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Picnic on the Beach

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It’s going to be difficult getting back to the table with all those flamingo fellows lined up, maybe they’re going to storm the picnic any minute now!

Featuring a great new Animesh set from TLC Home Collection which also contains regular mesh and a clever hybrid alternative (see explanation below) – it’s called “Flamingo Island”.  Also a couple more reasons to go and visit the new Boardwalk Event – there’s that great picnic set and the realistic palm trees.  Go on, go on, you know you want to 🙂


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- TLC Home Collection, Salacity, Little Branch, [CIRCA], Chez Moi Furnitures
Others:- Heart Botanicals, HEXtraordinary, Dust Bunny, [we’re CLOSED]
Events:- The Boardwalk Event

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

TLC Home Collection
“Flamingo Island”
TLC Flamingo [One Leg]* – LI 2 – animated – 12 Textures – Regular Mesh
TLC Flamingo [Feeding]* – LI 3 – animated – 12 Textures – Regular Mesh
TLC Flamingo [Walking]* – LI 3 – animated – 12 Textures – Regular Mesh
The birds also have AniMesh and Hybrid versions! The AniMesh versions will animate and look real, for instance walking or walking and feeding around a given radius. AniMesh objects add an additional 15 to the Land Impact of an object and more for complex objects, so TLC are offering a Hybrid version, too. Hybrid offers a temporary rez option which once activated will randomly play a 30 second loop of the AniMesh version before it returns to the regular Mesh version.

In addition to the birds, there’s a couple of habitats for them complete with rocks, tropical plants, small waterfall from rocks with pool at base and flowing animated water surround.
TLC Flamingo Mini Island* – LI 17
The larger version – TLC Flamingo Island** – is LI 33


The Boardwalk Event – check out the beautiful products in this 4th round – furniture, decor, garden landscaping, props ‘n poses, and prefabs. Here’s a couple more products from the round:-

(a) Salacity at The Boardwalk Event
“Pick-a-Nick Set”
1. Salacity – Pick-a-Nick Table – LI 5 – in either PG or Adult versions – the table is aged/sun-bleached wood, with plenty of animations for both solo and couples use. Some props are included also
2. A set of accessories is also available to make your picnic experience fuller! A tablecloth, picnic basket, drinks, condiments, and two coolers (one with simple sitting animations and the other with a drink-giver) are all included. In the scene I used:-
Salacity – Pick-a-Nick Basket – LI 1
Salacity – Picnic Tablecloth – LI 1
Salacity – Oldman Cooler (drinks) – gives drinks – animates to open up the cooler – LI 3
Salacity – Soda can (open and closed versions)- LI 1
Salacity – Beer Bottle (open and closed versions) – LI 1
Salacity – Condiments – LI 1
3. You can also get the whole set, table and accessories, in either PG or Adult 🙂

(b) Little Branch at The Boardwalk Event
“Tropical Palm pack”
LB_Wild Grass *1 Li {Dry} – LI 1
LB_Tropical Palm {Animated} – rezes at LI 6 which is huge, I reduced the trees in the scene to half that and they were still more than adequate, beautifully textured, too
The pack generously comes with landscaping extras… Beach Sand V1 low impact, Grass1 {Winter}, Hill V1 low impact, Hill V1 {winter}


[CIRCA] – “Garden Friends” Turtle Planter -Delicate Flowers (S) – LI 3

Chez Moi Furnitures
Hamburger Tray Party CHEZ MOI – LI 4 – steam particle effect


Heart Botanicals – at the HEART Garden Center
Tropical Yucca-Cluster 5 – LI 8
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Echinacea – Harvest Moon – P2 – LI 3
Heart – WILDFLOWERS – Echinacea – Harvest Moon – P1 – LI 3

Tropical Tiki Fountain – LI 9

Dust Bunny
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . strawberry salad serving bowl – gacha prize – Transfer & Modify – LI 3
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . strawberry salad – as above – LI 2
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . soft pretzels – as above – LI 1
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . cheese burger – as above – LI 1

[we’re CLOSED]
Rope Fence 02 – LI 2

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Whale… what whale?

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These lazy sea lions are too busy chillaxing while Moby Blue has sidled up behind them… the only chap on watch is the pelican 🙂


Here’s all the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today, in detail:-

Sponsors:- Chez Moi Furnitures, Galland Homes, TLC Home Collection, Raindale, Newchurch, Little Branch
Others:- Dreamland Designs, The Looking Glass, [Tia]

Chez Moi Furnitures
Whale Float (PG and Adult versions). This super Whale Float is 2 Land Impact, and comes with Copy & Modify Permissions. The PG version has 65 animations, and the Adult version has 105 animations.  He’s currently resting in my swimming pool!

Galland Homes – Caribbean Hut – deck area
A modest one-room build designed to be placed over the water or land. The hut has a Land Impact of 25 and Permissions are Modify & Copy

TLC Home Collection
1. From Life’s a Beach gacha – No.8 Brown Pelican on Barrel – LI 3 and a very meaty crab I extracted from a deckchair lol (same gacha) – he’s 1 Land Impact
2. Sea Lion Colony – Adult (LI 3) and Baby (LI 1) sea lions in various animated poses, complete with rocks & wooden raft habitat (if they are all used it’s 31 LI)

Sunbury Hammock with texture change HUD – currently at Sense Event
Hammock with and without the stand (8 LI and 6 LI), 10 couples poses, 16 solo poses, and 12 friend poses – all original by Raindale!

