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Elixir of Spring

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The fawns are fascinated by the enchanted pool in this beautiful corner of the garden that’s protected by the ruined folly. While one rests, the other looks bravely into the circle of animated water.


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- 22769, [CIRCA], Raindale, Little Branch, The Half Moon Market
Others:- JIAN, Heart Botanicals, Two Moon Gardens, KIDD Creation
Events: – Gacha Land, Syndicate Sunday, SL Syndicate April Fools Treasure Hunt, We Love Role-Play, The Mens Dept, FaMESHed, Gimme Gacha Productions

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

22769 ~ [Bauwerk], currently at Gacha Land
“Springtime Serenity” gacha – L$50 per Play – Transfer & Modify
Rare – Ruined Garden Folly – LI 26
Stone Bench – LI 2 – 5 solo sits and 4 couples animations
Plant Stand – LI 3
Stone Ball – LI 1 – 5 solo poses
Broken Column – LI 1 – 5 solo poses
Tulips White – LI 1
Tulips Red – LI 2
Tulips Pink – LI 2
Pansy Yellow – LI 3
Pansy Blue/White – LI 3
Pansy Red – LI 3
Pansy Lilac – LI 3
Whimsical Garden Lantern is the Gacha Land exclusive – LI 2 – it’s yours with every 20 plays on the gacha machine

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] Stone Wall – COMMON LI 3 (from the Ghost Town gacha) – this is the little wall at the side which is darker than the main folly, it’s basically a corner piece but you can place it to look like a wall

[CIRCA], currently in the SL® Syndicate’s April Fools Treasure Hunt! Runs through to April 14th so get your skates on 🙂
This prize is the “Meadowland Cart Planter” in Spring Mix and it’s one of two prizes from [CIRCA] – 2 animated butterflies visit the flowers – LI 9 – Copy only

1) Go to [CIRCA]’s mainstore entrance and click the “How to Play” sign under the hunt poster.

2) Read the instructions & wear the book while hunting – it’s linked to all the hunt object/clue scripts.

3) Click the book on the poster for first clues to both prizes paths in [CIRCA]’s store.

4) Find all the clues which also give out goodies to keep! Look for either lily flowers or Easter eggs for the clue hunt objects.
For more info, check out the SL® Syndicate Blog

Raindale, currently at We Love Role-Play
The Alouin Platforms
These are platforms with teleporters/portals/landing points in mind and there are scripted and unscripted versions included with a simple teleporter or replace that with your own system. Two versions of the platform are included in the set – with and without the water/portal in the middle.
There’s a texture changer for the stone with light, average and dark stones, and the platform version with the water/portal centre is an animated texture which can also be tinted via the included HUD. Land Impact is 3 and Materials have been enabled. These are simply magical!

Little Branch, currently at The Mens Dept
Japanese Maple Shrub – 100% Original Mesh with gently animated foliage – 4-seasons option via HUD… spring, summer, autumn and winter – LI 2 – 5 depending on the size you want

1. The Japanese Maple Shrub (Acer palmatum) is a deciduous shrub often growing as an undergrowth plant in shady woodlands. They are stunning smaller growing deciduous shrubs grown for their outstanding beauty and architectural splendour. For those wanting to make an eye catching focal point in any sized garden, Japanese Maples are an excellent choice. These stunning plants are native to Japan as the name implies and are also native to parts of Russia, China and Korea.

2. Purple Grass, a really useful piece for fronting dark walls and landscaping in general
LB_Wild Grass {Lavender} – LI 1

3. In the background…
LB_Wild Sassafras. v2 {Animated} – LI 2 at this size

The Half Moon Market, currently a L$69 bargain for Syndicate Sunday to April 14th!
Floating Elemental Candles – flame turns on/off via touch and each candle floats gently up and down to light your home or circle – 6 colours included in the set (yellow, red, white, black, blue and green) – 100% Original Mesh with Materials Enabled – LI 2


Fallow Deer Fawns
Two fawns (laying and grazing) from the Static Displays – LI 1 each with 8 frame positions
The set also includes a wanderer fawn

Heart Botanicals – at the HEART Garden Center, Hydrangea at April FaMESHed
1. Echinacea flowers
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Echinacea – Purpurea – P3 – LI 6
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Echinacea – Harvest Moon – S6 – LI 1

2. Hydrangea, from a wonderful pack full of variety in shape and colour and these are currently at FaMESHed
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Hydrangea – Pink 4

3. From the Forest Undergrowth set – Clover Patch
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Clover – Large – LI 1

