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HHC – Hades and Lilith

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If you’re short of an outfit for Halloween, how about this amazing example from Heth Haute Couture called, “Hades The Groom Tuxedo”.  An added bonus is that it matches the ladies outfit from the same range, “Lilith – The Devil’s Bride”.  Imagine what an impression you’ll both make as you log into the party!

There’s lots in this outfit, which is available from HHC mainstore and satellite stores. The tuxedo features a red bead and sequin open front jacket with satin shawl lapel, some of which is animated for a stunning effect. Also included are boutonniere, black silk shirt, 2 bow tie options (black and red), black crepe slacks with belt and formal leather shoes and socks.  The jewelry included a bone face mask decorated with diamonds and rubies, a diamond encrusted sceptre and a horned headpiece – all are easily modified for a perfect fit. There’s both SLINK and standard Mesh sizing – XS – XL with alpha layers. I was wearing the size M standard Mesh.


Here’s the ladies matching outfit:-



Decor items in my picture:

22769 ~ [Bauwerk] “Un hommage a HR Giger” – PG and Adult, LI  7, C/M, poses for singles & couples, swap & adjust – from TLC until Oct 31st

Chez Moi Furnitures “Moroccan Dreams” I used a section of the back wall – LI 35, C/M – mainstore


Pick up your copy of “Hades the Groom Tuxedo” from any of these HHC stores:-


Heth Haute Couture @ Steine Gardens (Mainstore)

Heth Haute Couture @ BOSL Emporia Mall – Couture Blvd

Heth Haute Couture @ Pure Luxury

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



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