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Centaur’s Forest Home

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Lots of roleplay for you all this morning, and why not!  The scene today is an introduction to the new round of SL Syndicate Sunday which is running for a week until July 14th.  All items are 50% off their normal store price for the duration of the Event. Those items will never be reduced again in subsequent SL Syndicate Sundays so you’re getting a one off 50% reduction on some amazing products.  Check them out on the SLS Blog.

A centaur (Greek: kένταυρος, kéntauros, Latin: centaurus), or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse. Centaurs are thought of in many Greek myths as being as wild as untamed horses, and were said to have inhabited the region of Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly, the Foloi oak forest in Elis, and the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia. Centaurs are subsequently featured in Roman mythology, and were familiar figures in the medieval bestiary. They remain a staple of modern fantasy stories.

In a popular legend associated with Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, India, the curse of a saintly Brahmin transformed a handsome Yadava prince into a creature having a horse’s body and the prince’s head, arms, and torso in place of the head and neck of the horse. Kinnaras, another half man, half horse mythical creature from Indian mythology, appeared in various ancient texts, arts, and sculptures from all around India. It is shown as a horse with the torso of a man where the horse’s head would be, and is similar to a Greek centaur.

Here’s another picture of the {Candle and Cauldron} Burrow Den set in the landscape.



Here’s full details of the Home & Garden and Apparel shown in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Lunistice, {Candle and Cauldron}, Little Branch
Others:- Jinx, ADAM Mesh Body, [GA EG], Juna, .:EMO-tions:.
Events:- Syndicate Sunday

Home & Garden

Lunistice – “Nautilus Bay Skin” for Jinx Centaur for Syndicate Sunday – This is an applier that you apply to the Jinx Centaur which is an attachment rather than an avatar.  This makes it a whole lot easier to move around! The effect is a nautilus pattern etched into the fur of the centaur body and a matching texture for the tail… perfect for summer 🙂

{Candle and Cauldron} – “Burrow Den” for Syndicate Sunday
The Burrow Den is a cosy home that’s tucked into the landscape, the pack includes an outer shell glitch ground cover.

Approximately 20 x 20m (glitch piece is 28 x 28m)

Den itself sits at LI 20

Fireplace options = LI 2 each

Outer ground cover = LI 3


-Seasonal texture change outer shell and glitch ground cover.

-Manually tintable Walls, also unwrapped to take any wall texture

-Materials enabled baked textures

-Fireplace mantle rezzes two fire options

-Kool Door scripted front door


Little Branch
Landscaping as…

LB_YoungYellowWoodTree{Animated}Seasons – LI 7
LB_WhiteFlowers1{Rounded-Field} – LI 7 (piece included with Young Yellowood Tree pack)
LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons} – LI 3 (piece included with Young Yellowood Tree pack)

LB_WhiteAshTree.V2{Animated}4Seasons – LI 11
LB_BirchShrub{Animated}4Seasons – LI 2

LB_Bouton d’or Orange{Rounded-Field} – LI 7
LB_Bouton d’or Yellow{Rounded-Field} – LI 7



Jinx : Centaur Belt – add me
Jinx : Centaur (1.3) – add me
Jinx : Candle Handle Horns

Mesh Body – ADAM V2
Mesh Head – [GA EG] Alan Bento Mesh Head

Tattoo – Juna Alex Tattoo

Hair – .:EMO-tions:. * MARIAN * / black

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Harry’s Potion Porch

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Harry thinks it’s a good idea for his potions to be kept partially outside.  You never know what will happen during the mixing process! We know where the phoenix got their brightly coloured tail plumes from now 🙂


Here’s details of the Home & Garden products I used in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Syndicate Sunday, Astara, Candle and Cauldron, unKindness, 22769, Little Branch, [ zerkalo ]
Others:- HEXtraordinary
Events: – Syndicate Sunday, GachaLand

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

Syndicate SundayBlogFlickr – runs from January 6th – 13th – last call!!

1. Astara – Projection Light Packs – Arch, Round, and Square packs
I used the Arch Window Projector – 10 colours, hide/show box, use with darker windlights. This is such a great photographic aide for bloggers and photographers alike, and it’s at a discount price – so don’t miss this one!

2. Candle and Cauldron
{C&C} – Potion Lamps in Tall, Round and Square packs – stand alone on flat surfaces and mount on wall versions.  Materials enabled, and you can alter the glow as you wish as it’s all modify.   Click to change 10 colour options, there’s even an empty version.  Great fun and very versatile!

I used the Rare House front porch of the fantastical Victorian Dreamscape gacha
uK – Victorian Dreamscape House RARE – Transfer & Modify.  Did I mention that I love this gacha?!

22769 ~ [Bauwerk]
Pieces from the “Wanderlust” gacha, currently at GachaLandshopping guide
All pieces are Transfer & Modify
22769 – Book with Glasses – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Vintage Compass – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Maps – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Wanderlust Rug – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Globetrotter Globe – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Pile Of Books – COMMON – LI 2
22769 – Pipe Rack – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Candle – COMMON – LI 1 – set different degrees of light
22769 – Writing Feather – COMMON – LI 1
22769 – Globetrotter Desk – COMMON – LI 5
22769 – Telescope – Seed of Inspiration – LI 1
22769 – Globetrotter Leather Chair – RARE – LI 4 – 8 original poses

Little Branch
By the side of the house I used the beautiful Little Branch Magnolia Tree in Blue, this is gently animated and has realistic textures. It’s only LI 2 at this size which is quite small but it can go up to huge sizes for not much Land Impact

[ zerkalo ]

Grandfather Clock – Black Distressed – LI 3 and shows SL time
There’s other versions in the pack – black, white, white distressed


Pieces from the Rainbow Phoenix pack (décor and companions)
Rainbow Adult Phoenix – décor piece – LI 3 – animated with moving textures tail plumes – Copy only
Rainbow Juvenile Phoenix – (Decor) – LI 2 – Copy & Modify
Rainbow Phoenix Rezzing Stand – LI 1 – Copy only
You also get a HUD that works with your companion phoenix to give aging and different cycles and choosing the stage, instructions included

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

Written by Moz Loordes

12/01/2019 at 5:29 pm