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Stir it up!

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“Come on and stir it up; …, little darlin’
Stir it up; come on, baby
Come on and stir it up, yeah
Little darlin’, stir it up! O-oh!”  ~ Bob Marley


Ah, such a pleasant tongue in cheek summer song from Bob, which describes this pose rather well.  It’s from the “Barbecue Party” set by Chez Moi Furnitures which is available at the Tres Chic Event through to September 10th.

Absolutely loving this set because it is so interactive.  There’s PG and Adult versions and both have lots of poses including some very cute family animations for  2 parents and a toddler.  Now we’re cheating in this a bit because Danilo is a Zooby baby and not an actual avatar which would use the poses but don’t tell him that!

Let me show you the cooking area first. The barby can be closed and you just click on it to open and there’s the grill waiting for the food.  Touch the grill and up pops a food menu, I chose steak and sausages. Then if you just click on the food it will actually cook! Set the timer for between 1 – 3 minutes and then the food is ready to serve.


There’s lots of poses for couples and solo avatars on the cooking area itself.  Here we are chatting and chilling out.


Then the cooking starts, I’m armed with the spatula… and you can see the picnic table in the foreground.


Then we rush over to the table with the cooking!  This is what one of the family poses looks like, there are a half dozen in all.  Look at the spread!  You click on the placemats to display the food menu and you can choose from nine meals in all, including pudding. Now your land impact will go up as the placemats add the food but it’s not by much.  See, we’ve got the cooked sausages and steak plus corncobs which Arrchie was cooking in the top picture, so it all makes sense.  The tablecloth is texture change for six options and you can have a choice of blue, orange and red bordered placemats.  There are places for four folks on the picnic table.


So while the parents are otherwise occupied you can dig into your first barbecue meal! We’re slightly cheating here as Danilo is in his Zooby booster seat and I’ve lifted up the placemat a bit, but you get the general idea.


And here’s the situation when the burger is as big as the baby but no doubt he’ll cope!  You can see the picnic basket, paper cups, flower vase, orange cake and plate of burgers more clearly in this picture.  This is a very nice comprehensive roleplay set.


Lastly, here’s another one of the couples poses (I call this Grape Expectations) to illustrate the fact that all the cooking and subsequent feasting has worn me out and Arrchie has had to revive me with grapes.

Here’s what you get in the set:-

♥ Barbecue: 14 LI or 13 LI with doors linked
♥ Hanging Fern: 3 LI
♥ Hamburger Tray: 5 LI
♥ Cutting Board Set: 3 LI
♥ Picnic Table: 4 LI
♥ Placemat: 3 LI each (empty) each
♥ Picnic Cheese&Bread Board: 4 LI
♥ Classic Picnic Basket: 4 LI
♥ Cup with flowers/ Cup Stack: 1 LI each
♥ Orange Cake: 1 LI

Total Land Impact will be 52 with Permissions of Copy/Modify

Available in your choice of maturities at the Tres Chic Event to September 10th!


Cheers, m’dears 🙂


More than a good book from Chez Moi

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reading nook youth


It’s the 4th anniversary of  Tres Chic and there’s lots of exclusives and gifts, so well worth a visit!

Chez Moi Furnitures have a wonderful exclusive at the event called, “The Reading Nook” and it’s available in two models – Lolita which is a light violet colour and Youth which is light lime green based. These canopy beds are cozy reading areas which are interactive and realistic. Matching frames and rug included.

reading nook lolita


reading nook youth2


reading nook lolita2


There’s an Adult (with 164 animations) and a PG version (with 104 animations). Room for 1 – 2 avatars and 64 single poses in all (male and female). 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2) and 60 intimate animations (30 x 2) in the Adult version only. Some poses contain wearable props. Everything’s controlled via a HUD including adjust and swap functionality. Here’s just some of the poses.





