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Stand out in the City!

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Here’s the second December release suit from Heth Haute Couture, which I promised to show you yesterday.  It’s called the “Brighton Men’s Suit” and has three colourways for the shirt – a dark green (which is the one I’m wearing) a rather nice maroon red and a more vibrant blue.

I really liked this tailored couture suit, it’s that bit different with the open necked shirt and you could wear quite long necklaces with it. There’s a single breasted open front jacket with silk shirt. This is matched up with a pair of black crepe slacks, wool socks and leather wingtip shoes. This is an elegant suit and when I put it together, I could see it would be useful well after the festive season.  The pack included 5 classic mesh sizes XS – XL. As my shape was slim, I was wearing the S size.


These suits are only 199L$ each, 399L$ for all three in a Fatpack. So for very little money, you can have an attractive and elegant suit to party with!  Here’s the other two colours from HHC’s vendor photo – red and blue.


Visit Heth Haute Couture at these locations and pick up your copy.

Heth Haute Couture @ ASCENDENT (Mainstore)

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury



I’m wearing another one of the Advent Calendar skins from 7 Deadly s{K}ins, today. This is a system skin called “Ragna” and the tone is called Snow, 2 versions – with and without hairbase. You also get SLINK appliers for hands and feet. The “Unicorn” shape is included and as you can see, it all turns out rather Asian which makes a nice change.  You really needed a longer face than my usual one to show this skin off to it’s best advantage which is why I used the gift shape.

There’s a different variety of skins/appliers every day until 31st.  You do need to belong to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins group but you can join free for this month!  Whether you wear system or Mesh body/face – there’s something for everyone.




Here’s a landmark to the 7 Deadly s{K}ins  gent’s department – go in the door and to the right,  you’ll find the Advent calendar tree on the wall at the back. Each day is designated by a miniature Christmas Tree, have your group on and simply click to receive the gift for that day.


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Reapers Requiem – Vengeful Threads

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It’s another Sinful Sunday down at Vengeful Threads!  Special offers on both ladies and gents outfits. For us gents, it’s the “Reapers Requiem” outfit which comprises a fabulous open fronted shirt with artwork front and back plus a pair of matching jeans. There’s two designs in both shirt and jeans – silver skull pattern and gold skull pattern. The jeans are subtly textured to fit in with the silver and gold theme.

Standard sizing – XS to XL, I was wearing the L jeans and shirt. A couple of alphas are included, to fit smaller and larger sized chests. Because the main picture is so arty (and you can blame Anubis for that, he’s a great poser) here’s the designs a bit more plainly rendered. Beautiful textures, as always, and I wasn’t on Ultra, either!


Special offer runs just for today

Here’s your TAXI to Vengeful Threads mainstore

Vengeful Threads Logo 2016

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Harry’s Day Off with 22769~ [Bauwerk]

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22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden 1


Every wizard needs a day off and Harry is no exception. So when Ginny takes the kids off to London to catch the train to Hogwarts, he’s allowed to lounge around the place and do the gardening. Note that he’s not getting too near to some of those weird plants even if they do need a watering!

A fantastical garden made by 22769~ [Bauwerk], it’s a gacha for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, called – “The Wizard’s Garden”.  The Rare is the garden itself complete with ground work, raised bed and suitably atmospheric background masonry. The Wizard Garden – LI 20 – 12,8 x 13,8 x 5,2 meters

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden Rare


The Commons are all sorts of strange and wondrous plants! Malum Fungi Plerumque, Malum Fungi Regium, Leve Ovum Tumulum, Dolum Faucibus. Flores Calyx Lacus, Flores Calyx Ignis,
Faciem Amplexus Noctis, Faciem Amplexus Lava, Cibus Flos Solis. Cibus Flos Gramina, Carnivore Ostium and Fumifungus. In total there are 13 items to collect, an appropriate number there and if you look up the latin, you’ll see the humour. When the shadows fall, they do begin to look a wee bit eerie. I think Harry went indoors to get his tea then.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard's Garden Plants


