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More than a hint of the Cosy from Raindale!

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Raindale is a new sponsor of mine and I must say, I’m finding their décor to be right up my street! For instance, the new release for the Pose Lover & Friends Event is more than a bit cosy. It’s the “Salford Set” and contains a round couch/sofa that has poses for singles and couples, a matching coffee table and a coffee tray. The price is limited for the Event to only 150 L$, can’t be bad. Danilo thinks there’s plenty of room for his toys, too.

Salford Set – Pose Lover&Friends exclusive release – couch with poses and animations, coffee table and coffee tray – event limited price – 150L for the whole set. Here we all are trying out one of the couples poses. Danilo’s so cosy that he can’t be bothered to move and play with his bricks.


The couch has a texture change HUD for sofa and cushions, giving a lot of options for your winter décor. The textures I used matched warm woods very well. The couch is only 5 LI. Add the round coffee table and coffee tray to match. The tray gives coffees and croissants to cuddle up to the fire with.



The “Candle Lantern” is a group gift for this Event, there is a rezzable décor version and also 3 lanterns that you can hold to light your way. Here I was wandering through the woods at night – don’t ask but it has to do with hiding presents!


Visit the Raindale mainstore to see more goodies

Visit the Pose Lover & Friends Event (on from now until November 27th)


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Zerkalo – Wheels on Fire

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Zerkalo - Wheel Set - Full

“If your mem’ry serves you well
We were goin’ to meet again and wait
So I’m goin’ to unpack all my things
And sit before it gets too late
No man alive will come to you
With another tale to tell
And you know that we shall meet again
If your mem’ry serves you well
This wheel’s on fire
Rolling down the road
Best notify my next of kin
This wheel shall explode !”   # Bob Dylan

Well, hopefully not this excellent “Wheel” lounge set from Zerkalo!  You can pick this up from the March edition of The Mens Dept which runs until the end of the month. There’s a choice of three cushion colours – red, green and blue. PG and Adult versions.

Pieces are:

Sofa – LI 6 with 12 sits/12 cuddles/ 16 intimate poses in the Adult version

Chair – LI 2 with 5 sits/3 cuddles and 10 intimate poses in the Adult version

Stool – LI 2 with 5 sits/3 cuddles and 10 intimate poses in the Adult version

Table – LI 1

Tyres Decor – LI 2

Here’s a close up to show off the excellent texturing. I put this set in the garage which leads down to a lake and boat dock but it would go in a number of places, least of all the man-shed lol

Zerkalo - Wheel Set - closeup

Other pieces were from Zerkalo sets – “Coffee on the Porch” – an extremely useful set of furniture and decor which I never put away entirely, “California” – wall hanging, signs and decor, “Chess” – named after major chess tournament combatants – essential decor for lounges! Wood pile and crate also Zerkalo.

Dog is from a Half-Deer gacha (you can pick up similar on MP) – Shiba Inu sleepy

Here’s one of the cuddle animations which are rather romantic. Designer, Anaïs, has a gift for picking the right animations for each set of furniture. The dog was so comfortable she never stirred!

Zerkalo - Wheel Set - animation


Visit TMD

Zerkalo Mainstore

Cheers, m’dears!


Winter Dreams are more than just white

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Winter Dreams - sofa - Dark
[Zerkalo]’s latest set is called ‘Winter Dreams’ and is available exclusively at the January FaMESHed event.

It’s mainly white – but being Copy/Modify you can tint it as well, making this beautiful furniture and decor set versatile enough to fit in many homes. The level of detail is very good, designer Daniel has taken pains over all the pieces and Anais has packed the sofa with wonderful animations.  There are PG and Adult sofa variations, plus the sofa, table and chandelier have both light and dark versions.

Here’s the pieces in detail.

