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September Suits

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If you fancy a brand new suit, these beauties have just been released at Heth Haute Couture. My favourite one is above, this is 100% original Mesh, so nobody else will be producing it.  Click on the picture for a larger version and you’ll see the absolutely gorgeous texture work on that jacket.  It’s raw embellished silk and in advanced lighting conditions, the embroidery shows up really well. That jacket is joined by a black shirt, slacks and belt.  The tie is optional but I think it really finishes the suit off well.

Above shows the full suit.  Also included is a pair of formal shoes with prim socks so there’s no need to struggle with any gaps, and of course you can move these to fit perfectly.  I was wearing the ADAM Mesh Body with the medium suit.  There’s 5 sizes and the suit is an all-in-one piece, just click and wear.

The next suit is the Christopher Men’s Formal.  Very smart and something a bit different to make you stand out in a crowd.  There is an embroidery overlay on the jacket and you can see this best in Advanced Lighting Conditions.  On Midday, it will appear black, but that’s no bad thing!  Again, this is 100% original Mesh, and it’s so nice to have something unique.  An all-in-one piece, click and wear with no fitting problems.  I was wearing the size medium again, there are 5 sizes in all.

This time, there’s a smart bow tie that you can add to the outfit.   And I really like those formal shoes – same as with the Neo suit.


Now I’m a bit late showing you the September group gift because I thought I’d already covered it  (your blogger here is getting old and feeble *laughs*), but there are still 3 days left to  go and claim your copy.  It’s a casual set which includs the boots – the Chandler Men’s Ensemble.

Click and add this all-in-one outfit consisting of Jeans, Heth’s designer H Belt, and hooded casual top.  Wonderful textures here, the top has plenty of room, 3 quarter sleeves and a zipper feature.  This is a great look for Autumn days and will fit most Mesh bodies – the sizing is 5 standard Mesh sizes, I was wearing the small version so there’s plenty of room for larger sized gents. Don’t forget to wear your Group!

Last but not least, this is the free gift for September. You don’t have to belong to the HHC group, even, to collect this platinum and peridot bracelet.

There’s a standard and a resize version included of the Khalid Bracelet.  Peridot are mid-green gemstones and the intensity of the stone depends upon the iron content. Peridot is mined in Arkansas, Arizona on the San Carlos Reservation, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico at Kilbourne Hole, in the US; and in Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar (old Burma), Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. And some have even been found in meteorites!


Those glasses I was wearing with the Neo Suit are the HHC Men’s Couture Aviator Shades (silver) – various colours available instore.

ADAM  – V1.4 b Mesh Body
Akeruka – Aron Bento Head with skin #6 for both head & body via OMEGA relay system

Please note that HHC Marketplace is being renewed and revamped at the moment, but Inworld stores are open!

Heth Haute Couture mainstore at Morise

Heth Haute Couture at Pure Luxury

Heth Haute Couture Inworld Group – (Cut and paste this link into your local chat)

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Ghostly Happenings Afoot with SMA/METAVERSE

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There’s a huge Halloween Event in the SL Fashion world and it’s on this weekend, October 22nd – 23rd.  SMA have teamed up with METAVERSE to bring you a haunted hay ride, GIFTS, a haunted caves HUNT, a dynamic Fashion Show, Shopping, LOTS of Tricks and even more TREATS. What could be nicer?  More info about the Haunted Hay Ride Show and exclusive outfits from HHC follows!

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One Medium Dry Vodka Martini with HHC

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It’s James Bond’s drink of choice, shaken but not stirred, and the quote that always comes to mind whenever 007 is mentioned. Then of course, I go and get a fizzy drink, preferably lucozade *laughs*.

Enough of that – today I’m showcasing the “007 Spectre Tuxedo”, a new release from Heth Haute Couture. It’s inspired by the 24th 007 film, Spectre, in which Daniel Craig played Bond.



