful with pussy willow sticks and clay base. It’s quite tall and can be used to good effect with height levels in a room.

Cat Vase Moroccan close up

And the best way to see all of these? Try Storax Tree on Marketplace. There are over 4700 quality products available and you’ll always find the newest releases there first.

Also… visit the Storax Tree Sales Room for many bargains and to access the group gifts, that’s a direct landmark.


Cheers, m’dears!






Storax Tree – mid February releases

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Designer Kate is a prodigious builder, fortunately for us!  I thought I’d take some of the Storax Tree February releases and place them in the sun lounge – out in the field as it were. I used a couple of windlight settings but quite honestly the decor looks just as fab in midday lighting conditions. All items are Transfer with a Resizer that has a delete script option.

Of course, there’s always a naughty cat!  Feline Treasures  – Fishing Calico to be precise and he has a land impact of 15.

Feline Treasures - Fishing - Calico_001

A planter from the Delicate Garden range. This is the Gold-BA planter and it has a land impact of 3. There are lots of planters in this range and they look very good indoors or on a patio.

Delicate Garden Gold Ba_001

Here’s what I did with three pieces for decorating a corner. There’s the Napa Valley Chair, the Heart Wall Key Shelf and one of the Spring Potted Plant Collections.


There’s a whole range of Napa Valley furniture in the rustic style and it’s a good idea to look on the Storax Tree Marketplace site and check it all out. This particular chair is Dk Wood – Ag variety. It’s only 3 land impact and has an excellent set of animations – some of which have props. I used the Coffee/Paper one where I’m slurping a coffee and reading the Daily Rag 🙂

Napa Valley Chair Dk Wood Ag_001 reading paper and drinking coffee_001

Here’s the Spring Potted Collection – Ab in close-up. The set amounts to 5 land impact so if you used all the varieties of this collection you’d soon have an extensive display.

Spring Potted Collection Ab_001

A close-up of the Heart Key Wall Shelf – Ck. Again, there are a number of varieties of these, each a little bit different to suit the textures of the walls you’re placing them on. Only 3 land impact.

Heart Key Wall Shelf Ck_001

From the Plank Planter collection this is  B Plant – Aq which as you can imagine comes in a variety of woods and flora. This is 3 land impact and inside a sun house or conservatory it makes a great decor piece. I think that’s a Yucca plant because I’m recognising the little trunk that the leaves eventually grow from.

Plank Planter B Plant Aq_001

Time for tea?  Well, of course!  And here’s the naughty cat again collapsed on his woven rug having fished himself out. We’ve got the Nature’s Bliss Tea Time Table ready for tea and the kitty from the Feline Treasures Nap Time range. Standing by the chair is the Twisty Twigs vase.

tea time scene_001

A close-up of this gorgeous tea table. Nature’s Bliss Tea Time Table A Bamboo, one of a number of tea tables – see how well it matches up with the chair. Only 9 land impact for all this detail, can’t be bad.

Nature's Bliss Tea Time Table A Bamboo better light_001

Here’s the poor, tired kitty! Feline Treasures – Naptime – Solids Calico k, is from a huge range of different cats on variously textured rugs. If you can’t find one to match your home, I’d be surprised! He’s 3 land impact. His little catnip bag is so cute.

Feline Treasures - Naptime - Solids Calico k_001

The Twisty Twigs Vase – Gold and Tile H in close-up. The detail on this is just lovely and the colour matches the sun house so well. It’s 3 land impact.

Twisty Twigs Vase - Gold and Tile H_001

Another shot of the decorated corner, so you can see the base of the tea table and fortunately, not the cat’s bottom lol.

tea time scene 2_001

Storax Tree always have group gifts and bargains. February’s gift was a choice of four colours of heart decor. And a further four variations for only 10 lindens. Here’s a couple of examples from Kate’s vendor photos.

Spring Heart Wall Ornament a GGSpring Heart Wall Ornament i 10L bargain

And the best way to see all of these?  Try Storax Tree on Marketplace. There are over 4700 quality products available and you’ll always find the newest releases there first.

Also… visit the Storax Tree Sales Room for many bargains and to access the group gifts there’s a direct landmark.

Until next time… Cheers, m’dears!


Storax Tree – Thursday Sales

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All items for 55L Thursday this week – 22nd May! You’ll find them at the Storax Tree Sales Room – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Heron%20Island/242/175/3504

Taking a break at the pool with the ‘Happy Hour – 12 year old scotch’ tray set at LI 7 – soon get through that bottle!

Scotch Tray_ST

Which necessitates this next tray – ‘Coffee Break – Pink Roses’ tray set at only LI 6 – lovely 🙂

Coffee Break_pink roses_ST

Goodness, it’s feeling rather warm… time to switch on the ‘Sunflower breezes table fan set’ at LI 8 and fall asleep lol  The Sunflower pot is texture change just in case you’ve got the energy!

All the items have a handy grow/shrink script with delete.

Table Fan and Sunflower_ST

Just managed to collapse on the ‘Nature’s Bliss Napa Valley Bed’ at LI 25. Texture change for quilt, curtains and sheets in toning colours of red, striped, tan, grey, moss and a deeper moss. Really liked the grape vine overhead and the light wood decorative pieces here.

Napa Valley Bed_ST

There are around  20 PG poses for singles, couples and trio – some of which are most amusing – complete with wine bottles and even a blanket to throw over the unconscious.  Brilliant!

Napa Valley Bed2_ST

A most enjoyable afternoon thanks to designer Kate McLaglen, although I’m not sure what I’ll feel like when I wake up tomorrow 🙂 Storax Tree have a huge Marketplace store where you’ll often find new releases first – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/7584

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


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