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Underneath the Mango Tree

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“Underneath the Mango Tree
Me honey and me can watch for the moon
Underneath the Mango Tree
Me honey and me make boolooloop soon” ~ Cibelle

I remember this song from the James Bond film, Dr No.  It was ‘sung’ by Honey Rider when she emerged dripping from the sea  in what was a very racy bikini for those days. She’d been hunting for shells and pearls. Whenever I see or hear of a mango tree, this daft song comes into my head – go figure 🙂

The scene features a new beach hut by Galland Homes which is very versatile because you could put it facing the sea like the above or further up on the land proper.  There’s plenty of room to furnish the inner room and also down on the deck which I’m using as a mini pontoon here.

The trees are by Little Branch.  The Avocado and the Mango.  I’ve included some close-up shots of these because they are so wonderfully made with plenty of leafy branches and fruits in the spring/summer versions.





Here’s the Home & Garden products I used, in detail:-

Galland Homes – Caribbean Hut, currently at FaMESHed
Land Impact is 25 with Permissions of Copy/Modify

Little Branch
Mango Tree, currently at FaMESHed
Default size of LI 7 for V1 and LI 12 for V2 – spring and winter

Avocado Tree, currently at The Mens Dept
Default size of LI 7 – winter, spring, summer and fall
Fluffy Grass {Mesh} – LI 10 for huge patch

TLC Home Collection – from Peacock Family (also in white variety)
TLC Male Peacock Tail Up* – LI 2
TLC Peacock Female* – LI 1

Storax Tree – Group discounts to only L$20
Tropics Med Patio Chair Right Ap – LI 13 – Transfer/Resizer

Bird of Paradise – Large – Mesh Plants by Reid Parkin

{XO} FullPermDock-Boat – {XO} by Saera Ellisson

Here’s hoping your weekend’s a good one!  Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Posh Parakeets

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These little parakeets think they are Posh with a capital ‘P’  as they hang out at the Manor! Of course they reckon the owner has put in the handy fencing and water feature especially for them so they can take their morning bath and dry off afterwards 🙂

Featuring the “Manor Fence Set” by unKindness (my new Sponsor – yaaaay!!), currently at the August round of FaMESHed.  This lovely set has Materials enabled to great effect, the slightly rusty railings, shiny fleur-de-lis decoration and weathered stone pillars are a delight.

HEXtraordinary have created the parakeets from their gacha “Parakeet Pals”, and that’s currently at the Gacha Garden Event.  If you ask me, they look like budgerigars so if you’re in my part of the country, we call those spugs. Anyway, there’s lots of differently coloured spugs in the gacha plus a nice cage for them or else they have a posh twig stand to sit on.  Those are Rares and I didn’t get anything to speak of expect for lots and lots of spugs. However, as you can see they would much rather be outside! It is extreme cuteness the way they flap their wings during the animation cycle. In the picture above, the snowy one was flapping at the time having just taken a dip in the “Soothing Fountain” by .peaches. (Deco(c)rate) and it’s anything but Zen with all the tweeting, flapping and squawking when one of them has spent too long in the bathing bowls.

Here’s the scene repeated in a warmer Windlight setting.  That beautiful tree is by Little Branch and it’s a sweet chestnut, that was also in the Deco(c)rate subscription box which is well worth getting, even at the non-discounted price.

I think the owner of the Manor needs to mow the lawn soon, it’s a weekend gardening job 🙂


Here’s the Home & Garden products I used in detail:-

unKindness – Manor Fence Set, currently at August FaMESHed Event
uK – Manor Fence Lamp Stone Base – LI 2
uK – Manor Fence Railing – LI 1
uK – Manor Fence End Stone Base – LI 1
(also in pack – Manor Fence End Destroyed Base and Manor Fence Lamp Destroyed Base)

.peaches. – Soothing Fountain – LI 5
Little Branch – Sweet Chestnut – LI 7 {Seasons}*Animated
Deco(c)rate – “Now and Zen” August edition

Apple Fall –  Hardwick Manor (512) – LI 345

TMG – Red Flower Grass – dense – LI 1
TMG – Purple Flower Grass – dense – LI 1
Two Moon Gardens – free gifts!

Platform created with Vita’s Ground Textures – Mossy Tiles

HEXtraordinary – Parakeet Pals gacha – 3 LI each, currently at the Gacha Garden


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Zerkalo – A bedroom for Britain!

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Who has the good fortune to have a bedroom especially made for them by an amazing designer?  Why, Britain of course! Inspired by ace blogger and stylist Britain’s penchant for white, Zerkalo have a stunning set out at the March edition of FaMESHed.

Zerkalo - Britain's Bedroom - full


The set is made in what has become Zerkalo’s trade colour of white and there are light and dark wood versions of the set. PG and Adult varieties are available, too. Although everything is white, that’s not to say you can’t tint with aplomb. Designer, Daniel, has surpassed himself in mesh detail and faces so that it’s possible to tint just portions of lace or frills – whatever you like. I chose palest lavender here. It makes a small corner of this room into a big posh statement 🙂

Here’s what you receive in your chosen set – which is all Copy/Modify

Bed – PG or Adult, Dark or Light wood – LI 7

Canopy to go at the head of the bed – beautiful floaty lace, Dark or Light wood fixings – LI 6

Curtains – detailed swathes gathered up by a lace ribbon, also a top valance and detailed fixings in Dark or Light wood – LI 8 which is easily resized with not much added Land Impact – I was up to LI 9 with relatively large windows to cover

Bedside Lounger – available in PG and Adult versions with a choice of light and dark wood – LI 3

Pillows – lace and roses. Wow!  These are absolutely beautiful – masses of lace or a whole feature of roses, which you can tint in batches. Land Impact of 2 for each pillow.

