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It was a lovely sunny day so I decided to go for a walk in the park. Coming to the end of my exercise where I usually collapse onto one of the seats, I spotted this building at the end of the promenade. Well, what have we got here?

A little bit closer and I see it’s a Pet Shop! How cute and how typical that some of the puppies have already escaped. They are a right handful 🙂

You can get pet toys and pet inspired furniture and décor here. There’s even a shower for dirty dogs! How very useful but I bet they don’t think so.

You buy anything you like, as long as it’s dog related!

Listen to the radio while drinking your water! Relax in the sunshine afterwards.

I don’t know what the collective name for Dalmatians is,  except maybe “trouble” 🙂

Live, Love and don’t forget to… BARK!


I didn’t use all the pieces of the two gacha here so have included keys for them both.  They are at the current run of the Cosmopolitan Event which started on April 24th.

KraftWork – Pet Shop Toys gacha

TLC Home Collection – Animated Dogs gacha


Here’s the rest of the Home & Garden items I used :

1 KraftWork The Soap Collection Shop Scale RARE v2
1 KraftWork Vintage Bakelite Radio

Cheeky Pea – NorthHaven Planter – LI 1 – now at UBER

ARIA – Nouvel Potted Leafy Plant – mainstore
ARIA – Nouvel Potted Fern
Mutresse-Thirsty-Dalmatian Puppies gacha
The Square in the Center – Maya’s Architecture – LI 36

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


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I have some new additions to my menagerie – the Swan Family!  They are well spoiled, having their own “Enchanted Swans” lake.  So while I was cuddling the only cygnet in the world that doesn’t like water, I took some photos to show you.

All by TLC Home Collection, the lake is gorgeous and quite large at 20 by 15 metres. It does contain quite a lot though. As well as the lake, there is manicured lawns all around, pots of lavender and petunia, a nice two person seat in one corner and pink camellia (or they could be rambling roses) wrapping themselves around the architecture.  Two sides of the perimeter is walled with balustrade effect and two archways to enter with stone steps up to the lake.  You could put the lake on one side of a garden and allow the rest of the garden to be seen from the non-walled sides.  It’s just idyllic.


The “Swan Family” contains – a swan on nest with cygnets, swimming swan, swimming cygnet and swimming swan carrying cygnets on her/his back.  Now you can rez these and they will stand still for photographs *laughs* but you can also set them to swim within a certain square and also you can assign cygnets to particular swans by numbers.  The cygnets will then swim alongside their parent swan. It’s so cute! Instructions are included and it’s not difficult because even I could do it. Here are my swans actually swimming in formation for once.


This little chap likes sunbathing and who can blame him? Look at the detail on that stone wall and the camellias wrapped around that balustrade.  It’s really fine work.


Home & Garden items used:-

Outside the build –
22769 ~ [Bauwerk] The Relaxing Tree – LI 11 – C/M – altered to spread around the grass
available at mainstore
HEART – WildFlowers – Petunias – White – D8
TLC Home Collection – nesting Swan with cygnets – LI 5 C/M

Inside the build – 

TLC –  ‘Enchanted Swans’ – LI 57 – size is 15 by 20 metres

TLC –  cygnets riding on back – LI 5
TLC  – Cygnet Swimming – 1 LI
TLC –  Swan Swimming Adult – 4 LI

22769 – Muted Relaxing Rug – LI 6 – From Little Piece of Heaven set at Shiny Shabby until April 15th, then back at mainstore

The Little Branch – WhiteFlowers1{Rounded-Field} – LI 7

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Of Birds and Barbeques

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22769 [Bauwerk] - BBQ for 2 - pieces


Gacha Guardians is running until July 31st! To start, you’ll need a special HUD from their main location or any participating store. The HUD will allow you to find and collect rune stones. Once you’ve hit the rune stone, you can either play the gacha at the current location or move on to the next. So, it’s a bit of a game and a bit of a gacha!

All particating stores will have a special Gifts of the Guardians, and you can get keys for these by playing a machine 10 times. When you’ve visited all the locations and touched each rune stone – you can open a special portal to enter the Guardian’s Treasure Room. Use your keys to unlock all the specials gifts! After the event, these will be retired and never made available again.

For more info including pictures of the prizes, visit the Gacha Guardians blog.

Today, I’m showcasing 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]‘s gacha which is called, “BBQ for 2”. It’s a lovely extensive gacha and as the items are copy, you can have much more than just two people over for your bbq!

22769 [Bauwerk] - BBQ for 2 - ready to grill

The BBQ for 2 Gacha contains:

Beer Crate Chair – red*
Beer Crate Chair – green*
each with 3 single sit animations
LI 2

decoration item only
LI 2

22769 [Bauwerk] - BBQ for 2 - grill area

Kettle Grill hide/show meat on touch
Boom Box
BBQ Tools
Paper Cups
BBQ Dips
Beer Keg
BBQ Party A-Frame
Tire Table
Plate with Corn
Plate with Grilled Chicken
Plate with Melon Slices
Plate with Saussages
Plate with Raw Meat
Ketchup & Mustard

All Common Items are decoration items only 8 – 1 LI

22769 [Bauwerk] - BBQ for 2 - Pergola

The Gift of The Guardians is this fabulous “BBQ Party Pergola” with a land impact of 15. It has a good length of decking with the drapes at one end and here I’ve put it over the river because if the grill sets alight all we have to do is to tip it over the side!

22769 [Bauwerk] - BBQ for 2 - Saucy songbirds

The birds are visiting/ahem! taking over and they are all from TLC Home Collection – “Songbirds Collection Set 2”. These are delightful animated songbirds and you can control the volume of their songs. There’s 3 in the set – Blue Tit, Bullfinch and Chaffinch.


