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Conversation with the Kingfisher

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There is an absolutely charming legend about the kingfisher. It was said that they built a floating nest and wherever the nest would drift according to the wind and river movements, the surrounding water would remain calm. Even if a nest floated out to sea, then the area would be calmed. Thus, the kingfisher would be a sacred bird to the ancient mariners. It was also said that the nest would be made of fish bones. In reality, kingfishers consume large quantities of fish, aquatic insects and freshwater shrimp. They regurgitate the indigestible portions and the nest can become strewn with bones, so this may have contributed to the legend. Their eggs are a beautiful deep pinkish hue, and usually they lay 6 in number. Male and female kingfishers create their nests by excavating a burrow in a shallow river, stream or lake bank, usually just below the top of the bank.

This little post is really to illustrate 7 Deadly s{K}ins January group gift for us gents, the “Jager” set. It’s a very generous set by designer, Izara.  Here’s what we get:-

24 Omega head appliers (with/without hairbase & clean plus light beard versions), which were fitted on the GA.EG Damon Bento mesh head originally, although here I used CATWA Paul. Tones are caramel, cotton, steam, earth, taupe and stone. I chose the earth tone, clean for my pictures.

6 system skins plus SLINK hands/feet appliers and Omega body appliers, I chose the matching smooth earth tone.

2 bonus shapes – shape for bento head on SLINK body, shape for  bento head on system body plus system head shape for comparison.

There is an add-on pack instore for 250L, viewing recommended.



Here’s what Jager looks like on the Damon Bento head:-


I was wearing:

GIOMEN – Synder pullover, black
GIOMEN – Vamos Jeans, blue
Rozoregalia – silver drop earring
ARGRACE – Takeshi Hair
Adam Mesh body with OMEGA relay
CATWA Paul Head with OMEGA relay
CATWA animated Mesh Eyes/Tears

Home & Garden:

Trompe Loeil – Camden Couch & pillows – these are very boathouse in style, great poses, too.
Trompe Loeil – Camden Cove prefab – fantastic value!
Both at Collabor88

Garden grass by anc. meadow deep forest – Fifty Linden Friday purchase, there’s all colours of grass otherwise, plus a number of seeded grasses and other beautiful garden landscaping items instore.

[ Organica ] Full Moon Maple 1 – a stunning tree.
TLC Home Collection – Kingfisher, also comes with his own fishing perch to put by a river or lake.


Visit 7 Deadly s{K}ins mainstore, Guy’s Department


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Cosmopolitan 10/03 – Menswear

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Round 10/03 is now on at Cosmopolitan and I’m showing a couple of design bargains from the Menswear range today.

First up is GioMEN with the ‘Sand Shirt’, a HUD controlled multi texture shirt that comes in the standard sizing XS-XL. As a rule I usually take the L size but was using the M here and it fitted fine. The Vamos  jeans are also from GioMEN and you can find those at their main store and on Marketplace.

GioMEN sand shirt

When you employ the HUD, you can change the body of the shirt to various plain and plaid designs. Also, the shirt and cuffs can be changed. So, for instance, you could have a plaid shirt with plain cuffs and collar – either contrast or matching. It’s versatile and here’s a picture of the HUD.

GioMEN sand shirt HUD

I tried wearing mesh t-shirts underneath but it wasn’t possible as they would show through the mesh of the shirt and I would imagine an alpha would be impossible to produce for two mesh products which were made to wear separately in the first place. So I searched around my Inventory and found a system t-shirt (undershirt and underpants)  which did the job well. System clothing still has its place in cases like this. See how well this fits into the jeans. It’s just a matter of fiddling like all SL clothing until you find something that works.


GioMEN Sand Shirt with system T

*Birth* by designer Silent Alchemi, is a long time producer in Second Life of exquisite skins, both male and female. He has appliers for various SLINK products at his store so if you wear those, go and check out the possibilities. At Cosmopolitan *Birth* are offering the ‘Milton’ male skin in various shades at a bargain price. In the pack you get the skin layer and a number of tattoo and system layers to provide options. The skin layers have a ‘trail’ of hair, with and without hairbase. If you add the other layers you can have a toned hairless look or a total hairy look with or without hairbase. There are no other appliers in the pack but as I mentioned before – visit the *Birth* store and be thankful that you got the bargain skin at Cosmo.

‘Milton’ is a clean shaven skin that Silent describes as somewhat ‘older and wiser’. There are some lines on the face and some bags under the eyes but why worship youth culture all the time? Older men can be just as sexy! Here’s the darkest tone – Tropical – in full view and I’ve used the original skin layer. Beautiful shading on this.

Birth Milton Tropical full

Here’s a close-up of the face in a slightly lighter colour called ‘Rainforest’. Add a beard tattoo layer (and I’ve used a 2nd generation Nivaro beard) and you get a whole different look.

Birth Milton Rainforest Closeup

My photos are not taken using any huge Advanced Lighting conditions but using simple Windlight settings so you can get a good idea of what will be an actuality for the majority of us in Second Life.

All that remains for me to do is to offer you a taxi to Cosmopolitan.  Until next time, cheers m’dears!

LOGO Cosmopolitan


Cosmopolitan Event #06/03 Menswear

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One week left of the current round!  And here’s some of the menswear bargains available at this popular event.

