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~BAZAR~ Forest Dining Set with Pavilion

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Ria Bazar - table top view
The first LTD | THE EVENT of 2016 opens today at 12pm SLT and runs until January 26th! It’s sure to be a winner with many wonderful designs to purchase and enjoy.

Today, I’m showcasing the ‘Forest Dining Set’ by ~BAZAR~ which is an extremely beautiful set that can be used with or without the included pavilion and chandelier.

Ria Bazar - Pavillion

Not only has designer, Ria, made a stunning set visually, it’s also packed with dining animations and a full food menu. All pieces have Permissions of Copy/Modify so the drapes can be tinted, the table stretched up and down according to the number of guests you have but the pieces are also amazingly low prim.

Ria Bazar - indoors side view

The set is made with 100% original meshes.

Ria has thoughtfully provided a rezzable set and a set with individual items in the pack. I used the rezzer because I’m lazy but later on I fiddled with the table and you can stretch it down if you had only 4 guests for instance and it would still look fabulous. The pieces are very low prim – Dining Chairs – LI 2, Pavilion LI 7, Chandelier LI 3, Flower pots LI 1, place settings inc glasses LI 1, wine bottles LI 1, candles LI 1, menu cards – LI 1. You could get away with under 40 LI for a 6 place setting.

Ria Bazar - chairs

The dining chairs have animations for ladies, gentlemen and children. The children’s poses are especially delightful with plenty to keep them occupied! Adjust function ensures a perfect pose for your avatar size.

Ria Bazar - menu card

Each place setting can be individually controlled and the owner of the set can also choose who can access the menu via the Security/Adjust menu. Auto Clear and Auto Save – a useful distance menu that clears place settings when no avatars are around within a preset distance – are further options.

Ria Bazar - place setting close-up

The Pavilion itself has a texture menu for the drapes/curtains and are also tintable. Each candle and the Chandelier is individually clickable on/off. Great for that perfect atmosphere.

Ria Bazar - Chandelier

There’s a large menu available with a good selection of course, drinks and water. You’ll be spoiled for choice!  I rezzed the dining set in a room and also outdoors so you can see the size of the Pavilion, if you choose to have that out. The dining table and chairs look equally good on their own, of course.

Ria Bazar - menu examples

Visit LTD | THE EVENT, 12pm SLT today until Jan 26th!

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Christmas Pavilion

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Before Christmas 2014 fades away to a mere memory, I wanted to do this post both as an personal event in my SL and as a decor project. It was the first Christmas that I shared with my dear husband and friend, Arrchie.  I wasn’t even expecting us to be in SL over the season what with our RL family obligations and all that, but it turned out that we spent a lot of Christmas together enjoying each other’s company and the company of SL friends and family – it was an amazingly joyful time 🙂

We decorated the Pavilion for Christmas as it was the only suitable empty ‘room’ we had at the time. Here’s the first Pavilion post. I think it was about 3 quarters full by the time we got everything in.

There was a wonderful amount of decor available over Christmas, both from events and special offers. The Homes & Gardens designers were on top form and on the LTD blog we were posting non stop every day 🙂  I’m a funny ole sod but I always start with a fireplace! My inspiration initially came from ‘!! Follow US !!’ with one of their seasonal fireplaces and from then on it was easy.

Christmas Pavilion fireplace


Here we are Christmas eve cuddled up on a beautiful cream leather sofa from Warm Animations – love her original animations – plus teddy sitting on the arm. Various decor from Floorplan, Cheeky Pea, N4RS, Storax Tree, Chez Moi, Bazar and Alouette. Don’t think I’ve missed anyone out but if I have, humble apologies.


Christmas Pavilion Christmas Eve


A big part of Christmas decor is to do with feasting. I loved this Christmas tea set from Robin Sojourner – a long time teacher and designer in SL.  It gave out tea and cakes and was very popular! I’m going to be forced to get a less seasonal set now as I miss its ‘host with the most’ qualities. Also the way steam rises from the teacups you’ve just poured out. It’s those little details that go towards making a great decor piece.


Christmas Pavilion table foreground


No Christmas room is complete without a tree. This beautiful decorated Christmas tree by Tartessos Arts came with extra gifts and a train set that went around the base of the tree – most impressive and low land impact, too. It also contained light effects, snow effects and animations. The beribboned mistletoe from Chez Moi had numerous kiss animations attached and that was also rather popular 🙂


Christmas Pavillion tree


Here’s a couple of my favorite Christmas decor items. Firstly, the reindeer carousel from Alouette. When I interviewed designer Scarlet recently for LTD she said this was one of her favorite pieces and that customers have derived a good deal of joy from it. Not surprised as I still have it up. We can have reindeer all year round, can’t we? The other is from Storax Tree and it’s one of Kate’s felines on mats. But this time – he’s cuddled up on a Holiday rug. Extreme cuteness!


Christmas decor - smalls_alouette carousel

Christmas decor_smalls_Storax Tree cat

That’s all for now. Cheers, m’dears 🙂