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Let’s Fall in Love

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“We might have been meant for each other
To be or not to be, let our hearts discover…
Let’s fall in love
Why shouldn’t we fall in love?
Now is the time for it, while we are young
Let’s fall in love” ~ Cole Porter, sung by Ella Fitzgerald

Ha!  I’m getting uber romantic in my old age. This gorgeous arbour has lots of animations which would be perfect for wedding photography/celebrations.  It’s beautifully made and includes sparkles on the ground.  You could even modify the size down a bit and use it as a garden arbour when you want a good focal point or divider.

The girl’s gown has a number of elegant versions included in the pack and a comprehensive texture HUD so you’ll be able to change the top, skirt and additional ruffles separately to make a unique outfit.  Not just for weddings, I think, but the shorter version would make delightful summery apparel.

The boy’s wedding suit has a number of colour versions available, not just the patterned white shown here, so do check those out at the store/marketplace.  It’s an unusual, more casual ‘n cool jacket/shirt combo which has an open shirt so you see some of the chest before the jacket buttons up, perfect for short or long necklaces and hot summer nights 🙂  Those shoes have a great HUD on them, too, you can add colour to various sections.  I do like apparel that has options, it makes everything more usable.


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products plus the clothing shown in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- .:TM:.Creation
Others:- KIB Designs, {anc}, Ascend
Events: – The Trunk Show

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

.:TM:.Creation, currently at The Trunk Show with [The Arbor] Pergola, runs to March 18th
All pieces are 100% original MESH with Permissions of Copy & Modify, you’ll be able to unlink the pieces for the perfect placement!

1. [Old Pond] Garden scene GM17 – LI 15 – Mainstore

2. ~Wild Grass_v2 GM18 – LI 1 – Mainstore

3. [The Arbor] Pergola ADT anims. with Flowers S34.a – LI 15 – at The Trunk Show
Available in PG or Adult version

-PG Version: 90 standing animations 30 sec loop x each: 33 PG couple poses – 2 PG Scene Sequence for couple – Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 24 poses)

-ADULT Version: 110 standing animations 30 sec loop x each: 33 PG + 10 ADULT couple poses – 2 PG + 1 ADULT Scene Sequence for couple – Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 24 poses)


{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [ham-pink] 4 Land Impact


KIB Designs – Serena Wedding Dress, currently at The Trunk Show
fits Maitreya, Venus, Freya, Isis, Hourglass & Physique. HUD has 8 pastel shades texture change for top, skirt, smooth skirt and ruffles
Used SLINK Physique Mesh Body

Ascend – Mr. Valentine Jacket – Print White, Mr Valentine Suit Pants – White, Jasper Shoes – Leather/White – all on MP/Mainstore
fits Jake, Gianni, SLINK
Used Belleza Jake Mesh Body

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Be well groomed with HHC!

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HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 1



If you’re looking for a fabulous wedding suit, Heth Haute Couture has brought out three! Armed with these lovely suits from HHC’s “Groom’s Collection”, I went off to the Vintage Romance sim to take some photos. Here’s the results.

The first one is the “Double Breasted Men’s Tuxedo”, which is crafted in a white on white scroll silk jacquard material. Matching jacket, slacks and tie are combined with a white silk shirt. Also included are white Oxford wingtip leather shoes and socks, there’s even a beautiful lily buttonhole to finish it all off. In standard sizing XS – XL it’s an all in one mesh,  with alphas for with or without feet. An interesting modern tux that has a certain panache to it! I was wearing the size M, so there’s another couple of sizes to go and it would accommodate larger body shapes.

HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 2


This is the “Formal Dress Tails”. The same fabric and attention to detail but this time there’s a separate tailcoat to add. You get the effect of a shorter jacket from the front which shows up the pants really well, adding length to the overall shape. Then, turning to the side view, you’ve got the tails dipping down to the knees. It’s classic and it’s gorgeous!  This set also includes Oxfords and buttonhole as before. I wore the size M suit combined with the size L tailcoat.

HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 1



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 2



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 3


So the last suit… this is the “Tuxedo”, a beautiful classic styling of white on white scroll silk jacquard matching jacket, tie and slacks combined with white silk shirt and cummerbund. Oxfords and buttonhole included. Very elegant suit, here, which is a one piece mesh in standard sizing XS – XL. I was wearing the size M.

HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 1



HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 2


These suits are available Instore with DEMOs to try out first. They lend themselves to a lot of good matches with bridalwear. For instance, the Formal Dress Tails would look wonderful by the side of an extravagant white bridal gown, whilst the Double Breasted Suit would match up well with a contemporary pastel bridal two piece suit.

Or, why not go to The Summer Bridal Showcase which will be held on Sunday, August 31st at 1.00pm SLT over at the Metaverse Grand Theatre and you’ll be able to see everything on the runway.

summer bridal showcase


Visit HHC mainstore!


Cheers, m’dears 🙂