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Fun at the Beach with -aKa-

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-aKa- beach set

Have lots of fun on your beach with this gorgeous set of beach furniture from -aKa-!

You can pick up these items  all month long at Swank Event’s first anniversary round – makes for a great day’s shopping as over 100 designers are in on the “Swank at the Beach” theme.

The Beach Huts are available in blue, teal, red and white versions and they have a Land Impact of 23, which is great for all that detail. Sun bleached boards, shingle roof, door is scripted to open/close on touch and Permissions are Copy/Modify. This means you can tint the inside walls in any colour you want via the Edit mode. The coloured versions don’t take tint too well on the outside but then there’s the white version in which you can do just that. Blue’s a favourite colour of mine, so I’ve got a blue theme going on in the photograph. The huts are big enough to make a nice room full of furniture for all your beach needs and would also make a great prop for blogging due to the low Land Impact.

-aKa- inside beach hut


The crates are just 1 Land Impact each  (colours as per the huts) and the stool has sit poses – 5 for gents and 4 for ladies. The cushion on the stool has a shell pattern. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

-aKa- front elevation beach hut and crates

The striped rug with pillows looks so relaxing and it’s packed with animations. Land Impact of 8 with Permissions of Copy/Modify. Poses – 4 female and 5 male sits, cuddles for all couple combinations, same for intimate and there’s a good variety of these. Nice to see all couples being catered for here! The rug is a useful and stylish item to take along with you when you visit beach sims this summer where you can rez.

-aKa- side view beach hut and rug


Visit Swank on the Beach Event – TAXI

-aKa- Marketplace store – MP

Background courtesy of “It All Starts With A Smile” – join the group to support the sim and to rez – IASWAS




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