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Second Life Home & Garden Expo 2019 #2

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*click for larger picture!

Today’s scene is a very posh patio, courtesy of SL® Home & Garden Expo 2019! I’m sure the Ragdoll kitty would love to leap up onto that cabana, she’s probably posh enough 🙂


*NB – all products have Permissions of Copy & Modify unless stated otherwise!

1. Varriale Designs Hope 4
This Designer loves to build homes that bring the outdoors inside and that have a logical and natural flow to the design both inside and out.  The Expo donation items were these lovely garden products. You can easily use the Namaste Base by itself. It includes everything you see in the vendor picture below, including the barbecue, trees and grass.  The Namaste Plants section can be moved around and split up as you wish or used as is, it’s fully modify and really fun to arrange.
Zen Garden in Planter – LI 7
Little Namaste Garden which is split into 2 parts:-
a) Little Namaste Base – LI 50
b) Little Namaste Plants – LI 73


2. NewchurchHope 1

A stunning fireplace which does equally well indoors or outside as I’ve used it here. It has two light settings, the second one gives a lovely glow and would be suitable for evenings.
:: N :: RFL Spring Fling Fireplace – LI 9 – click for more light
:: N :: Round Purple Vase – LI 2

3. Dreamscapes DecorHope 1
Crates A – LI 4 at this size

4. PRIMEHope 3
PRIME Cabana Expo Yellow – LI 12 – The PRIME Cabana has 5 decadent Bento animation sets with props for single avatars and couples. They are a lot of fun, especially the eating strawberries one! The animations are compatible with both system and Bento mesh heads, I tried both. There’s four special colour options (Blue, Pink, Snow and Yellow, all with toning pillows, towels and curtains) exclusively available at the SL® Home and Garden Expo 2019. 100% of the proceeds of these will be donated to Relay For Life® so check those out.

I’ve also included some new Spring goodies from PRIME/also Known as:-

Moebius Lamp 1 Gold & Silver by PRIME – LI 1
Moebius Lamp 2 Gold & Silver by PRIME – LI 1 – Mirror Version for balanced decoration
Phoenix art by PRIME – LI 1
also Known as – Monstera A in Ceramic planter – Spring 2018 – LI 1 – Texture change pot for 9 lovely colours which will match most décor schemes
also Known as – Alonzo Armchair PG – LI 3 – solo sits and cuddles
(this has the same Phoenix Art picture as a pillow cover so you’ll be able to match them up!)

5. Storax TreeHope 1
Piece from the Modern Patio Set
Modern Patio Table A9 – LI 3 at this size – Copy with Resizer

6. Lunar Seasonal DesignsHope 3
Menu Driven Row of Three extremely cute Knitted Cacti – LI 2 – 5 options texture change for the pots, I loved these!

7. RaindaleHope 1
Piece from the enchanting Magelight Lanterns set
Raindale – Magelight lamp – LI 2 – click on/off lamp part – texture change for glass (purple, red and teal) and metal (black, gold and silver) via click on top of lamp

*Not Expo
Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer – LI 9 – Copy & Modify (not gacha!) – resize, sound on/off, name, phantom on/off, textures, wander on/off and set radius via HUD

For loads more info on the Expo – please check out Post #1

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


11 Responses

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  1. Great post, gorgeous decor, and a cat! ❤

    Pink Kitten

    19/03/2019 at 12:29 pm

  2. After viewing your post on the paintings and such I decided to go visit the H&G, as I’m always looking for some nice pieces. OMG.. I spent a few hours and yet not done doing the expo. It’s huge! I didn’t sign on this year to blog it, though I found some things to add to my collection of decor. 🙂


    19/03/2019 at 2:56 pm

    • Yes, the Expo is huge but it’s also a very good decorating inspiration and a fantastic introduction to Designers we wouldn’t necessarily see at Events. I was especially taken with all the art being shown, these folks are so talented. If you’re still blogging H&G next year, Alexa, I’d thoroughly recommend blogging for the Expo. The whole show has been extremely well run – we had a blogger’s day and also have a blogger’s platform up now, and the organisers have looked after us all in a sensible, encouraging and friendly way. It ain’t always so!

      Moz Loordes

      19/03/2019 at 11:24 pm

      • That’s good to know, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t apply this year… it was very chaotic and not organized the last time I participated. Yes, on the finding new designers, and just seeing another part of SL we normally don’t see.. well me. lol. I took note of some of the artists that I really loved their work.. the art was pricey, though some beautiful pieces for sure. 🙂


        20/03/2019 at 3:01 am

  3. Great job, both decorating, and giving us the relevant features of the items 💕

  4. Always lovely set out. Reminds me of those design magazines I pick up and read and make dreams about

    Isabelle Cheren

    19/03/2019 at 5:39 pm

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