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Of Coffers, Mules and Drawers

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A beautiful new release from Galland Homes, this is the “Classic Sideboard/Dresser” which comes in a Holiday version with runner, candles and ornaments plus a version of the sideboard on its own.  Land Impact is 4 for the sideboard, candles are 3 LI each,  and the ornament group is 5 LI. Pieces are Copy/Modify so you can have more candles and alter the runner and candlesticks to a colour of your choice by tinting.  The candles have a warm glow to them with a good spread of light. Materials have been enabled for both versions. Pick up a copy from the current round of the Lost & Found Event, it’s only 125L$ for the duration of the Event (closes December 1st).

As this is Galland Homes and I like to include a bit of history about the piece in question, here’s a potted version of the evolution of furniture with drawers!


The Chest of Drawers as we know it today first appeared in the 17th century, about the 1690s. It had developed over time from Coffers. These were first efforts to make pieces of furniture that offered some comfort in the home. A Coffer is a long, deep box which is raised off the ground with either legs or feet. It has a lift up lid and is a bit like a modern blanket box. They were secure places for weapons, food larders and places to keep clothing clean and dry.

Coffers often had large grab handles on each side for easy transportation. In troubled times, when a person might need to up and leave at short notice – as an invading army or raiders were closing in, for instance – they would chuck all their valuables into their Coffer and off they could go running for the hills and safety with all their worldly goods in one place.

Some Coffers even acted as vaults or banks. For example, in the 12th century Henry II ordered that plain, planked Coffer chests should be placed in all churches for cash contributions for the relief of the Holy Land.

Later on, furniture makers began to add a drawer to the bottom of the Coffer, to keep things within easy reach. These were called Mule Chests and became very popular as folks realised they’d been losing items in the bottom of their Coffers for years – so the extra drawer was practical. It didn’t take long for the whole of the carcass to be filled with drawers and the lift up lid to be dispensed with. Chest of drawers haven’t really been altered or improved much since then, and have become an essential item of home furniture.



Here’s the extra Home & Garden items I used in the picture:

Twisty Twigs Vase Duo L – Pinstripes –Storax Tree
Feline Treasures – Naptime – Black Hydrangea copy version –  Storax Tree
Zinnias – Tiny Brass Incense Burner – MP gift
Picture – my own, the Goddess of Spring
LG Green & Tan Mahal RUG MESH – La Galleria


Visit the Lost & Found Event

Visit Galland Homes for more beautiful furniture and prefabs


Hanging out at the Garden Centre with Goose

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Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set

The new edition of the Lost & Found Event has started and my pal, Wendz, has made an excellent post about all the lovely knick knacks you can pick up there. Read all about it – blog.

I braved the lag and got about four stores in to find Goose‘s brilliant ‘Garden Café Bistro Set’, before crashing into the stratosphere. This comes in two varieties – a mid colour wood and a light wood -both equally delicious. Also exclusive to the Event.

Having rezzed the lot in our garden, Arrchie ‘n me sat down for a coffee and while I went on and on about the state of the universe and he listened patiently *laughs*, I turned the camera around to find a scene strangely reminiscent of an English garden centre with cold frames and conifers in the background… perfect! And yes, it’s a typically English day out, a visit to the local garden centre to browse the wares and then sit idly in the adjoining café , preferably outdoors in the cold weather and pouring rain sipping afternoon tea – you have to be there to appreciate it.

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 4

So what do you get in this set?  Firstly, there’s the table and a choice of two chairs – one with cushion, one without. Then to go on the table you have a coffee tray, breadboard and knife and choice of two coffee mugs.  Plus, there’s a chalkboard to put by the side. Say it like that and it sounds ordinary… but it isn’t. The mesh work is beautiful and the warm wood texture I really appreciated. There are many shabby style garden sets about, and quite a few wrought iron types and white wood variations, but not many sets like this one. So thanks, Tyrek!

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 2

Complete set as shown is just 24 LI which won’t break the bank.

Chair 3 LI – Chair with cushion 3 LI – Table 2 LI – Board with bread 2 LI – Tray with coffee 4 LI – Decor mug (2 types included)  1 LI – Chalkboard 1 LI

Animations – each chair has 8 single sit poses for male and female plus 3 drink poses for when you want that essential intravenous coffee.

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 5


Visit Lost & Found until April 1st – Event

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Shabby Lounge – Chez Moi

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Shabby Lounge_set

Chez Moi have just brought out a delightful low prim ‘Shabby Lounge’ set for the Lost & Found Event which runs until 1st January.

There’s 4 pieces altogether, which amounts to a very low Land Impact of 9.

Shabby Chaise PG  – LI 4 – Copy/Modify

Shabby Lamp on/off with click – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Hydrangea Shabby Jar – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Shabby Side Table – LI 1 – Copy/Modify

Lovely poses in this chaise!  16/17 different poses for male and female, some of which rez wearables and props including book, guitar, coffee, laptop, mobile phone. Plus – 12 loving couples animations – all romantic and PG.

I particularly liked the Shabby Side Table with the decoupage effect, makes a very nice piece for decorating in general.

Shabby Lounge_side table

The lamp is on/off by touch and although I was using a Windlight setting (Euphoria smoky blue) it made a difference casting a warm glow around.

Shabby Lounge_lamp

Here’s some of the poses for males.  Easily adjustable on the XYZ co-ordinates. Couple poses also have the Swap facility.

Shabby Lounge_pose 2

Shabby Lounge_pose 1

Visit the Lost & Found Event

Chez Moi mainstore

Cheers, m’dears!