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Summer Bedroom – cool styling

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A new round of The Boardwalk Event opens today, July 15th, and runs through to August 15th!  It’s an Event dedicated to the fascinating world of Home & Garden and you’ll find a variety of beautiful products to decorate both your house and your land this summer.

Today, I’ve styled a bedroom with a cool, neutral palette because when it’s extra hot outside you’ll want somewhere relaxing to sleep at night that has at least the illusion of coolness. In RL add air conditioning!  Hope your week goes swimmingly 🙂


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden Products shown in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- [ Generation X ], Raindale, Petit Chat, Image Essentials Props and Poses, Fancy Decor, unKindness
Others:- Dust Bunny, Ariskea, {what next}, [Tia], [Black Bantam], ARIA
Events:- The Boardwalk

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

[ Generation X ] with the “Kymani Bed Set” at The Boardwalk Event
Kymani Bed (bright) – ADULT – LI 14 – also available in dark version
Animation Menus for solo male & female, couples and 3 Adult Menus
Kymani Fur Rug – LI 6
Kymani Floor Baskets – LI 1
Kymani Bull Head – LI 1
Kymani Elephant Ear Plant – LI 2
Kymani books and vase – LI 3
Kymani Side Table – LI 1
Kymani Hanging Lamps – LI 2

Raindale with the “Beaumaris Pouf” at The Boardwalk Event
Raindale – Beaumaris pouf – available in PG and Adult versions – LI 3 – texture change for pillows and pouf, beige, dark, light, orange and white
Animation Menus (all original to Raindale as Keira makes her own) – 13 solo sits for male and female some of which rez props such as phone and book, couples 12 animations, adult 12 animations

Petit Chat with the “Birdy Set” at The Boardwalk Event
This set includes
— Chest : 1 LI
— 3 jars : 1 LI each
— Bowl : 1 Li
— Frame : 1 Li
— Frame template for your picture (if you want to add your own picture in the frame)

Image Essentials Props and Poses with the “Full Perm Cats” Set at The Boardwalk Event
IE – Full Perm Mesh Cat – Sleeping 5 1 – LI 2
These gorgeous kitties consist of 15 full perm original Mesh Cats with 5 different textures (soft grey, a striped grey, white, black, ginger) and a normal specular map.
Each cat will sell for L$125 and I’ll be showing more of them in subsequent posts!


Fancy Decor
“Blythe” – Bowl of Lemons – LI 2

uK – “Posh Living” – Trio Porthole Mirrors – LI 1
uK – “Island Resort” – Wall Art – 3 versions – when joined like this amounts to LI 2



[Vintan] Box of Sewing Material – LI 4
[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer] – LI 6

{what next}
Bailey Turntable V2 – LI 2 – texture change for the case and disc plus on/off shadow
{what next} Draped Curtains (PATTERNS) – LI 5 – texture change for the material and rod

Kelsey’s Potted Lemon Tree – LI 4

Dido Vase With Lillies – LI 3

[Black Bantam]
My Dear Button Toy Poodle Boy Green – LI 2 – Gacha Prize Transfer & Modify
Scripted to send kiss, auto on/off, click on/off, name. You can pet, nuzzle, hug, feed, talk with and cuddle your pet.

Dust Bunny
watermelon vibes . cocktails – LI 1
watermelon vibes . planter . – LI 2
watermelon vibes . planter . b – LI 2

Set by Moz

Cheers, m’dears :}


Go Wild in the Country

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Having fun in the desert and being very lazy!

My pa was a geologist and so anything to do with Earth Science has always fascinated me.  The Camp Steelhead Hot Springs came with this explanation of the landscape and how it formed over millennia.  So interesting I included it here. Hope you enjoy it, too!


“The Great Basin Desert stretches from Utah into Idaho, Nevada, California, Colorado and Arizona. It is the largest desert in the U.S. covering an expanse of about 190,000 square miles. In Arizona this desert connects with the Sonoran and Mojave deserts, the only two other deserts in the U.S.

The region was once host to a large inland sea that has filled and dried up twice during our geological history leaving behind large valleys running north and south as small lakes vanished leaving behind salt crust or hard-pan. The flat area of clay, silt, or sand encrusted with salt that forms is known as a Playa. The runoff from the region is what created the Grand Canyon.

After the rock hardened and began to erode, compressed veins of salt threaded between hard sandstone, leaving behind monumental sandstone fins. These fins now exposed formed magnificent formations blended with colours formed during vastly varying times of our earth’s history. Red Sandstone, known as Navajo Sandstone was formed during an oxygen environment and therefore is red from iron oxide while yellow sandstone was formed prior when the planet was saturated with carbon dioxide.