4. Daisies Patch
HEART – Daisies – Patch – LI 1

Two Moon Gardens
Butterfly Emitters, useful for gardens when you want a bit of life and movement
Dancing Butterflies – Pink and Aqua – LI 2
Dancing Butterflies – Yellow – LI 2

KIDD Creation
SHORT GRASS*GREEN MEADOW WILD DAISY*5×0.3*FLATSQUARE 4 – LI 1 – Transfer only so be careful to take these back into Inventory when you’ve finished with them! KIDD is an affordable landscaper who makes products that are mainly Transfer Only

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Winter Warmers

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Looking for a warm, cuddly Jacket? How about a t-shirt inner and matching scarf? If you’re into Hunts, then you can get the “Kenan Plaid Jacket/Shirt” combo with wool scarf by Vero Modero completely free. The set is a gift in the Merry Christmas Hunt, run by Nefeli Events and it’s on until January 2nd. You’re looking for a mistletoe badge and the clue is, “Did u meet Mike?”. It’s a rather cleverly placed gift, this one – you have been warned!

The set includes 3 sizes of Mesh Jacket, and 5 Standard sizes XS – XL Jacket/t-shirt combo in both plain and print t-shirt inners. The mustard wool scarf can be resized. Alphas are included for the jacket on its own and the combination sets.


Visit Vero Modero Men’s Department




The hat is “Humphrey’s Fedora” and it’s by Petit Chat. It includes a texture change HUD for both the hat and the hat band, so I was able to match the plaid shirt quite well. The hat is resizable, too. It needs either hat hair or a good hairbase underneath – it’s quite adaptable and very smart. Pick up your copy at the InspirationSL Event which runs until January 8th, here’s the Blog for information. As you might imagine, the theme for this event is Hollywood Glam.



Visit InspirationSL Event

Visit Petit Chat Mainstore for more Fashion ideas




In the pictures today, I’m wearing another one of the Advent Calendar skins from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, today. This is a system skin called “Zen”  in taupe. There are five versions of the skin included… from clean shaven to full beard. You also get SLINK appliers for hands and feet.  Zen has other skin tones from medium pale to dark – walnut, steam, earth and caramel so if you see it in the store elsewhere, then there’s a good variety. It suits more rounded faces and so I kept my usual shape.

There’s a different variety of skins/appliers every day until 31st.  You do need to belong to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins group but you can join free for this month!  Whether you wear system or Mesh body/face – there’s something for everyone. Even if you joined the group today, you’d still have 9 different skin gifts by the time the Event ends so it’s well worth doing.

Here’s a landmark to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins  gent’s department – go in the door and to the right,  you’ll find the Advent calendar tree on the wall at the back. Each day is designated by a miniature Christmas Tree, have your group on and simply click to receive the gift for that day.




Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Last call for Sam from 7 Deadly s[K]ins!

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There’s still time to pick up a generous hunt gift from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, you’ve got until October 22nd to do so. It’s in the Men Only Hunt 8 which is a HUD based hunt. Pick up the HUD  from the Flair for Events office . To work the HUD, wear it and click on a store so that a map comes up with the slurl for you to teleport. At the same time, the hint for that particular gift will be displayed in local chat. You’re looking for a glass of beer. Buy for 0L and the gifts are yours.


“Sam” is the hunt gift and there’s 4 system skins in one tone called clay, a good pale to light mid colour suitable for winter outfits. OMEGA & TMP body appliers are included plus OMEGA & TMP mesh head appliers, 4 in all. SLINK hands/feet appliers also included so that’s a good variety for both system and mesh.

I was wearing the Adam Mesh Body which is OMEGA compatible. So simple, just wear your Omega Relay, and your chosen applier, then it’s just a few clicks and you’re there. I chose the smooth applier variation of Sam. It’s a nicely detailed skin with a handsome face and is such a good gift.

The system skins come with and without hairbase which made a difference to my existing hair by Tableau Vivant from this month’s The Men’s Dept Event.

Visit 7 Deadly s[K]ins mainstore and the hint is ” Wrapped in black, you can sit and relax.”


Good hunting and cheers, m’dears 🙂

Stop Press – Chez Moi store overrun with ghosts!

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There’s a great store hunt on at Chez Moi Furnitures – the Spooktacular Hunt – and the prizes are half a dozen beautifully made pieces of decor suitable for Halloween. The hunt is running until October 24th and all the prizes are completely free.

You’re looking for small cute ghosties about the size of a bucket. They are dotted around Chez Moi but not difficult to find. If you go around the store in a methodical manner, you’ll find all six of them and they are numbered so you don’t ‘discover’ the same one twice. We rezzed them in the garden and found they go very well with autumnal landscaping and some would look great on Halloween porches. The scarecrow has grass around him and a crow on his shoulder. Five other cute and well made prizes add to the set including a batch of wall plates and the rustic bench which has a selection of poses for singles and couples as well as texture change cushions. All prizes are Transfer only so be careful as you rez them.

