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RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 – Interview with unKindness at the Expo

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The RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 is now open and will run to March 6th. It’s the largest and longest running event dedicated to Home & Garden in Second Life™ and raises funds for Relay For Life – The American Cancer Society. Read more about it on their extensive website.

unKindness at Expo
RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016… Prim Perfect presents an interview with unKindness
In the Chair – the exceedingly able Kess Crystal (on Voice)

Interviewees – SL/RL couple Jamie and Poe Cross (Rozenberg) of unKindness

Audience – various reprobates

(With many thanks to Wendz Tempest for rescuing the first few questions when Moz couldn’t hear and was beating up his computer)

Kess asks about the origin of unKindness:

Jamie: I actually originally wanted to do building for homes and garden. But didn’t have the confidence… so I started with clothes and accessories, but I was so unhappy with it, and it really reflected in what I was doing. I was open with that store for a year, and I was really at my wits end. And really depressed, and feeling very lost. Sort of a rock bottom kind of place. But I really needed to get rolling on here and to succeed for RL purposes.

So I actually, silly as this sounds to a lot of people… started doing a positive thinking thing. I dunno if you’ve heard of the Secret? Well it’s a positive thinking guide teaching people to bring to them what they want by envisioning what they want, and pushing out. It’s basically the theory that if you act as if you will accomplish it, you will. It turned my whole world upside down.

Kess remarks that unKindness has a brand new mainstore on their own sim now!

Jamie: I started building for it in March. We did a gacha through Depraved Nation, which was a big help in getting us off the ground. We officially opened in April, so this April will be our first official year. Yeah, things happened really fast once I was where I was supposed to be. It’s been an amazing almost year. Yeah, the store is already only able to hold 6 more new item spots. lol. And I told Poe, that will be filled this month!

Kess asks if there is a genre for the sorts of pieces made for unKindness?

Jamie: Originally when we built unKindness it was meant to be an extension of 7mad’Ravens (Poe’s store)… and geared toward men. Our biggest projects have been the Shanty stuff, and the Americana stuff. But in the end, it’s been sort of a clutter of just things we love and that inspire us. We always like to push our limits and explore new things. So I don’t think this will ever be a shop that can be settled into one distinct genre. Yeah, we are one extreme to the other. A moonshine still, next to science projects, next to tufted fireplaces lol.

Kess asks where does Jamie & Poe’s inspiration come from?

Poe: Themed events dictate some of where we go when we’re building, too.

Jamie: Everywhere. We’re inspired by so much stuff, and into so many things. A lot are things we just want to see realized in world. But also, yeah themed events are really fun for us.  It was funny because when we started Poe wasn’t sure about doing furniture… he does his own stuff but now he’s hooked lol

Poe: I hated the idea of it. Now I’m all like, ooh what can I build next?

Jamie: He was so pig headed! lmao right?!

Poe: But somehow, me, the least likely person, is excited about doing freaking lace doilies!

Kess asks if the success of unKindness has affected 7 mad ravens.

Poe: I’m in the process of taking a bit of break from 7mad while learning to mesh and rig clothes so it’s actually helping by giving me more confidence to build in 3d max because I was so intimidated by the program. Yeah, I’ve made some furniture for 7mad now, too, so I’m just kind of turning that shop into a wtf ever shop, I think!

Kess asks about the strategy employed by unKindness for getting the word out. Prim Perfect held a talk earlier on in the week about the relationship between designers and bloggers and what would be done to improve it for both parties.

Jamie: Art is such a huge part of second life in all ways. So bloggers to me are an enormous part of that. They were for me, the main motivating tool that has gotten us to where we are today. Without them we would not have been able to be exposed to the audiences we’ve been opened up to. When I looked for bloggers, I looked for people who were really versatile. And would find ways to utilize me with other designers. I WANT people to see how compatible my products can be while still being their own brand.

I think with furniture especially it’s very important to show people how it can be used. And how it can be individualized. My bloggers all have such wide varieties of tastes and skills so that none of them come up with the same way to use the same item. Which also in turn inspires me. Because it makes me also consider THEM when I build.