LOGO Cosmopolitan

BIRTH skins, newcomers to Cosmopolitan, are offering this fabulous male skin called ‘Brick’ for L$600 which is around half price compared to their mainstore skins. Birth is one of my favorite skin designers and I found ‘Brick’ to be a smooth, young style. It would be possible to add beards to it for an older look if required. Here’s a full body photo.

birth skin_full

I was wearing SLINK feet. Birth have an applier instore for all their skins so no problem there and I used the ‘tan’ tone on the feet and fingernail HUDs. Here’s a close-up of the face with shorter hair.

birth skin short hair

And here’s another close-up to show what this skin looks like when you wear a longer hair. The features are softened somewhat but without losing any of the essence of the styling. I think ‘Brick’ gives the avatar a look in their early twenties.

birth skin long hair

GIOMEN are offering the ‘Exodus Jeans’ in five standard sizes. I took these photos in near midday setting for actual colour – a faded denim blue in a wonderfully detailed texture. There’s an integral black belt included.


Here’s the reverse which is just as important! Backgrounds are from the Derailed Sim, currently on winter landscape and very useful for photography.

GIOMEN reverse


The zip up top is a 50% off bargain Hello Tuesday offer called ‘Blade’. You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black 🙂 Loved this one as it fitted so easily over the jeans.

GIOMEN shirt


Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Written by Moz Loordes

12/01/2015 at 2:10 pm

Cosmopolitan #05/03 – Menswear

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I’m fighting to get a blog post done during the holidays and man is it a fight! There is still one week to go on the present Cosmo round and that finishes on January 4th 2015.  Menswear today and decor tomorrow.

*MSS* has the ‘Suol Zipper Hoodie’  in 5 basic colours at L$125 or L$350 for the fatpack, I’m wearing the red in size L. Standard sizing of XS-XL with a well fitting alpha, no problems. What I appreciate about this hoodie is that there is plenty of room for bracelets and watches with the slightly pushed up sleeves.

Throughout I’m wearing the latest hair and beard from     EMO-tions. ‘Jared’ is an unisex/male updo which includes a shorter and longer beard style. Both the hair and beard is controlled via a HUD for resizing and an extensive range of colours. There are hair bases and beard bases included and each pack is L$211.

MSS suol red


Fe Style has the ‘Wepshy Mesh Beanie’ in a wide range of colours. Love this at only L$60 🙂

Fe Style - Wepshy beanies

The ‘Snyder’ pullover from GIOMEN comes in two sizes of fit mesh and three standard sizes S, M and L.

It’s  L$70 per colour which are green, grey, white, red and black. I wore the black version shown from the back, Giovanni’s own poster with all the colours from the front. Jeans in all pictures are also from GIOMEN.

GIOMEN Snyder and EMO-tions reverse

In the bleak midwinter… baaaahhhh!

GIOMEN Synder all colours

Project Reject has the ‘Gamer’ jacket which comes in five variations on the inner portion matched up with a black puffer jacket – a plain blue inner, gray and multi stripes, grey and dark red, all blacks and all greys – the latter of which I was wearing. Standard sizing XS – XL, fits beautifully. Each texture is L$99.

Project Reject and EMO-tions front


tag. has the ‘Wires shirt’ in three colours, white black and grey. Each colour has a HUD which controls the texture of the neck band in 6 designs. There are two sizes of Fit Mesh and three standard sizes in L, M and S. I used the first size fit mesh which was fine. Used Ded’s poster to show the black variety.

tag Wire shirt

tag Wire shirt in black

Last but by no means least, Divinity has the ‘Origins necklace’. It comes with a HUD that resizes and has many metal, cord and tag variations with flags of different countries, full bright on/off and it will hide the lower chain if wanted. That’s a whole lot of necklace for only L$155.

divinity - origins necklace


Cheers, m’dears and happy shopping 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

28/12/2014 at 11:33 pm

Cosmopolitan – 03/03 Menswear 2

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Back with the second post of the day!  More menswear Cosmopolitan goodies.

tag. The ‘Fitzpleasure Jacket’ with a choice of four zipper jacket versions and when you also use the HUD there’s a further choice for each version. Easy to wear and versatile!  Standard sizing XS – XL, fits easily over trousers/pants/jeans. The versions are – animal, nature, skull and urban. I was wearing the nature version and chillaxing at MusicLandia!

tag. Fitzpleasure jacket


[RA] Run Away with the ‘Khal’ hair (liked that very much) and [ZENTRO] with another fabulous tattoo – this one is called ‘Wise’.  [RA] are offering this hair pack in four varieties  browns/blonds/reds and black/whites. There’s a tintable hairbase which will cover every option plus an alpha to hide parts of the skull under the hair. There is a HUD included which will change both the hair colour and the bands. [ZENTRO]’s tattoo is on a clothing layer plus an applier for SLINK hands if you wear those.

[RA] and Zentro 1

[RA] and Zentro 2


*MSS* with the ‘Zack Shirt’ which comes in eight colours and a fatpack with savings there. I was wearing the brown version. Standard sizing XS – SL with a well fitting alpha. Fatpack is well worth buying as this is a useful shirt!

MSS Zack shirt


GIOMEN – just adore this ‘Leather Hooded Jacket’ which goes so well with the GIOMEN leather pants I’ve worn throughout this post (available from their mainstore). Leather jacket in black, standard sizing XS – XL and mega versatile.



Don’t forget you can pick up all these goodies from Cosmopolitan until Sunday December 7th 🙂

Cheers, m’dears!



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02/12/2014 at 12:57 am

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Hello Tuesday – GIOMEN

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Another ‘Hello Tuesday’ one day event on the Cosmopolitan sim!

This week, designer Giovanni Quinzet of GIOMEN has given us this great sleeveless white shirt as a ‘special’ for only 50L$. You get this in the standard 5 sizes mesh – XS to XL and alpha. I was wearing the L size.

GIOmen - mesh vest

Here’s your TAXI – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy%20Heaven/192/181/21

And you’ll need to visit the GIOMEN outlet store on Cosmopolitan, not the Sale Room.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

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15/07/2014 at 5:14 pm

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