The reading nook has a Land Impact of 10, the frames set 1 LI each and the rug is 2 LI. Tres Chic is on from today, May 17th until June 10th.  And Chez Moi’s free gift?


Chez Moi - 4 years anniversary gift Tres Chic


Here’s your TAXI 

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Chez Moi Garden Shed – Tres Chic Event

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Chez Moi - Garden Shed - new life!


Spring is the start of Nature’s greening, it’s new life, flowers and the year’s beginning to the great outdoors.  Visit Tres Chic and you’ll find this stunning new set by Chez Moi, “Garden Shed”.

Sounds so mundane but it’s not. This shed is available as an exclusive in three colours – green, pink and blue. I rezzed the green version in our garden.  What I love about this shed is that it’s packed full of poses and props in the way that Chez Moi does so well. The shed itself looks the part with plenty of accessories including a garden hose, plant pots, growing plants – lots of the things you’d expect in a RL garden potting shed.

Chez Moi - Garden Shed - closeup


Land Impact is 16 for the shed and accessories, plus another 3 LI for the rose trellis. Now that’s not a lot for what you get. This is an interactive garden shed with gardening animations – tasks like seeding, spraying, weeding, watering the lawn with props such as flower pots, watering can, seedlings, resting and reading… 12 in total.  It’s just like you’re starting off and nurturing a real life garden. A lot of fun!

Chez Moi - Garden Shed - side elevation


Not only do you get all the gardening animations but there are also single poses (6 each for ladies and gents including  poses like learning, sitting, observing, tired ) –  and a smashing set of 16 animations for couples in love. That means poses like kissing, cuddling and distracting the gardener!

Chez Moi - Garden Shed - couples pose


Chez Moi - Garden Shed - distracting the gardner


Poses are adjustable via a Menu which includes Swap functionality. Tres Chic runs up to May 10th so there’s plenty of time to visit. Why not make a start on your spring landscaping?

Visit Tres Chic Event – taxi

Visit Chez Moi mainstore

Well that’s all for today. I’m off to plant up some real life hanging baskets… Cheers, m’dears 🙂

A perfectly lazy summer by Chez Moi

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Oh for the summer! Well at least you can get one virtually and Chez Moi has the perfect outdoors set for it – the “Ibiza Beach set”. Now it’s perfect to place by beaches and pools but you can also use it by rivers – as I’ve done in this post and it still looks amazing.

Chez Moi - Ibiza Beach set - entire


So what’s in this set? Well, there’s a texture change tent, a lilo or inflatable mattress and extra decorative cushion. First of all, the tent. Available in PG and Adult versions, there are 48/84 animations for 1 – 2 people comprising 20 individual poses (male and female) 28 poses for couples and 36 intimate poses in the Adult version. Not only that but the tent is also texture change for 8 different combinations.

Chez Moi - Ibiza Beach set - tent and cushion


The fabulous lilo has 28 animations and you can place it very easy on water or land. There’s 18 individual animations including floating in the water (male and female), plus 10 poses for couples. The texture change options give a half dozen combinations.

Chez Moi - Ibiza Beach set - Lilo


Land Impact – Tent 9 LI, Lilo 2 LI and decor pillow 1 LI
control all the poses via a menu with Adjust and Swap functionality

Chez Moi - Ibiza Beach set - tent pose


If you buy the complete set on MP, there’s a 20% off savings right now. The Tent and the Lilo can be purchased separately as well.

Visit Chez Moi mainstore to try it out!

Chez Moi on Marketplace – all the Ibiza variations.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Chez Moi – A Dining Room with a Difference!

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Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Breakfast

Chez Moi has released the “Leeloo Dining Room”, a traditional wooden dining set that includes table, 4 chairs, carving cabinet with decor, round rug and side curtain. It’s a table with a difference, though!