Newchurch – Octopus Chandelier – 2 colourways (the other one is amber) – click on/off light – Land Impact is only 3 for quite a large Chandelier

Little Branch
1. Mango Tree – gently animated 2-seasons tree. A couple of versions included, the season changes are Spring with fruit and Winter with snow on the trunk and branches. Permissions are Copy/Modify and Land Impact varies between 7 and 12 at the default sizes depending on the version chosen
2. Bird of Paradise plant which is texture change for differently coloured blooms – blue, yellow, pink and lime. Land Impact is 3.


Dreamland Designs, currently at the Precast Event from Aug 1st
Flamingo Beach Sign – LI 8
Lemonade Cocktail Crate – LI 6

The Looking Glass, currently at SWANK
Jiwa Tenang Potted Plants Collection – Land Impact varies – from 3 – 5, and they can go up quite large for that amount.

[Tia] – Junebug Garden Parasol – Group GIft – LI 4

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Gacha Good event – Lacrime dell’anima

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Lacrime dell'anima - beach scene 1


“I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.” Sea Fever by John Masefield
I’m having a quiet sleep and a sweet dream here, on Lacrime dell’anima‘s Hanging Chair, part of an exclusive set for the May Gacha Good event!

Gacha Good is a monthly event, that runs from 8th until 30th of the month.  Hosted by the Fun with Hunts group, it not only has a large batch of over 80 designer gacha to play on but also around the edge of the event room there’s designer vendors, too. There are around 40 merchants in total (and growing each month) with a choice of new and old gacha items so if you’re looking for new items or to catch up on some oldies but goodies – why not visit soon.

Lacrime dell’anima (means tears of the soul in Italian) is a store run by designer Luciana (luluts), which has many gorgeous Home & Garden items both at the mainstore and on Marketplace. The amount of animations packed into each piece, no matter how small, is very good and makes these pieces well worth purchasing for general use.

Lacrime dell'anima - beach scene2


This beautiful aqua coloured set is just part of Lacrime’s exclusives for the May round. The hanging chairs are 9 Land Impact each and you can switch brightness on and off. A good variety of poses for unisex, male and female with some cute ground poses included make it nice for the beach. Perms are Copy only. Sea Summer Crate set, also in aqua, has a Land Impact of 3 each, brightness on/off as you prefer and 12 assorted sit poses for unisex, male and female. They’re stylish for only 3 LI and perfect on the beach or patio of a beach home. Perms are Copy only. There is also a table and bench set to match. These summertime sets are available in blue, aqua and sand, and offered at 50% off what would be the usual price.

Here’s the vendor posters showing Lacrime’s three gacha, for very little you can get a great piece for your home. The “Joyful Living Room” gacha even has an ultrarare couch which includes intimate poses. Can’t go wrong with the textures in this set, either. The outdoorsy “Woodland Collection” gacha features an ultrarare gazebo, rare cuddles benches and additional pieces to match up. Finally, the Gothic style “Mystery Collection” has an ultrarare sofa which includes intimate poses, rare Ottomans and table chests, lantern and dividers for the commons. Why not try your luck?

joyful living room gacha_lacrime dell'anima

Lacrime dell'anima woodland collection gacha

Lacrime dell'anima mystery gacha


Here’s your TAXI to the Gacha Good event, it’s up in the sky so very little lag.

And if you want to visit Lacrime dell’anima mainstore – TAXI

Also, check out the Marketplace Store – MP

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Fun by the Lake with Chez Moi

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Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - long shot

I was lucky enough to get blogger’s privileges with CHEZ MOI this month and the first set designer Nanda sent over was the ‘Dock Navy Set’. Arrchie and me live on a platform/skybox arrangement and you really need to be able to rezz this set on the ground by a river, ocean or lake as it suits that sort of environment. So one evening when our neighbours were out we rezzed the dock on their river lol. They liked it so much (came back early), they asked us to leave it up!

First picture is the dock or pier and that’s 17 LI.  The Dock has 62 animations as fishing poses, diving, kissing, cuddling and more.
♥ Room for up to 4 friends
♥ 37 individual animations
♥ 5 animations to play in the water
♥ 10 animations for couples in love (10 x 2)
♥ Props: cup with drink, sunscreen lotion, fishing rod.

The animations were easily adjustable to fit any couples.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - whole set

Other decor includes the Pier Lamp at 2 LI which switches on and off with touch. At midnight setting it’s more than adequate.

Then there’s a decor item with cute gulls perched on barrels and ship’s wheel propped up at 6 LI. I liked this a lot.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - Decor Barrel Timon

As well as the dock/pier animations you get a barrel table and 4 colours of half barrel seats (aqua, ocean, red and yellow). I rezzed the red variety.

The Table Barrel has 4 scenes:
♥ Decor: 7 LI | 10 Prims
♥ Tray with Prawn: 11 LI | 15 Prims
♥ Tray with Appetizers: 9 LI | 14 Prims
♥ Fries dish and croquette: 11 LI | 16 Prims
♥ Empty table: 3 LI | 2 LI

Here’s some shots in various Windlight settings showing the yummy snacks! Prawn platter in this case.

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - feasting on prawns

And it’s not only snacks but other activities, too.

The Half-barrel Seat has 54 poses.
♥ 24 individual poses (12 female and 12 male)
♥ 10 activities
♥ 10 couple animations (10 x 2)
♥ Props: bubble blower, guitar, book, plate, cup with drink and others.
♥ Colors: blue, yellow, red and green

Chez Moi - Dock Navy Bar - table feast

The entire set is 38 LI/54 Prims which will alter slightly with rezzed props and scenes. It’s a perfect setting to invite friends over, enjoy a romantic evening and even as a showpiece for a beach party if you choose to rezz it by the ocean.



Until next time, Cheers m’dears!

Written by Moz Loordes

22/09/2015 at 4:06 pm