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Pontoon Party from 22769 ~ [Bauwerk]!

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22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party Gacha - full

Just right for the warmer weather – 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] have a superb gacha out at the Gacha Guardians Event, and it’s called, “Pontoon Party”.

There are 16 items to collect at only 50L$ per pull. Permissions are Transfer/Modify and it’s all original creator Mesh.

Rare – Pontoon – LI 13 – it’s huge and it’s excellent lol There’s 6 single sits for up to 3 Avatars and I put this by the side of an estuary, it fitted in well with the rest of the walling along the riverside. You could be waiting for the ships to arrive!

22769 Bauwerk - Poontoon Party - pose


Garden Chairs in white , pink and brown at LI 2 with 4 sit poses
Folded Up Garden Chairs in white, pink and brown at LI 2 each
Garden Sun Shade at LI 6 – well detailed piece and properly tilted like it would be IRL
Wooden Tree Planter at LI 4 – nice and tall for such low Land Impact
Wooden Planter at LI 3 with 4 sit animations for up to 2 Avatars
Garden Table at LI 1
Bar Sign with great lights at LI 6 – alter the light intensity on touch
Foooood! – Coffee Mug, Marble Cake on plate, French Fries/Chips in bowl – all are LI 1, Curry Wurst n French Fries on platter – LI 2


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - table n chairs


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - closeup


Gift of the Guardians – is a fab Container Bar at LI 27. It’s a ground building that could go in a lot of places, not just on the Pontoon. The Pontoon has railings along part of it as shown in the picture.

22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - railings n bar


This is a great garden/outdoorsy set with well detailed pieces that look good. The planters are a welcome addition to the hard landscaping and soften the look well. The Tree Planter fits in nicely against the side of buildings where the foliage is shaped – useful detailing.

22769 Bauwerk - Poontoon Party - pose2


22769 Bauwerk - Pontoon Party - cafe area


The Gacha Guardians Event

Start the event by grabbing a HUD that can be found at the main starting location or any of the participating stores. Use the HUD to find and collect special rune stones at each location. Once you touch one of the rune stones you can move on to the next location or play the gacha machine at the current one. The special ‘Gift of the Guardians’ can’t be won by chance. After you’ve played any gacha machine 10 times, you’ll get a Key. After you’ve visited all the locations and touched each rune stone, a portal will open allowing you to enter the Guardian’s Treasure Room! Use your collected Keys to unlock the special gifts left by each participating designer. After the event end, the Gifts are all retired and won’t be available again.

Visit the Gacha Guardian’s Start Location

Gacha Guardian’s Website

Visit 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] mainstore



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  1. The food does look great! I have yet to actually make it to this gacha, it’s easier on the pocketbook if I wait it out some!


    08/04/2016 at 2:28 pm

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