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Chez Moi Furnitures – Fancy a Dip or a Mixed Grill?

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Chez Moi - Pool Fun - Lazy


Ah, the long, hot days of summer… lazing about on the patio with nothing to do but watch the grill!  Introducing  Chez Moi Furnitures “Pool Fun” set and it really is a whole lot of fun!  I tested it out with the ducks and the dogs this afternoon and we all agreed that it offers great roleplay scenes and looks good, too 🙂

Here’s the pieces: –

INFLATABLE POOL  (you can also change the texture of the bumper around the pool)
– 21 single pose (42 in total)
– 28 couple poses
– 17 extra poses

CHAIRS (with suitable accessories attached such as crate of beer, magazines, lifesaver)
– 9 female poses
– 9 males poses

– 4 single poses (8 in total)
– 8 couple poses


♥ Prims / Li
– 2 chairs: 8/5
– 3 chairs: 3/3
– 1 chairs: 4/4
Inflatable pool: 9/13
MixedBox: 14/7
GrillBarbecue: 23/15

We were just testing the water!  What’s warm enough for me is too hot for the ducks, though. The drake is watching dubiously and the other are heading quickly for the lilo and I don’t think they noticed the killer whale 🙂

Chez Moi - Pool fun - Fancy a Dip


That grill is drool worthy! It should even wake up the shib soon 🙂

Chez Moi - Pool Fun - waiting for the grill


The whole kit and kaboodle is available from Chez Moi mainstore and also on Marketplace.

Here’s a couple of Chez Moi pictures to show just some of the great animations –

Chez Moi - Pool Fun - pool animations

Chez Moi - Pool Fun - Grill animations


Other landscaping/pets in the scene –

Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress [Mod Copy]
Botanical – Summer Linden Small [c]
HEART – WildFlowers – Petunias

Wood Wall – Katia Millet

Dog is from a Half-Deer gacha (you can pick up similar on MP) – Shiba Inu sleepy

Jian :: Duck Family


Cheers, m’dears 🙂



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