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It’s an ill wind

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It’s an ill wind… that blows nobody any good! These lucky birds found more than a raft had washed up on their beach last night 🙂


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- .:Tm:.Creation
Others:- JIAN, Landscaping by Felix
Events: – Versus Event, Tres Chic Event

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!


1. TS1 The Anchor Tropical Scene, currently at the Versus Event to April 30th
This is an original Mesh Beach tropical scene with rocks, anchor, flowers, stump, exotic plant, cormorant and toucan on perches.
Land Impact: 18 – Approximate sizes meters: 7.4 wide x 4.4 deep.
Ground Leaves: Land Impact 0.5
* Materials have been enabled and you’ll be able to unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish… if you do that to copy pieces, don’t forget to link all back up again thus reducing Land Impact

2. S37 Sea Dream raft, currently at Tres Chic to April 10th
This is an original Mesh Raft with decors and animations. It’s available in both PG and Adult versions!
Wooden rustic Raft with blanket, pillow and decors
Land impact: 18 – Approximate sizes: meters 3.4 wide x 4.5 deep.
Tray Drink with decors – Land impact: 3 Here’s the animations:-

PG Version: 264 animations 30 sec loop x each: 89 PG couple poses – 7 PG Scene Sequence for couple – Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses)
ADULT Version: 424 animations 30 sec loop x each: 89 PG + 80 ADULT couple poses – 7 PG + 6 ADULT Scene Sequence for couple – Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses)

* Materials have been enabled and you’ll be able to unlink all the pieces and use them as you wish… if you do that to copy pieces, don’t forget to link all back up again thus reducing Land Impact



Birds from the “Flamingo Collection” (on James Flamingo texture) which has been updated to include companion and wanderer versions as well as these static, texture change birds
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Leg Up R – LI 1
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Gaze L – LI 1
JIAN Flamingo Collection :: Static – Sit L – LI 1

Landscaping by Felix
Mesh Land Wall Tropic Palm Version 15 prim = 25 x 25 x 0.8 metres – LI 13 at this size

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


To the Beach at Sandy Cove

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There’s still a couple of days to go on the current Cosmopolitan Event, so why not check out this wonderful beach gacha by Duvet Day.  It’s called “Sandy Cove” and the Rare is a spacious one-floor beach house with porch and deck front and back.   You could fill it with quite an amount of furniture and décor.  No fewer than 4 other items are filled with poses, some of them especially apt for the beach and beach life.  If you miss Cosmo, check out the Duvet Day mainstore.



I’m showing off the Sandy Cove Shower here. It contains 5 menus of poses including Adult ones, so it’s fantastic value for a gacha prize.  All the gacha items are detailed below.  “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a surfboard, and that’s getting close!”



Flaked out sunbathing with the pets, here.  The cute chinchilla is from JIAN and is a bargain for Fifty Linden Friday – who knows, JIAN may leave the vendor out all weekend.



You’ll see from the pictures that this is a large beach house.  Here’s a shot from the opposite end showing the bleached wood and white plaster work. It’s just perfect texturing. The two picture windows open and close and lead onto a large deck with steps down to the beach.




Here’s the Home & Garden items I used:-

Duvet Day – Sandy Cove gacha – at Cosmopolitan Event and then mainstore

[DD] Sandy Cove Beach Cottage RARE – LI 75 – large
[DD] Sandy Cove beach shower – LI 3 – water on/off, 5 menus including solo, couples and intimate poses
[DD] Sandy Cove to the beach sign – LI 1
[DD Sandy Cove rug – LI 3 – two main menus – solo (male & female suntan menus) and laying cuddles
[DD] Sandy Cove surfboard – LI 3
[DD] Sandy Cove bucket of flowers – LI 3
[DD] Sandy Cove couples cuddle bench – LI 3 – cuddles menu
[DD] Sandy Cove porch swing – LI 6 – solo male & female sits and cuddles
[DD] Sandy Cove starfish candle – LI 2 – in yellow, blue, teal, pink and white

JIAN – JIAN Chinchilla Beach Bath – Fifty Linden Friday bargain
JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult – from Scruffy Shepherd’s gacha

Aphrodite – “Tropical Drinks” Tray
22769 ~ [Bauwerk] – Floating Boat – LI 22 – 9 floating poses
Lunar Seasonal Designs – Animated Seagulls Love French Fries

Studio Skye – Animated natural Water – square 36m

Landscaping by Felix pieces –
2 Prim Mesh Beach Dune 17 x 10 m copy/modify
7 Prim Mesh Beach Dune (#5) 20 x 12 m copy/modify
beach sand – free item
Mesh Land Wall Tropic Palm Version 15 prim=25 x 25 x 08 m Size copy/modify

Hayabusa Design – Gramineae Beach OPTSB M17-3 v1-1
Hayabusa Design – Gramineae Field on wind M17-4 v1-1G
Hayabusa Design – Bush Static Beach M17-1 v1-1 Group

CJ Creations – Flower field Purple dragon – 16 Plants in 1 only 1 Prim
Tami Creation – 3 Tree Bamboo plant grass tropical flowers V2



That’s all for today, folks, have a great weekend 🙂

Fun at the Beach with -aKa-

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-aKa- beach set

Have lots of fun on your beach with this gorgeous set of beach furniture from -aKa-!