Not only can you roleplay eating your meals but also playing games such as cards and jigsaw puzzles. You can chat, hangout and generally make use of this versatile, low prim set to your heart’s content. The table will rez scenes – board game, puzzle, card game, breakfast, dessert, pizza, soup, table set, dinner and another option to clear those. The chairs have animations for ladies and gents – 19 animations each – and these fit in with the scenes for genuine roleplay.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - cats always cheat

Other table options include setting access, locking a scene, a sensor range so you can control a number of tables, a rezzer hide/unhide and reset.

It’ll be suitable for many rooms. Designer Nanda’s own vendor pictures show the set within a New England style room, I used a modern log cabin type room. With texture change on the tablecloth and chair cushions, you can suit most rooms of this type.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Breakfast closeup

There are some very nice spring colours in the texture changers… the tablecloth can also be removed and an additional 8 textures are there including sunshine, sky and tan. The chair cushions can be changed for 9 different textures including lilac plaid, white fancy and cocoa. Also included in the set is a white rug which I placed under the table. It’s Modify so you could easily tint it. There’s a draped side curtain included which is also Modify in case you want to shade one of the room windows. It looks equally good either way around… different drapes attached to a wooden pole.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - dinner

The Decor Carving Cabinet is a joy. It comes rezzed as a coalesced object but you can separate the pieces to get a cabinet with draped towel on it, lemonade set, pottery set and vase with inspirational board. The pottery set you can cheat a bit with in photographs and use the top row as if it is sitting on the table. The lemonade urn will give a glass of juice on touch.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Carving Cabinet


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - carving cabinet closeup

Land Impact
Table and 4 Chairs as coalesced object – LI 20
Table separate – LI 4, chair separate – LI 4
**Table scenes will add Land Impact from LI 9 – LI 24, maximum is LI 24 so make sure to leave some prims available for those**
Decor Carving Cabinet as coalesced object – LI 30
Cabinet separate – LI 10, Sign & Vase – LI 3, Tableware – LI 9, Lemonade urn and dish – LI 8
Rug – LI 2
Side Curtain – LI 2

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - side curtain


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - tableware


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Lemonade Urn

Check out the “Leeloo Dining Room” at the Chez Moi Mainstore

And on Marketplace

For more colours and scenes check out the Chez Moi Blog page

The room and outside decor was from Greymoon Designs – the “Cheyenne Log House” – which I’ll review in a separate blog post. It’s 239 prims and has a footprint of 27m by 40m.

Greymoon Designs - Cheyenne Log House

Cheers, m’dears!

Bathtime Pampering with Chez Moi Furnitures!

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Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - main

Chez Moi Furnitures have released the “Supreme Bathroom & Vanity Place” – a fantastic set which is big on style, pieces and avatar interactions so it’s perfect for roleplay. Available as separate pieces as well but if you purchase the complete line, it works out at 20% off (L$1,556 PG version, Adult version L$1,716). Very fair price, I’ve paid that out just for a bathtub – let alone all the rest of the pieces.

Here’s the stats of the set:
Toilet + Cabinet: 8 LI
Storage boxes and basket with toilet paper: 3 LI
Bathroom sink + Decoration spare: 22 LI
Rack Towels: 4 LI
Rack Bath: 6 LI
Bathtub: 5 LI
Decorated Shelf: 8 LI
Slipper + lingerie: 5 LI
Daybed: 7 LI
Long Mirror: 1 LI
Table: 5 LI
Picture: 2 LI
Rug: 2 LI

If you used everything, it would amount to 68 LI and 98 prims.
– Bathtub Multi Poses and Multi Color –

The fully interactive bathtub has 30 poses for bathing and showering (male and female) and 22 poses for couples in love. In the Adult version you get an additional 48 intimate poses. There’s 3 bath water options – clear, bubble bath and romantic bath with roses. Texture change options give 5 bathtub colours and 4 colours for the carpet. The shelf is full of details and delicate in style – there’s 9 colour options of shabby style wood which means it’s versatile for various bathrooms. The rack over the bath also has the wood options so makes a great matching piece. With a couple in the bath you may need to put this to one side. You can move the shelf and the shower head up and down to suit.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - bath close up


