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Time to Chillax

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Definitely time to chillax today, it’s far too hot to be out in the sun so why not take refuge in the shade of this gorgeous pavilion. There’s plenty of lemonade and coffee on tap plus a variety of tempting snacks. See you all there!


Here’s full details of the Home & Garden products shown in the scene today:-

Sponsors:- Salacity, Fancy Decor, unKindness, 22769, Little Branch
Others:- tarte., West Village, MADRAS, Andika,.peaches.
Events:- Collabor88, Japonica, Belle

*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

“The Webster Pavilion” – LI 29 – I tinted the hanging cloths and chose “moss” for the walls
Salacity’s “Webster Pavilion” is an airy, open-style building/structure that is versatile enough to function as a shop, a home, a wedding venue, or whatever your imagination can concoct.
There are 4 texture options for the walls (dusty, moss, muscodine and powder), and the draped cloths are tintable. The cloths are also linked individually, which allows them to be moved or removed at will. With aged wood timber beams for the main structure, bleached wood flooring, and a glass-pane roof, this building will serve many needs πŸ™‚

unKindness, currently at July Belle Event
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Bed – LI 12 – Animation Menus for singles and couples
uK – BB Pillow Pile Table – LI 1
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Green – LI 1
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Pink – LI 1
uK – BB Pillow Pile Planter Yellow – LI 1

22769 – Boxtree Terracotta – LI 5
22769 – Buddha Terracotta – LI 2

Fancy Decor, currently at July Collabor88 Event
Pieces from the “Briar Patio Collection”
Fancy Decor: Briar Table (white) – LI 3
Fancy Decor: Briar Chair (white) – LI 2 – Animations for Iced Tea male and female, converse, and 3 solo sits
Fancy Decor: Briar Lemonade Holder – LI 3
Fancy Decor: Briar Lemonade – LI 1
Fancy Decor: Briar Rug – LI 2
Fancy Decor: Briar Lantern (white)
Tables and Chairs also available in Blue and Black versions
Lamp available in white and black versions
there’s also a Fancy Decor: Briar Pillow – LI 1 – in the set which I didn’t use in the scene

Little Branch
LB_Dracaena Tree. V1{Animated} – LI 7 at default size
LB_Dracaena Tree. V2{Animated} – LI 5 at default size

This stunning set of desert trees have 4 versions and are extra versatile because you can shrink some of them down and make them into large pot planters!


pathway lights (tall) dark – assembled – LI 7

Apple Fall T/A West Village
Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot – LI 2

.peaches. The Queen’s Peace – Incense – LI 2

MADRAS Yellow Mani Plant Gift – LI 2
MADRAS – T/A – Mesh India – My Cozy Night ❀ {with texture change} – LI 7

Andika, currently at Japonica Event to July 21st
Pieces from the “Moden Wafu Cateching Full Set”
andika modern wafu/Macaron2Li – LI 2
andika modern wafu/Matcha green chocolate//Ganache/1Li – LI 1
andika modern wafu/Matcha greentea/1Li – LI 1
andika modern wafu/coffee/1Li – LI 1
andika modern wafu/ Matcha parfait/Dispenser – LI 3
andika modern wafu/chocolate parfait //Dispenser – LI 3
andika modern wafu/MATCHA Green Tea Ice Cream2Li – LI 2
andika modern wafu/Egg pudding/2Li – LI 2
andika modern wafu/cutlery/2Li – LI 2
andika modern wafu/Chocolate cake/2Li – LI 2

Cheers, m’dears πŸ™‚


6 Responses

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  1. Lovely scene this. ❀️

    Isabelle Cheren

    13/07/2019 at 1:02 am

  2. WOW! ok I love this pavilion! also I like that you can tint the draperies & walls! Stunning and it can be functional for so many thingsRight you are! The Fancy Decor Briar collection looks amazing along with all the other incredible decor items! Well done! Cheers! with a glass of lemonade on your beautifully styled scene my friend!


    13/07/2019 at 3:26 am

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