* sofas or couches -Adult and PG versions – in white and dark.
The dark versions have beautiful black/brown wood  (may be walnut), both have piped cushions and infills and a cream wool rug as decoration. The white versions have shabby style white wood with medium brown underlay showing through. Mod/copy LI 6. Poses – 11 solo sits, 10 cuddles plus 18 intimate in the Adult version. Adjust & Swap.

Winter Dreams - sofa - White

* Round, small table with room for books, lamp, cup of coffee maybe! Top is wood to match the sofas – either shabby white or dark newer wood and legs are decorative metal, either shabby rubbed down white metal or shiny metal in the dark version. LI 3 C/M.  * books 1 is a collection of 4 treasured old books (one rests against a stack of 3) and cup and saucer perched on top. LI 1 C/M.  * books 2 has a white ribbon with rose decoration around 2 treasured old books and by the side, a lace edged doily with cup and saucer on top. LI 1 C/M.

Winter Dreams - Table Light n Books 1

Winter Dreams - Table Dark n Books 2

* A glamorous wrought iron chandelier with light bulbs shaped like flames. Beautifully intricate, Daniel has even observed the wire leading up to the ceiling within the chain as it would be in real life. Click on/off for lighting which has a decent spread of light within the room. Lights are placed in wrought iron cups with decorative swirls and loops leading to the central shaped piece. LI 4 C/M Available in matte black and shabby style white which gives the feeling of a well worn but loved chandelier.

Winter Dreams - Chandlier - Lit - White

Winter Dreams - Chandelier - Lit - Black

* Round pillow, a beautiful white lace and cotton tiered cushion/ LI 1 C/M
* Rug is a subtly waved round white rug with 3D cut rose and leaf pattern almost as if a piece of lace has been copied into the cutting of the carpet, beautifully shaded and rendered pattern LI 2 C/M takes tinting well
* Square pillow, a white tiered square cushion with sumptuous tiers of lace and cotton material, with a lace design as the central piece. LI 1 C/M
* Three pillows, these are simpler squares with lace edging and a lace motif stitched into the centre of each pillow. They’d be perfect against a bed head or on a sofa or anywhere you might rest against them. Separate faces mean you can tint the lace motifs a different colour to match your styling. LI 1, C/M.

Winter Dreams - round n square lace pillows

Winter Dreams - lace pillow set

Tinting is an option and changes the whole look of the set.  Just right click and ‘Edit’, then choose ‘Faces’ and you can click away altering the Color to match your decor. Here’s my attempt, I’m sure you can do a lot better!

Winter Dreams - Tinted

Other furniture: Cheeky Pea – Lillooet Skybox and Campfire by HT Home.

Visit FaMESHed which runs until the end of January

Visit [Zerkalo] mainstore

Cheers, m’dears 🙂





Shabby Lounge – Chez Moi

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Shabby Lounge_set

Chez Moi have just brought out a delightful low prim ‘Shabby Lounge’ set for the Lost & Found Event which runs until 1st January.

There’s 4 pieces altogether, which amounts to a very low Land Impact of 9.

Shabby Chaise PG  – LI 4 – Copy/Modify

Shabby Lamp on/off with click – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Hydrangea Shabby Jar – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Shabby Side Table – LI 1 – Copy/Modify

Lovely poses in this chaise!  16/17 different poses for male and female, some of which rez wearables and props including book, guitar, coffee, laptop, mobile phone. Plus – 12 loving couples animations – all romantic and PG.

I particularly liked the Shabby Side Table with the decoupage effect, makes a very nice piece for decorating in general.

Shabby Lounge_side table

The lamp is on/off by touch and although I was using a Windlight setting (Euphoria smoky blue) it made a difference casting a warm glow around.

Shabby Lounge_lamp

Here’s some of the poses for males.  Easily adjustable on the XYZ co-ordinates. Couple poses also have the Swap facility.

Shabby Lounge_pose 2

Shabby Lounge_pose 1

Visit the Lost & Found Event

Chez Moi mainstore

Cheers, m’dears!