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Hanging out at the Garden Centre with Goose

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Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set

The new edition of the Lost & Found Event has started and my pal, Wendz, has made an excellent post about all the lovely knick knacks you can pick up there. Read all about it – blog.

I braved the lag and got about four stores in to find Goose‘s brilliant ‘Garden Café Bistro Set’, before crashing into the stratosphere. This comes in two varieties – a mid colour wood and a light wood -both equally delicious. Also exclusive to the Event.

Having rezzed the lot in our garden, Arrchie ‘n me sat down for a coffee and while I went on and on about the state of the universe and he listened patiently *laughs*, I turned the camera around to find a scene strangely reminiscent of an English garden centre with cold frames and conifers in the background… perfect! And yes, it’s a typically English day out, a visit to the local garden centre to browse the wares and then sit idly in the adjoining café , preferably outdoors in the cold weather and pouring rain sipping afternoon tea – you have to be there to appreciate it.

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 4

So what do you get in this set?  Firstly, there’s the table and a choice of two chairs – one with cushion, one without. Then to go on the table you have a coffee tray, breadboard and knife and choice of two coffee mugs.  Plus, there’s a chalkboard to put by the side. Say it like that and it sounds ordinary… but it isn’t. The mesh work is beautiful and the warm wood texture I really appreciated. There are many shabby style garden sets about, and quite a few wrought iron types and white wood variations, but not many sets like this one. So thanks, Tyrek!

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 2

Complete set as shown is just 24 LI which won’t break the bank.

Chair 3 LI – Chair with cushion 3 LI – Table 2 LI – Board with bread 2 LI – Tray with coffee 4 LI – Decor mug (2 types included)  1 LI – Chalkboard 1 LI

Animations – each chair has 8 single sit poses for male and female plus 3 drink poses for when you want that essential intravenous coffee.

Goose - Garden Cafe Bistro Set 5


Visit Lost & Found until April 1st – Event

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



6 Responses

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  1. The Garden Centre! It has a really good sound to it. Beautiful setting Moz you and Archie look so relaxed! Thanks so much for the mention ❤

    Wendz Tempest

    23/03/2016 at 6:28 pm

  2. SQUEAAAAAAALLLL I LOVE Goose! I met him a few weeks ago! But, of course, I love you more!! ❤ Gorgeous Mozzy Bear


    24/03/2016 at 3:32 pm

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