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Chez Moi – A Dining Room with a Difference!

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Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Breakfast

Chez Moi has released the “Leeloo Dining Room”, a traditional wooden dining set that includes table, 4 chairs, carving cabinet with decor, round rug and side curtain. It’s a table with a difference, though!

Not only can you roleplay eating your meals but also playing games such as cards and jigsaw puzzles. You can chat, hangout and generally make use of this versatile, low prim set to your heart’s content. The table will rez scenes – board game, puzzle, card game, breakfast, dessert, pizza, soup, table set, dinner and another option to clear those. The chairs have animations for ladies and gents – 19 animations each – and these fit in with the scenes for genuine roleplay.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - cats always cheat

Other table options include setting access, locking a scene, a sensor range so you can control a number of tables, a rezzer hide/unhide and reset.

It’ll be suitable for many rooms. Designer Nanda’s own vendor pictures show the set within a New England style room, I used a modern log cabin type room. With texture change on the tablecloth and chair cushions, you can suit most rooms of this type.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Breakfast closeup

There are some very nice spring colours in the texture changers… the tablecloth can also be removed and an additional 8 textures are there including sunshine, sky and tan. The chair cushions can be changed for 9 different textures including lilac plaid, white fancy and cocoa. Also included in the set is a white rug which I placed under the table. It’s Modify so you could easily tint it. There’s a draped side curtain included which is also Modify in case you want to shade one of the room windows. It looks equally good either way around… different drapes attached to a wooden pole.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - dinner

The Decor Carving Cabinet is a joy. It comes rezzed as a coalesced object but you can separate the pieces to get a cabinet with draped towel on it, lemonade set, pottery set and vase with inspirational board. The pottery set you can cheat a bit with in photographs and use the top row as if it is sitting on the table. The lemonade urn will give a glass of juice on touch.

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Carving Cabinet


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - carving cabinet closeup

Land Impact
Table and 4 Chairs as coalesced object – LI 20
Table separate – LI 4, chair separate – LI 4
**Table scenes will add Land Impact from LI 9 – LI 24, maximum is LI 24 so make sure to leave some prims available for those**
Decor Carving Cabinet as coalesced object – LI 30
Cabinet separate – LI 10, Sign & Vase – LI 3, Tableware – LI 9, Lemonade urn and dish – LI 8
Rug – LI 2
Side Curtain – LI 2

Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - side curtain


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - tableware


Chez Moi - Leeloo Dining Room - Lemonade Urn

Check out the “Leeloo Dining Room” at the Chez Moi Mainstore

And on Marketplace

For more colours and scenes check out the Chez Moi Blog page

The room and outside decor was from Greymoon Designs – the “Cheyenne Log House” – which I’ll review in a separate blog post. It’s 239 prims and has a footprint of 27m by 40m.

Greymoon Designs - Cheyenne Log House

Cheers, m’dears!


4 Responses

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  1. Here I am! Whats for breakfast?? ❀ you Mozzy Bear, happy weekend! :*


    11/03/2016 at 2:05 pm

    • Hahah! I think it’s a fry up – at least that’s what I enjoy. Have a great weekend, my dear ❀

      Moz Loordes

      11/03/2016 at 6:22 pm

  2. And the food looks yummy too! πŸ˜€


    13/03/2016 at 9:55 pm

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