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Into the Woods with Chez Moi

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Into the Woods_Guitar Pose

Into the Woods with Chez Moi

Chez Moi have this lovely set called ‘Into the Woods’ as a hunt prize!  Well worth checking out, the hunt is a themed one run by Candy Events and it takes place at the Designer’s mainstores, thus bringing back mainstore visits.

Into the Woods poster

There are 30 good Designers in Fashion and Home & Garden (sponsored by Goose, Chez Moi, Milk Tea, WoW Skins, .Winged., Speakeasy, IDK, Zombie Suicide, BabyDoll & Nekotron) so it’s well worth having a go.  The hunt is on until December 15th so you still have time!  Here’s the Candy Events website.

Back to this delightful set.  You get these pieces:

Into the Woods_campfire n pillows

Campfire at LI 3 with blazing fire, 5 Pillows to sit on in blue, green, lilac, red and yellow check at LI 2, Elf Sign at LI 3, Unicorn Sign at LI 3. All have Permissions of Copy/Modify.

The Pillows or Cushions are very cute with a little Elf/Fairy by the side of them and they also have a subtle fairy light effect. Four sits included which are 2 female sits, 1 male sit and 1 male sit with guitar prop.

Into the Woods_closeup pillow

Here’s the sign reminding us to behave in the presence of the fairies and to beware of marauding elves!

Into the Woods_Elf sign

Here’s one of them, you never know where they’ll be hiding!

Into the Woods_little elf

And as for the unicorns… don’t feed them your sausages!

Into the Woods_Unicorn sign

Cheers, m’dears 🙂