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Heth Haute Couture – December Gifts

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Heth Haute Couture‘s group gift for us gents this month is the “Landon Men’s Emsemble” which is an entire outfit and includes extras. Here’s what you get in this generous pack.

Jacket and turtle neck jumper combo in 5 sizes, XS – XL – a beautifully textured jacket that ends at the waistline. It has a zipper front and two patch pockets and features a pop up collar that doesn’t interfere with longer length hair. Inside the jacket there’s a current red turtle neck jumper that fits snug around the neck, and shows the rib hem at the base of the jacket.

Slacks in 5 sizes to match, XS – XL.

Belt – Modify so you can fit it in the belt loops perfectly.

Oxford Wing Tip shoes with prim socks to solve that embarrassing gap between your shoes and the hem of your slacks!

Two styles of sunglasses, couture and aviator.

Leather gloves for those cold winter days.

Here I am, feeding the reindeer (fallow deer really but I don’t want to upset him)  who’s wandered in from the surrounding forest. You can see how nicely the back of this ensemble looks. The jacket emphasizes the waistline and the collar looks stylish.



I was wearing the medium size and found it fitted extremely well. There’s two sizes below and two sizes above that, so it should fit a lot of avatar shapes. I like the way we got separates and could mix n match the sizing for the best fit possible. The entire outfit gives a fresh and bold look that’s smart casual in style, and makes it a versatile part of your wardrobe. I’m indoors now, sans gloves and sunglasses. This looks just as good indoors as it does outside.



Now you don’t have to belong to the HHC group to pick up this next gift. It’s the “Leo Byzantine Bracelet”. A beautiful piece of jewelry that you can wear in various ways on the wrist. I happened to like the fastening so I turned it around and attached it to the left wrist. Byzantine links are a complicated arrangement of rings that link in sections to give a traditional and stylised look – a golden rope, if you will. It was used originally to show off the wealth of the wearer… that much gold or silver on the wrist was a statement in no uncertain terms.


Here, Heth has skilfully combined the metals with 24 animated diamonds that really do sparkle when you wear them. Five metals included (I was wearing the gold) – gold, rose gold, platinum, silver and rhodium. The bracelet has a micro resizer which works well.


*~*~* *~*~* *~*~*
Other Home & Garden items in these pictures: –

DaD DESIGN “The New Old Cabin Snow Add On” m/c V.1.0
DaD DESIGN “The New Old Cabin” m/c V.1.0

TLC Home Collection – Fallow Deer Male – from the Fallow Deer with Manger pack

[zerkalo] Shiny Shabby Christmas Tree – at Crossroads Event

Jian Holiday Huskies – held pup, black – Arcade gacha


Pick up your copies of these wonderful gifts from the new mainstore!

Heth Haute Couture @ ASCENDENT (New Mainstore) 

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury 


HETH Haute Couture GROUP – (Cut and paste this link into your local chat)



Cheers, m’dears 🙂


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  1. Handsom is my fend!


    10/12/2016 at 11:59 pm

  2. Friend*


    10/12/2016 at 11:59 pm

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