Bedside tables – one for Her, with tablecloth and lace work and one for Him in wood with decor underneath. Both are available in dark and light shades and are 2 LI each

Bedside Lamps – His and Hers, again. Hers is decorated in lace with lace ribbon and his is an angular style lamp. Hers is 2 LI, His is 1 LI

A handy alarm clock for 2 LI could go on either side!

Finally there’s a magnificent caged chandelier, and this has two versions, light and dark – LI 6


A few close-ups. Here’s the lady’s side of the bed and its full of frothy lace, don’t forget I’ve tinted some of this into palest lavender. That way, the lace patterns really show up.

Zerkalo - Britain's Bedrrom - from her side


I’m glad to say that the gents have not been forgotten! They get their own bedside table, lamp and alarm clock in a choice of light and dark shades.

Zerkalo - Britain's Bedroom - from his side


Just to show you that wonderful rose cushion and the detailing on the base of the bed, notice the heart shape?  This is very fine work indeed.

Zerkalo - Britain's Bedroom - from lounge view


Detail on the caged chandelier. There’s a good throw of light from the click on/off candles. This is the dark version.

Zerkalo - Britain's Bedroom, Caged Chandelier


Additional pieces – Bocas Belle House from Spargel & Shine and multi-floral rug from same set, please refer to the previous RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 post.

Visit FaMESHed Event which is on until the end of the month. The Home & Garden vendors are on the central island.

Visit the zerkalo sim for lots more amazing furniture and decor designs.

Winter Dreams are more than just white

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Winter Dreams - sofa - Dark
[Zerkalo]’s latest set is called ‘Winter Dreams’ and is available exclusively at the January FaMESHed event.

It’s mainly white – but being Copy/Modify you can tint it as well, making this beautiful furniture and decor set versatile enough to fit in many homes. The level of detail is very good, designer Daniel has taken pains over all the pieces and Anais has packed the sofa with wonderful animations.  There are PG and Adult sofa variations, plus the sofa, table and chandelier have both light and dark versions.

Here’s the pieces in detail.

* sofas or couches -Adult and PG versions – in white and dark.
The dark versions have beautiful black/brown wood  (may be walnut), both have piped cushions and infills and a cream wool rug as decoration. The white versions have shabby style white wood with medium brown underlay showing through. Mod/copy LI 6. Poses – 11 solo sits, 10 cuddles plus 18 intimate in the Adult version. Adjust & Swap.

Winter Dreams - sofa - White

* Round, small table with room for books, lamp, cup of coffee maybe! Top is wood to match the sofas – either shabby white or dark newer wood and legs are decorative metal, either shabby rubbed down white metal or shiny metal in the dark version. LI 3 C/M.  * books 1 is a collection of 4 treasured old books (one rests against a stack of 3) and cup and saucer perched on top. LI 1 C/M.  * books 2 has a white ribbon with rose decoration around 2 treasured old books and by the side, a lace edged doily with cup and saucer on top. LI 1 C/M.

Winter Dreams - Table Light n Books 1

Winter Dreams - Table Dark n Books 2

* A glamorous wrought iron chandelier with light bulbs shaped like flames. Beautifully intricate, Daniel has even observed the wire leading up to the ceiling within the chain as it would be in real life. Click on/off for lighting which has a decent spread of light within the room. Lights are placed in wrought iron cups with decorative swirls and loops leading to the central shaped piece. LI 4 C/M Available in matte black and shabby style white which gives the feeling of a well worn but loved chandelier.

Winter Dreams - Chandlier - Lit - White

Winter Dreams - Chandelier - Lit - Black

* Round pillow, a beautiful white lace and cotton tiered cushion/ LI 1 C/M
* Rug is a subtly waved round white rug with 3D cut rose and leaf pattern almost as if a piece of lace has been copied into the cutting of the carpet, beautifully shaded and rendered pattern LI 2 C/M takes tinting well
* Square pillow, a white tiered square cushion with sumptuous tiers of lace and cotton material, with a lace design as the central piece. LI 1 C/M
* Three pillows, these are simpler squares with lace edging and a lace motif stitched into the centre of each pillow. They’d be perfect against a bed head or on a sofa or anywhere you might rest against them. Separate faces mean you can tint the lace motifs a different colour to match your styling. LI 1, C/M.

Winter Dreams - round n square lace pillows

Winter Dreams - lace pillow set

Tinting is an option and changes the whole look of the set.  Just right click and ‘Edit’, then choose ‘Faces’ and you can click away altering the Color to match your decor. Here’s my attempt, I’m sure you can do a lot better!

Winter Dreams - Tinted

Other furniture: Cheeky Pea – Lillooet Skybox and Campfire by HT Home.

Visit FaMESHed which runs until the end of January

Visit [Zerkalo] mainstore

Cheers, m’dears 🙂