You can pick up these items  all month long at Swank Event’s first anniversary round – makes for a great day’s shopping as over 100 designers are in on the “Swank at the Beach” theme.

The Beach Huts are available in blue, teal, red and white versions and they have a Land Impact of 23, which is great for all that detail. Sun bleached boards, shingle roof, door is scripted to open/close on touch and Permissions are Copy/Modify. This means you can tint the inside walls in any colour you want via the Edit mode. The coloured versions don’t take tint too well on the outside but then there’s the white version in which you can do just that. Blue’s a favourite colour of mine, so I’ve got a blue theme going on in the photograph. The huts are big enough to make a nice room full of furniture for all your beach needs and would also make a great prop for blogging due to the low Land Impact.

-aKa- inside beach hut


The crates are just 1 Land Impact each  (colours as per the huts) and the stool has sit poses – 5 for gents and 4 for ladies. The cushion on the stool has a shell pattern. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

-aKa- front elevation beach hut and crates

The striped rug with pillows looks so relaxing and it’s packed with animations. Land Impact of 8 with Permissions of Copy/Modify. Poses – 4 female and 5 male sits, cuddles for all couple combinations, same for intimate and there’s a good variety of these. Nice to see all couples being catered for here! The rug is a useful and stylish item to take along with you when you visit beach sims this summer where you can rez.

-aKa- side view beach hut and rug


Visit Swank on the Beach Event – TAXI

-aKa- Marketplace store – MP

Background courtesy of “It All Starts With A Smile” – join the group to support the sim and to rez – IASWAS



Gacha Good event – Lacrime dell’anima

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Lacrime dell'anima - beach scene 1


“I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.” Sea Fever by John Masefield
I’m having a quiet sleep and a sweet dream here, on Lacrime dell’anima‘s Hanging Chair, part of an exclusive set for the May Gacha Good event!

Gacha Good is a monthly event, that runs from 8th until 30th of the month.  Hosted by the Fun with Hunts group, it not only has a large batch of over 80 designer gacha to play on but also around the edge of the event room there’s designer vendors, too. There are around 40 merchants in total (and growing each month) with a choice of new and old gacha items so if you’re looking for new items or to catch up on some oldies but goodies – why not visit soon.

Lacrime dell’anima (means tears of the soul in Italian) is a store run by designer Luciana (luluts), which has many gorgeous Home & Garden items both at the mainstore and on Marketplace. The amount of animations packed into each piece, no matter how small, is very good and makes these pieces well worth purchasing for general use.

Lacrime dell'anima - beach scene2


This beautiful aqua coloured set is just part of Lacrime’s exclusives for the May round. The hanging chairs are 9 Land Impact each and you can switch brightness on and off. A good variety of poses for unisex, male and female with some cute ground poses included make it nice for the beach. Perms are Copy only. Sea Summer Crate set, also in aqua, has a Land Impact of 3 each, brightness on/off as you prefer and 12 assorted sit poses for unisex, male and female. They’re stylish for only 3 LI and perfect on the beach or patio of a beach home. Perms are Copy only. There is also a table and bench set to match. These summertime sets are available in blue, aqua and sand, and offered at 50% off what would be the usual price.

Here’s the vendor posters showing Lacrime’s three gacha, for very little you can get a great piece for your home. The “Joyful Living Room” gacha even has an ultrarare couch which includes intimate poses. Can’t go wrong with the textures in this set, either. The outdoorsy “Woodland Collection” gacha features an ultrarare gazebo, rare cuddles benches and additional pieces to match up. Finally, the Gothic style “Mystery Collection” has an ultrarare sofa which includes intimate poses, rare Ottomans and table chests, lantern and dividers for the commons. Why not try your luck?

joyful living room gacha_lacrime dell'anima

Lacrime dell'anima woodland collection gacha

Lacrime dell'anima mystery gacha


Here’s your TAXI to the Gacha Good event, it’s up in the sky so very little lag.

And if you want to visit Lacrime dell’anima mainstore – TAXI

Also, check out the Marketplace Store – MP

Cheers, m’dears 🙂