Well I love that suit in the poster and if you do, too, then at least you can have it in SL!  Heth’s suit comprises of a tailored double breasted jacket in rich ivory vicuna wool (only the best will do) which is embellished with a 6 button front in polished onyx and a peak lapel.  Also included is a white silk pleated shirt with lay down collar to go underneath, a red lapel carnation, a diamond watch, a black silk bow tie, black crepe slacks, couture sunglasses and formal wing-tip shoes with socks. All in 5 standard Mesh sizes, XS – XL and I was wearing the M size.



Now all I need’s a suitable gal in blue satin to join me!


Visit Heth Haute Couture @ Steine Gardens (Mainstore)


Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Written by Moz Loordes

19/10/2016 at 7:17 pm

HHC – Couture Men’s Collection

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HHC - Ben Men's Suit

Introducing the Heth Haute Couture  ~ “Couture Men’s Collection”. A collection of fine couture men’s tailored suits for ONLY $99L each. Here’s the first instalment – Ben, David and Juan Men’s Suits.

“Ben Men’s Suit” has a slim fit single breasted jacket with matching tailored slacks. Included are a silk shirt, tie, and pocket square, and leather Oxford wingtip shoes with socks. In 5 classic mesh sizes with alpha layers – with and without the feet included. It’s an all in one Mesh so just pick your size (I’m wearing the M size) click, add the alpha and you’re there!

That black shirt and white tie match up so well with the brocade jacket, here’s a close-up.

HHC - Ben Men's Suit - half


And it looks just as good from the reverse view. Single vent in the jacket which fits neatly over the slacks.


HHC - Ben Men's Suit - reverse


“David Men’s Suit”, same wonderful styling but with a different colorway. All pieces as for Ben.

HHC - Juan Men's Suit

HHC - Juan Men's Suit - half


HHC - Juan Men's Suit - reverse


Here’s the “David’s Brooch” in close-up. It’s a fabulous, dramatic piece of jewelry and it’s the September Men’s Group Gift, would you believe 🙂 A tribute brooch to those who love Phantom of the Opera. It has an animated glass dome surrounded by sparkling diamonds, and two sizes for different statements.

HHC - David's Brooch


“Juan Men’s Suit”, same as for Ben on the pieces, this is a formal black tie version and it’s posh!


HHC - David Men's Suit


HHC - David Men's Suit - half


Here’s a close-up on the Oxford shoes, included with all the suits. Socks fit neatly inside and made it more real if you want to raise the height of the pants cuffs a bit. No excuse not to look smart now.


HHC - Oxfords

Find all these at the Heth Haute Couture mainstore!

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



https://www.   youtube.com/watch?v=WG_-5utvriY

Written by Moz Loordes

01/09/2016 at 10:29 pm

Be well groomed with HHC!

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HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 1



If you’re looking for a fabulous wedding suit, Heth Haute Couture has brought out three! Armed with these lovely suits from HHC’s “Groom’s Collection”, I went off to the Vintage Romance sim to take some photos. Here’s the results.

The first one is the “Double Breasted Men’s Tuxedo”, which is crafted in a white on white scroll silk jacquard material. Matching jacket, slacks and tie are combined with a white silk shirt. Also included are white Oxford wingtip leather shoes and socks, there’s even a beautiful lily buttonhole to finish it all off. In standard sizing XS – XL it’s an all in one mesh,  with alphas for with or without feet. An interesting modern tux that has a certain panache to it! I was wearing the size M, so there’s another couple of sizes to go and it would accommodate larger body shapes.

HHC - Groom's Double Breasted Suit 2


This is the “Formal Dress Tails”. The same fabric and attention to detail but this time there’s a separate tailcoat to add. You get the effect of a shorter jacket from the front which shows up the pants really well, adding length to the overall shape. Then, turning to the side view, you’ve got the tails dipping down to the knees. It’s classic and it’s gorgeous!  This set also includes Oxfords and buttonhole as before. I wore the size M suit combined with the size L tailcoat.

HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 1



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 2



HHC - Groom's Formal Tails Suit 3


So the last suit… this is the “Tuxedo”, a beautiful classic styling of white on white scroll silk jacquard matching jacket, tie and slacks combined with white silk shirt and cummerbund. Oxfords and buttonhole included. Very elegant suit, here, which is a one piece mesh in standard sizing XS – XL. I was wearing the size M.

HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 1



HHC - Groom's Tuxedo 2


These suits are available Instore with DEMOs to try out first. They lend themselves to a lot of good matches with bridalwear. For instance, the Formal Dress Tails would look wonderful by the side of an extravagant white bridal gown, whilst the Double Breasted Suit would match up well with a contemporary pastel bridal two piece suit.

Or, why not go to The Summer Bridal Showcase which will be held on Sunday, August 31st at 1.00pm SLT over at the Metaverse Grand Theatre and you’ll be able to see everything on the runway.

summer bridal showcase


Visit HHC mainstore!


Cheers, m’dears 🙂

HHC – Jean Paul Ensemble & Alessio Men’s Suit

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HHC - Jean Paul Ensemble 1


If you love to go out and dance of an evening and you want to make a statement, then this could be the outfit for you! From Heth Haute Couture, it’s the “Jean Paul Ensemble”.

Lots of items in this set, including Oxford shoes and a set of matching jewelry. The apparel is composed of a  relaxed-fit blazer detailed with a music print silk jacket, a neon DJ tee, and matching crepe slacks. Now there’s no fiddling with these – they are one Mesh item that you just click and add, and worn with the alpha – it’s a matter of a few clicks to look good. Apparel has standard sizing which is generous so it will fit a lot of shapes – XS – XL – and I only needed the size S. It’s well worth getting a DEMO to see the possibilities because it may even fit the larger mesh bodies.

HHC - Jean Paul Ensemble 2


I love these Oxfords!  They have a hi-shine effect and are easy to wear. Also included are filler prim socks that do away with the need to hide the shoes under the slacks cuffs because who’d want to do that? I can foresee these little fillers being useful with a lot of shoes and pants cuff issues.

HHC - Jean Paul Oxfords


Here’s all the jewelry. There are resizers on most of it and the black diamonds are animated for extra enhancement. The watch is on SL time, so you can check if you’re late or not!

HHC - Jean Paul Jewelry


Later on, I went to the The Vordun Museum and Gallery, a wonderful interactive experience by Jake Vordun,  which features the use of experience keys. Visitors can get a real life feeling of being at a museum. One of the current three exhibits was all about the Titanic – fascinating!

The Vordun Museum and Gallery


I stood by a photograph of the main ballroom to show off this suit. It’s the “Alessio Men’s Suit” and I wanted a monochrome background to show it off.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 1


This is a stunning suit and one of my favourites by HCC. It’s a contemporary, sleek style which you can wear a variety of hair lengths with as you wish.  This is fine couture at its best, Alessio features a heavily embroidered couture fabric in a bold fade design.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 2


The pants include a black leather belt and there are matching dress shoes, glasses and sunglasses all included. Standard sizing XS – XL and I chose a size M.

HHC - Alessio Men's Suit 3


Other items in these pictures – No_Match hairs, the shorter sassy style is No_Way and the longer style is No_End


Visit HHC mainstore to collect your copies of these must have outfits!


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


One posh suit from HHC

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Designer, Hethwen of HHC, has decided to treat all group members to brand new outfits on the occasion of gathering 400 folks into the fold. As far as the chaps are concerned, we get a fabulous new suit with matching shoes.

There’s one word for this suit and that is… posh! It’s so easy to wear – one alpha and the mesh itself in standard sizing XS – SL – so a couple of clicks later and you’re ready to attend any function you like. The shoes are unrigged so you can move them up and down to suit the trouser cuffs.

Getting ready – looks as good from the back as the front…

HHC - 400 group gift - getting ready

Judging at the Academy – I hope they all take note of the matching waistcoat and tie…

HHC - 400 group gift - academy

Leading the applause –

HHC - 400 group gift - applause


Bring out your inner Dandy!

Other items worn: Accessories from GDit Jewelry, hair from No_Match

Collect from the HHC mainstore on Metaverse and don’t forget to wear your group tag.

“What’re we gonna do tonight?
Yeah What’re we gonna do tonight?
Oh, we should go to a function!
Ooh a oh yeah, yeah”



Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

27/07/2016 at 2:21 pm