Now exposed to the elements of wind, water and dirt, this soft rock took on amazing and unique shapes, colours and textures. Host to many national parks and once the home of the Anastasia Indians, you can reference:

• Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
• Capitol Reef National Park
• Arches National Monument
• Canyonlands National Monument
• Glen Canyon National Recreational Area”


Here’s details of the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Serenity Style, Little Branch, TLC Home Collection, Chez Moi Furnitures, The Boardwalk Event, Salacity, [ Generation X ]
Others:- Camp Steelhead, Crate, Aphrodite, Shutter Field
Events: – Man Cave, The Boardwalk Event

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

Serenity Style, currently at Man Cave from January 17th
This is a new gacha collection exclusive for Man Cave. There are 2 Rares and 6 commons. Permissions are Modify & Transfer so the 4×4’s can be used by Adult and Kid Avatars. Drive them or use them as décor!
I was using the “Military 4×4 – Desert” – LI 19 – drive it and reverse it – it’s an SL® vehicle and great fun! You can also adjust the driving animation for position.

Little Branch
Dracaena Tree. V1 {Animated} – LI 1
Dracaena Tree. V2 {Animated} – LI 5
From a pack of 4 differently shaped trees – an iconic tree with beautifully realistic textures for hot regions of the world.
Wild Grass *1 Li {Dry} *Animated – LI 1

TLC Home Collection
From the animated Meerkats gacha…
1_TLC Meerkat Adult Lookout_RARE – LI 3
5_TLC Meerkat Adults and Pup Sitting_Common – LI 4
10_TLC Meerkat Adult Sunbathing_Common – LI 2
Permissions are Transfer and Modify

and… TLC Osprey – LI 3 – on his own fishing branch with captured wriggling fish

Designers at The Boardwalk Event
1. [ Generation X ], currently at The Boardwalk Event
The Tamba Outdoor Furniture Set
[Generation X] Tamba Outdoor Bed Cream – LI 5 – 5 friends animations + 20 couple animations
[Generation X] Tamba Table Cream – LI 2
There’s also a chair in the set – LI 4 – 5 female + 5 male animations and mirrors
Sets available in Cream and Black

2.  Salacity, currently at The Boardwalk Event
Salacity on Marketplace
And now you know where I got the hamburgers from! Zesty’s Dairy Bar is a full-size building, highly detailed and contextually accurate, styled after a dairy bar/snack shack. It is non-functional as a building, serving only as décor or a backdrop. At only LI 5, it’s an easy way to add zest to your landscape.
Salacity – Zesty’s Dairy Bar – LI 5 – Decor piece – the original comes with a litter bin at the front which you can detach.

3. Camp Steelhead, currently at The Boardwalk Event
The Camp Steelhead Hot Springs is a composite of Designer Chelsea’s experiences having lived the region for much of her life. She combined elements indicative of the American West while capturing the feel as much as the sights.
The pack also includes textures so you can add to your ground piece, make an alternative texture Ice Chest and use a screen background!
Camp Steelhead Hot Springs Wall Rock – LI 6
Camp Steelhead Hot Springs Spire Rock – LI 6
Camp Steelhead Hot Springs Balance Rock – LI 4
Camp Steelhead Hot Springs – LI 30 – animated water

Also includes the Steelhead Ice Chest – LI 5
Steelhead Kiosk – Hot Springs – LI 1
Camp Steelhead Hot Springs Warning Sign – LI 1

What you can’t see in my picture because it’s close-up, is that the rock on the right side is a water spout, it makes a spectacular scene! I’m interested in this set for landscaping but it also has an extensive Adult animation menu which you need to check out at the Event as I have a strictly PG blog here.  Otherwise, there’s Bathe, Sit and Cuddles Menus with Adjust & Swap facilities. There’s also a Utilities Menu that controls lights, glow and environmental factors. Well worth the price!

Food ‘n Drink
“Tropical Drinks” Tray – LI 1
For a mere 1 Land Impact you get a lovely tray of drinks that give out cooling fruit drink on touch. Choose from Strawberry, Banana, Coconut and Ice Cream Soda tropical drinks

Chez Moi Furnitures
Hamburger Tray Party – LI 4

crate Famila Ranch Set ~ Pinto Bean Cactus – LI 2

Shutter Field
[sf] deck – wood – LI 14 – has string lights and steps at the front, I sunk it into the ground here. It’s a versatile piece that can go in a multitude of landscapes and I use it a lot.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