Later on, it’s a beautiful moonlit night and Harry retires to the library. Now we know what the plants are used for! Having cooked up some suitable pipe filler, Harry relaxes with one of the pipes from “Madame Nu’s Opium Supplies”.  Gacha #2 contains a plethora of these beautifully fashioned pipes so you’re sure to find one that suits. Harry prefers the Chain Opium Pipe – Gold, one of the Rares, but then he would, wouldn’t he? There’s 3 Rares and 9 Commons which all attach to the avatar mouth as unrigged mesh so you can move them around.  Harry’s strewn them about on the table so he can find the appropriate pipe and you’ll see they have gold, iron and silver varieties.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Harry's Evening Off


It’s not just a library full of books but gacha #3 contains wizardry accoutrements and furniture! Brilliant – it’s called “The Wizard Room”. The Rare is The Wizard Chair – LI 3 – 7 single sit animations. Then we’ve got all these Commons – The Favorite Wand. Wizards Magic Book, Pots, Wizard Ingredients, Shelf with Pots, Hourglass, Mirrorball, Glass Carafe, Wizards Big Bookshelf, Wizards Table, Wizards Small Bookshelf, Wizards Broomstick, Wizards Wand Rack, Table Cauldron and Table Candle.

Here’s some of the items close up, Harry’s favourite wand is resting in its box and a couple of the pipes are ready for more imbibing. The cauldron’s aglow just in case he thinks of better recipes!

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Desk Library


Even the broom has a night off and lazes up against the windows. The house is also made by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] and it’s called the “Saint Vivien de Medoc” available from the mainstore.

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Broom


The Wizard’s Book of Spells lays open on the desk to convince Ginny that Harry has been doing some work, at least! The Hour Glass has run out and it’s almost time for Harry to put the kettle on and make Ginny some well deserved supper for when she gets back. Better jump to it, my friend 🙂

22769 - [Bauwerk] - Wizard Room - Spellz


All three gachas are only 50L per pull.

Harry was wearing a wizardly outfit from Bare Rose, a fantastic place for roleplay costumes and much, much more.

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival which is open now and runs until September 7th.

Check out 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore for more fabulous items.


Cheers, m’dears 🙂

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday!

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CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - caravan front elevation


“We’re all going on a summer holiday
no more working for a week or two.
We’re going where the sun shines brightly
we’re going where the sea is blue.
we’ve all seen it on the movies,
now let’s see if it’s true.”

Nearly everyone I know is off on holiday during August! If you like self catering and the chance to roam free, why not take a caravan?  CHEZ MOI has a beautiful interactive caravan as an exclusive release for the Sanarae Event which runs until August 18th.


CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - caravan side 2 trailer


Just loved this little hideaway, it’s small enough to slot into a corner of land and would make a great start for a beach scene. Land Impact is 35 with an optional 1 LI shadow. 100% original mesh and finely observed all round, I’m sure Nanda has one just like it in RL 🙂 Available in 5 colours – canary, waves, summer night, passion and Penelope with PG and Adult versions.


CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - caravan side 1


The door stays open upon clicking and shuts automatically after a while. Inside the windows are shaded and there’s a fair amount of interior light.


CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - caravan door open


There are 22 poses for couples in love, many with wearable props such as tea, book and guitar. In the Adult version you get a further 32 intimate poses. The interior of the caravan is surprisingly spacious and I wasn’t using camera tricks to get this photo!  Arrchie ‘n me share a bunch of grapes – which is one of the wearable prop poses – nicely romantic 🙂


CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - The Great Indoors


CHEZ MOI - Sanarae - chill out


Summer is for lazing about – at least some of the time!  This scene is made from the CHEZ MOI Float Ski Gacha, currently on at the Gacha Garden Event which runs until August 30th. The float skis are such fun, you can run them on any SL river or sea and they have controllable speeds when you click on them or just use the page up/page down keys.  In motion you get noise and puffs of smoke from the exhaust and then you can hang on for dear life and take care you don’t crash into other folks!


CHEZ MOI - Float gacha garden - under the dock


The “seed of inspiration” prize is a handy dock to park all your gacha goodies under. The dock itself has animations for male and female lazing around (perfect), ten each of those plus a further 10 poses  for couples. It’s 15 Land Impact which is good for the fine detail. Even the shib got a sun tan, actually it was so hot, she got bleached 🙂 The pelican is only interested in the food, naturally, and he learned to rez a plate of prawns.


CHEZ MOI - Float gacha garden - the whole set


Now with the float skis, you have a chance of 7 Commons and 2 Rares. The Rares – ice cream and watermelon – can take 1 – 2 passengers. Otherwise, the Commons will take either male or female passengers and come in those 2 versions so you don’t get inelegant poses when attempting to control the darn machines on the river.