Why not take some time to go around the store and try out some of the items for sale? There’s lots of gorgeous interactive items for interior design and outdoors landscaping to peruse. Take a friend along!

Good hunting at Chez Moi Furnitures mainstore!

Chez Moi web logo

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Have map, will travel to Magnum Opus!

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Magnum Opus - Twisted - Travel Desk unit

I’ve been visiting selected stores in the Twisted Hunt – on until the end of March. It has to be like that because the hunt drives you nutz anyway!  There’s no clues, just the slurls of the store. And the gifts are so well hidden, you have to marvel at the ingenuity of the store holders 🙂  Check out the blog – here.

I met Mr. Jetcity of Magnum Opus at the recent RFL Home & Garden Expo – one of many interesting and pleasant designers – so seeing he was one of the participants of Twisted, I went to his store to try my luck. Not only can you pick up the first prize within 30m of the landing point and famously unobservant me managed that lol… but there’s also a side hunt to win another 4 gifts. If you manage all that, you end up with a fabulous set of themed furniture on the subject of travel.  Jag is a comparatively new designer with a rich historically oriented style. His store just started in mid 2015 and already has a fair few items to purchase.

You can choose the hard or easy route for this side hunt so I thought, well doggone may as well do the hard route. I had much fun and frustration in equal amounts!  Try it, you’ll enjoy it! I’m not giving away any clues  <—- evol

Magnum Opus - Twisted - seating

Travel set pieces:

Luggage – rez as a coalesced object, there’s three luggage pieces here – LI 3 in total

Seating – look great in a themed building – Land Impact of 9 for this substantial seating, there’s 8 single poses for both male and female plus 5 couples animations

Ottoman – to match the seating. Land Impact of 1

Wall Art – a map to plot your route along the ancient mariner’s way – LI 1

Desk – my favourite piece – rez as a coalesced object – the chair is LI 2 and the desk is LI 3 with map and light censor included. The light has a great particle effect that really sets the scene.

Magnum Opus - Twisted - suitcases

Magnum Opus - Twisted - Where to


Magnum Opus - Twisted - Ottoman


So here’s your taxi to visit Magnum Opus mainstore

May the furniture gods be with you!

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


From Twisted’s website…

“Twisted Virgins, Beware.

There’s a reason the Twisted Hunt earned the title of ‘Hardest Hunt in SL’ – and we mean to live up to that title again this time around. We promise you a full month of box-hating, obscenity-shouting, desk-kicking, brain-melting fun… a bunch of other people commiserating and shouting obscenities right alongside you… and some of the best prizes some of the most Twisted designers on the grid can wrack their brains to come up with.

We think most Twisted Survivors (and yes, you DO earn the title ‘survivor’ when you complete the hunt) would agree that this is no place for the faint of heart… but, we also think they’d agree it’s about the most fun you can have in SL with your pants on!”

Into the Woods with Chez Moi

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Into the Woods_Guitar Pose

Into the Woods with Chez Moi

Chez Moi have this lovely set called ‘Into the Woods’ as a hunt prize!  Well worth checking out, the hunt is a themed one run by Candy Events and it takes place at the Designer’s mainstores, thus bringing back mainstore visits.

Into the Woods poster

There are 30 good Designers in Fashion and Home & Garden (sponsored by Goose, Chez Moi, Milk Tea, WoW Skins, .Winged., Speakeasy, IDK, Zombie Suicide, BabyDoll & Nekotron) so it’s well worth having a go.  The hunt is on until December 15th so you still have time!  Here’s the Candy Events website.

Back to this delightful set.  You get these pieces:

Into the Woods_campfire n pillows

Campfire at LI 3 with blazing fire, 5 Pillows to sit on in blue, green, lilac, red and yellow check at LI 2, Elf Sign at LI 3, Unicorn Sign at LI 3. All have Permissions of Copy/Modify.

The Pillows or Cushions are very cute with a little Elf/Fairy by the side of them and they also have a subtle fairy light effect. Four sits included which are 2 female sits, 1 male sit and 1 male sit with guitar prop.

Into the Woods_closeup pillow

Here’s the sign reminding us to behave in the presence of the fairies and to beware of marauding elves!

Into the Woods_Elf sign

Here’s one of them, you never know where they’ll be hiding!

Into the Woods_little elf

And as for the unicorns… don’t feed them your sausages!

Into the Woods_Unicorn sign

Cheers, m’dears 🙂