Visit 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore to try your luck.

Cheers, m’dears and happy bbqing 🙂

Beau Monstre – Vengeful Threads

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Vengeful Threads_Beau Monstre


Vengeful Threads are taking part in Menswear Fashion Week 2016 with this fascinating outfit called, “Beau Monstre”.  As always with VT the difference is in the detailing. with the pattern on the back of the jacket being repeated in the matching tee top. Lapels, shoulder line and cuffs all match up to give a beautiful look to this low neck outfit.

Sizing is standard XS, M, L, XL, XXL for the pants and jacket with alphas for both. For the top you can either go with a clothing layer or Omega appliers for mesh bodies. I found the medium fitted well enough around the neckline and arms. Given that there’s a further 3 sizes above that, it should fit a lot of shapes. Footwear – you could either wear short boots or shoes with a bit of skin showing, the pants are versatile with a well shaped mesh.

I’m playing around a bit here – this is the box that the outfit arrived in. The pose is included and it certainly has possibilities so a bit of a bonus!

Vengeful Threads_Beau Monstre Box


Menswear Fashion Week runs until the 19th June so why not take a wander around? The theme this year is Paris. Here’s your TAXI.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

P.S. The animated pelican insisted on being in the picture because he reckons he’s a Beau Monstre too,  and you can get one of his mates from THC (The Home Collection) – MP


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This is an unashamedly sentimental post about the virtual pets – KittyCats. I’ve always had some sort of SL breedables but none that I’ve liked so much as these affectionate little bundles of fur. They come in all sorts of sizes from teacup to mega and you can ride on the mega variety. They all start off as Kitten Boxes and clicking on this box tells you about their parentage and traits. Of course, there’s a thriving market in selling kittens with rare traits or simply an unusual combination that a prospective buyer might adore.  Here’s our latest pair, Choccie (a Chateau Coffee n Cream) and Inky (a Russian Black). Now Inky is a matte black Russian kitty which we prefer, even though it’s not a notable fur trait he’s just more black than if you had him with a shiny fur like the male of our previous pair, Ezra.

choccie n inky just grown

Later on, you can breed from them and pair them up. It’s a science with recessive and dominant traits and sometimes, out of the blue, you get rare sizes or traits that have been introduced as ‘specials’. At the moment, there’s the New Year KittyCats which are born during the first week of 2016. By a great stroke of luck, Choccie and Inky got a female kitten on the 1st of January that not only had all the new traits but was also a rare size – Fur: New Year Peace – Water
Eyes: Sun Peace (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Flair
Tail: Curious
Ears: Soft Fold
Whiskers: Sun Tipped (Shape: Plush)
Size: Bigger de Big

I took this picture in midnight lighting and it’s Ezra waiting hopefully by the kitten box, just in case I decide to keep the Peace kitten *laughs*. He’s got his denim vest on – and that’s one of the good things about KittyCats – there’s all sorts of accessories for them. Baskets, clothes, collars, scratching posts, kitty gym, posh feeding bowls… to name but a few.

Ezra waits hopefully by the new kitten box

KittyCats have an excellent website (see info at end of this article) and you can read all about them there. Now you don’t have to keep them all Inworld but there’s also a virtual cattery on the website and you can breed from there if you’re after a particular trait or you have best sellers in your stock or if you just don’t have enough prims to keep them all out. Inworld, you can reduce them down from the animated version to a cutout card. But generally, once you’ve lived with the fully animated animals, you will want to keep a couple of pairs as pets as they are so engaging.  Here’s Eliza (a Copper Bengal), Choccie and Inky with their sleep toys which appear automatically when they sleep.

sleep toys

KittyCats will travel between sims and can be teleported with your avatar. As kittens they will sit on your shoulder but as they grow up (takes around a week) they will interact much more with you like a real pet would. They need feeding or they will fall sick and lose the animations. If you rent land or housing, check the rental agreement as landlords will generally have a rule about how many KittyCats you can keep as part of the rental agreement and it’s usually dependent on prims.

They do have a breeding life of 120 days at which point you can retire them to the Big Cat Basket in the Sky but if you absolutely can’t part with them you can Permapet them. This means they don’t require feeding and will stay with you for as long as you like. Needless to say we kept Ezra and Eliza!  They do have different personalities due to the huge possibilities of breed, traits,  animations, chat and size. So by that time, they may just have worked their way into your heart and you can’t possibly retire them!

Ezra Eliza out for the count

There’s lots of help on the KittyCats forum, and if you happen to lose your kitty, there’s no need to panic as a support ticket to the website will always be sorted out promptly. Very, very occasionally you might encounter a scripting problem but again, this can be sorted out quickly and efficiently by the staff. It’s a good idea to join the Inworld group for KittyCats. It’s always staffed and is a good place to make friends with fellow KittyCat fans. If you want to sell Kitten Boxes Inworld, there are many markets in which you can rent a stall, even entire sims dedicated solely to KittyCat pursuits. There are also thriving Auction Clubs where Kitten Boxes can be bought and sold according to current trends and individual likes. If you discover a new trait (and these are released from time to time) then you can make an absolute killing by getting in there and putting up your subsequent Kitten Boxes to be sold through the Auction Clubs.

So, I would say in conclusion, that not only do KittyCats make wonderful virtual pets but there’s also a thriving market Inworld which adds to the interest. The science of their breeding is another great point in their favor and fascinating to get into. Try one, and you’ll be hooked in no time at all 🙂

Moz n Choccie

Visit KittyCats Region Inworld

Kitten Longmeadow’s ‘Top Picks‘ with lots of info on KittyCats

KittyCats main Forum website

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

03/01/2016 at 9:26 pm