(Other furnishing/decor items are from CHEZ MOI’s Navy Dock Set, books by Apple Fall, apricot swimming trunks on Moz by [Vero Modero] Allen Trunks colour change HUD)

Ready to set sail into the Linden Ocean?

CHEZ MOI - Float gacha garden - set sail


Visit Sanarae Event – TAXI

Visit Gacha Garden Event – TAXI

Check out Chez Moi Mainstore



Cheers, m’dears 🙂





HHC – L’Uomo Vitruviano

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HHC_Alexander suit_large


Borrowed from Leonardo, the L’Uomo Vitruviano or The Proportions of Man. The original was envisaged as a great picture chart of the human body that Leonardo had produced through his anatomical drawings and Vitruvian Man as a cosmografia del minor mondo (cosmography of the microcosm). He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe. The macrocosm reflected in the microcosm.

I’ve always wanted to do something creative with that chart so I was glad to see Heth Haute Couture‘s brand new suit, “Alexander”. Didn’t get the exact shape due to constraints of the mesh – but… near enough:)  The suit is a one piece in 5 standard sizes – XS to XL, non rigged shoulder decoration, posh shiny leather shoes, and a choice of alpha, one of which includes the feet. You really couldn’t get easier fitting, so choose the suit that fits best around the neck (M for medium in my case) and away you go. If needs be, get on a pose stand and select both the shoes at the same time to move them nearer to the trousers, then you won’t get a gap. The shoulder decoration is also adjustable and resizeable via a handy HUD. Here’s “Alexander” in close up to show the beautiful patterning and shoulder decoration. This is a gorgeous special occasion suit that is very reasonably priced and unusual – you’ll stand out!


HHC_Alexander suit_Close-up


Here’s your TAXI to Heth Haute Couture mainstore on the Metaverse sim.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon with Vengeful Threads

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Vengeful Threads - Batik Flow 1


“The tax man’s taken all my dough,
And left me in my stately home,
Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
And I can’t sail my yacht,
He’s taken everything I’ve got,
All I’ve got’s this sunny afternoon.”  ~ The Kinks ~

Well I wouldn’t mind being left in my stately home *laughs* I could always sell it!

You can pick up this fab outfit called, “Batik Flow” from Vengeful Threads, where it’s a bargain for Sinful Sunday… April 17th.

In standard sizing Mesh XS – XL and I was wearing the M shorts and the L top. Very good alphas on this, I didn’t have to adjust anything.

Vengeful Threads - Batik Flow 2


Here’s your taxi to the Vengeful Threads mainstore

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and Cheers m’dears 🙂

An evening at the Opera

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HCC_Maxwell Suit_half

It’s been some time since I last posted for Second Life Fashion, so I was really pleased to see this fabulous suit by Heth Haute Couture, which includes matching shoes.

I went to the Angel Manor West sim and photographed in the grand surroundings of the Rose Theatre!  This suit has stunning textures on it and it’s easy as pie to fit.  You get 5 sizes – XS – XL and a combined alpha for suit and shoes. Shoes in Small and Medium sizing.

HCC_Maxwell Suit_full

The jacket does have a pattern to it, darker brocade on base material and it shows up Inworld more than here in the photographs, but it’s nice and subtle. The trousers fit nicely and have a good shape. The waistcoat is amazing – beautiful pattern with buttons that stand out well. The fancy tie effect is included in the suit so there’s no fiddling at all.

HCC_Maxwell Suit_half close-up

I was wearing size Large. The shoes were size Small which was quite adequate. This outfit would be suitable for legacy avatars. If you have a Mesh body, try out the demo first. I was using SLINK AvEnhance hands in a medium size which fitted well. You may need to lift the shoes slightly to fit closer to the trousers and Heth thoughtfully provides a handy posestand in this set so you don’t have to search through Inventory.


This suit is presently being shown at December Swank event and it’s on until the end of the month.  Very reasonably priced for an all in product. Do go and visit because there’s other Menswear designers showing, gifts around the Christmas tree and a fun skating rink 🙂

HCC_Maxwell Suit_windows half

Visit Swank Event

Visit Heth Haute Couture mainstore

That’s all for now, so I’ll say, “Cheers, m’dears!”