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - bath close up 2


– Toilet –

A choice of three toilets in different colours of marble for the seat and this will also match up with the sink unit – white, pink, pearl. There are 8 male and female animations and if you tap the toilet, you’ll hear the flush sound. A very smart toilet paper holder is also included.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Toilet n towel rail


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - toilet side view


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - toilet top view


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - towel rail n toilet paper holder


– Sink and Bathroom Cabinets –

A gorgeous piece, this. There’s 10 wooden colour options in the shabby style and 3 marble options for the sink. The sink has 10 animations which include washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving and not forgetting – cleaning the sink! Several wearable props include hair dryer, toothbrush, razor and mascara. The lamps will light up and have a good spread of light for evening scenes. The Rack of Towels has 5 combinations to choose from.

Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - washstand main


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - wash stand mirror top


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - washstand sink unit


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Bathroom rulz


Designer, Nanda, describes the daybed as, “Super feminine and delicate, this lounger is for your moments of vanity or simply relaxing.” There’s 14 animations for male and female, 9 animations for vain women including combing hair, doing makeup and painting nails – wearable props as well! There’s some lovely texture change options for the daybed and pillow – 9 combinations in all. All the furniture with animations is controllable via a menu and has Adjust and Swap functionality.

There’s even a slippers and panties decoration piece which has 4 choices of colour for both.


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Daybed set


Chez Moi - Supreme Bathroom - Table


I played around with the texture options which make quite a difference… here’s some of the combinations.

Bathroom variations 1 Bathroom variations 2 Bathroom variations 3

Bathtime - small

Visit Chez Moi Mainstore and try the Supreme Bathroom set out for yourself!

Also available on Marketplace.

For more info on the animations, please visit Nanda’s Website

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

A Romantique time with Chez Moi

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romantique dining set_cheesecake

If everywhere is booked up tonight and you’ve left it far too late to take your nearest ‘n dearest out – you won’t be in the doghouse with Chez Moi’s latest dining set! It contains everything for a fabulous evening for two.

romantique dining set_main course

The ‘Romantique Dining Set’ is an 100% interactive dining table in both PG and Adult versions that can be used indoors or out. It is variable in Land Impact, depending on what you have rezzed so do be warned about the prim limits. Bare, the table and chairs are 9 Land Impact in total and the highest prim meal is 28 LI. Just put other stuff away for the evening, simples.

romantique dining set_sushi starter

There’s also a free champagne bucket at a further 3 LI which, when clicked, emits fireworks.

romantique dining set_cheers

You can greet, eat, dance, propose, cuddle and other exciting adult things depending on the version of this table. We found that most of the animations can be applied to same gender couples where ‘adjust’ is your friend.

romantique dining set_dance animation

Altogether there’s 56 animations – 18 poses for eating, drinking, toasting and chatting – these are really nice. 36 animations for couples in love – this means Romance with a capital ‘R’! You get props to wear for all the dining poses so no worries. In addition to this you get a further 40 intimate animations in the Adult version.

romantique dining set_kiss

Touching the chair gives each person the menu (make sure you have ‘guest’ enabled in options) so as to control their own singular poses. Either of you can then go on to control the couples poses. Tapping the white table cloth allows all the dishes to be accessed – a menu of 14 options.

romantique dining set_coffee

The undercloth is texture change for rose, black, turquoise, red and sandy to match your decor or to make the occasion appropriate. This would be a very good set if you wanted to propose at the end of the meal – so don’t forget Valentine’s Day on February 14th. There’s a delightful animation in which the proposal is made and the receiver expresses surprise and much joy. We loved that one!

romantique dining set_proposal

Check out the Romantique Dining Set on Marketplace

Visit Chez Moi Mainstore to try it out

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

romantique by Arrchie