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Heth Haute Couture – August Gifts

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The August Group Gift by Heth Haute Couture (HHC) is the Ralph Men’s Ensemble.   It’s a cool, preppy style inspired by the real life Spring/Summer 2018 Ralph Lauren Collection.  It features a navy blue lightweight vicuña wool jacket that has gold buttons and HCC Crest details – very smart!  Under that is a white cable knit cardigan waistcoat and yellow button down Oxford shirt.  The yellow cuffs are also included and you can wear them for an optional styling feature.  I’ve shown with and without so you can see the difference.

There’s  designer jeans to match and a pair of white lace-up canvas sneakers.  Now this is an ‘all in one’ outfit, you simply click and wear.  There are 5 Standard Sizes, XS to XL plus an alpha if you are using a system body.  I had the ADAM Mesh Body on which was fine with the size L.  The jeans have a nice brown leather belt attached.  The ensemble also includes couture eye glasses with a handy resizer.


I went to Holly Kai Garden for the photography.  Holly Kai is an art installation set within beautiful landscaped gardens and there are also some art galleries and a central cafe/courtyard area to enjoy.  Lots of places to sit and even interactive art to try out.  It’s well worth a visit and the exhibits change from time to time.  The picture above shows that I’m also wearing the Akeruka – Bento Aron Head which I discovered has a few animations on the HUD so this is the slightly bemused smile, the one where somebody’s telling you a tale that you know is not true but you’re humouring them all the same.  I do like the couture glasses on this face.

This is me floating around one of the interactive art installations, took ages to get that shot because you’re moving relatively fast. Maybe try it out on an empty stomach 🙂


Here I am trying out the Ralph Ensemble to see how well it stands up to sit poses.  Quite well, I think!  There was minimal distortion to the jeans and blazer in the crossed leg pose. I’ve also put the cuffs on because they do make a difference to the overall styling.  The background is part of the cafe/courtyard at Holly Kai Garden, there’s a row of benches which contain solo and couples animations.  Not to mention a handy ice cream vendor 🙂


And this last picture shows The Ralph Men’s Ring, which is the free gift for August. You don’t even need a group for this one.  This is a handsome Mesh men’s signet ring with 5 carat square cut sapphire which is surrounded by white diamonds and set in solid gold. It definitely adds that touch of style to your ensembles! There are two versions includes, with and without rezzer so that you don’t have to struggle to get a great fit.  I moved this around a little bit to fit the ADAM hands but once fitted,  you don’t have to mess with it again.  Heth always includes a pose stand in his vendors, so stand on that and it’ll be easy.  If you use Bento hands, that will take a bit more fitting, right click the ring in Inventory and ‘add’ it to the appropriate finger, then move around to fit.  If you’ve done that correctly, the ring will move on the ‘bone’ of the finger as you use the Bento poses.

Pick up your copy of the HHC August Group Gift and the August free gift from:-

Heth Haute Couture mainstore at Morise

Heth Haute Couture at Pure Luxury


Heth Haute Couture Outfits and Jewelry on Marketplace

Heth Haute Couture Inworld Group – (Cut and paste this link into your local chat)

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Heth Haute Couture – October Gifts

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Another month and another excellent set of gifts from Heth Haute Couture!  Do go and visit the store to pick these up, there are additional gifts for the ladies, here I’m showcasing the gent’s gifts.

The “Aiden Men’s Ensemble” is the group gift, you have to belong the the HHC group to receive this gift but as Heth brings out a group gift every month, it’s well worth the joining fee! And don’t forget, Heth won 2016 Designer of the Year Award at the 2016 SL Spirit Awards.

Aiden is a fun casual couture ensemble featuring a crew neck jersey top with pushed up sleeves, and designer jeans. The perfect ensemble for those relaxing days at home, out shopping, or visiting friends for a vintage film festival. Includes 5 standard mesh sizes with alpha layer. I was wearing the M size.



I was thinking of the theatre when I put this outfit on, so searched around for a suitable place to take the photos and ended up at Holly Kai Park. It’s such an interesting sim, with art exhibits, places to sit down, a park to take a walk around and even a small beach. “Art at the Park” events are held here, too. I ended up in Silas Merlin’s Gallery. The bronze sculpture is called, “A Tough Story” and the picture you can see on the wall is part of a Dutch Master’s collection and is called, “Joker”, a pastel circa 1203. All these are purchasable.

Here, you can see the Aiden jeans from the reverse. Texturing is great and they really are designer jeans.



Now for the non group gift, you don’t have to belong to the HHC group to receive this gift. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, it’s a two piece brooch where you ‘add’ both pieces for the finished result. The “Royal Star Brooch” features marquise cut, brilliant cut, and pear cut diamonds set in platinum. It’s fully animated and easily resizable (no scripts). Just to be safe there’s an additional back-up copy. Makes an amazing impression when worn with a posh suit, don’t you think!





Other items of apparel (all purchasable at the HHC mainstore):

HHC black diamond earring and watch from the Jean Paul Ensemble
HHC couture shades from the Alessio Men’s Suit

HHC Classic Full Dress Tails Outfit and Tailcoat




Visit Heth Haute Couture Mainstore and pick up your gifts

Cheers, m’dears 🙂