Kess asks how else did unKindness come to be a known name in the H&G world apart from bloggers. Marketing is interesting!

Jamie: We went the standard routes of a blog, flickr, and facebook. And also LTD magazine, and Essentials Inventory have done so much for us, they’ve been amazing. Elvi Hartley and Annie Inspired, I owe so much to them. Because as a new store in a new genre it’s very hard to know when and where to put yourself out there and get attention.

Kess wants to know how long it was before unKindness was accepted as a designer for FaMESHed.

Jamie: lol. That’s actually a funny thing. I was open for only a couple of months. And on the very DAY of their opening for June, I think it was. They had a furniture store bail. And did an open roll call for someone who could make an original mesh item within 8 hours. I called out of work, built a bed and raaaaaan to the event. lmao I was like “they’re gonna kick me out after” but they didn’t, thankfully! It happend really fast, it was a complete stroke of luck.

I’m not a regular, I’m still a guest, but I’ve been very fortunate to get spots there. And now I also do the Love To Decorate event as well with the same people. From there we hooked up with Cheeky Pea because of their work with the Neighborhood event. And eventually we ended up a part of the Cheeky Pea/TMD/Kustom9 sims. Which has been a huge help as well, I think for getting people familiar with us. Yeah, that worked out beautifully.

Kess asked what were the top 3 highlights of unKindness’s first year of business… so far!

Jamie: Top three highlights… one was definitely making it into Collabor88. Which was one of my major goals. We got to guest for the October round for it. The rest has been just… lol. Okay, we’re silly about this but Poe and I are HUGE shoppers. So we get excited when someone we admire buys something from us. So having like the owner of Junk play my gacha machine… made me squeal like an idiot. Lastly, is my bloggers. Who I love love love love LOVE. And they are such amazing people I never would’ve gotten to meet otherwise. Many who have become good friends of mine.

Kess mentions that unKindness have a current contest for bloggers.

Poe: We’re working on ideas for group gifts that will include special items for our bloggers, too.

Jamie: Well currently we do billboards on our sim. We keep four major billboards out with their artwork on it, that you can click and go back to their flickrs. Yeah, and we’d been thinking about something special for them. I think exposure is a huge benefit though. Especially because I always hear my bloggers talking about applying for this store or that, but not meeting the minimum exposure hits they need. So we’re running a contest to have one of their art work pieces featuring our items as a two page spread at the front of the magazine (Love to Decorate Magazine) before the editors notes which will link back to their flickr or blog. LTD from what I know gets around 3,000 hits so that opens a lot of potential for them.

It’s so important to give back when we can, where we can. Yeah, originally, and I still hope to do this, I’d love to do a blogger wall. Featuring their fave picture and holding a notecard or links to their flickrs and blogs. Flickr is a bigger thing for me, I don’t hold people accountable for blogblogs.

Kess wants to know what the future holds for unKindness.

Jamie: Arcade if we can. That’s everything I’m working toward, and to be able to do this full time. So we’re looking at better ways of utilizing time and learning more complex building to be able to go bigger and better. I want to be a shop that it’s impossible to ignore. xD  And to bring things to SL that should be here but for some reason aren’t.

Kess asks if unKindness will settle into a furniture genre or will they keep the styles open.

Jamie: I think eventually I will settle into a genre, but not so much as in style, as much as in what I contribute, for instance right now we do furniture, skyboxes, garden stuff etc. But at some point we’ll most likely settle into one focus and expand on that. I’m really loving outdoor stuff. So that is a bit possibility.

Kess brings up the prospect of Sansar.

Jamie: I think that Sansar has a lot of potential. I know they’re working mostly with Maya at the moment. We use 3dsmax. But yeah I’m all for expanding growing and testing limits. I think that Sansar will open SL up to a new way of looking at sim design. Which is something that really interests me.

Kess invites questions from the audience!

Question from Moz: An observation… when I was blogging for LTD we were told to keep an especial eye out for the unKindness Flickr posts because their vendors ads didn’t look like… well, vendor ads. More Arty, really and I appreciated that a lot because it was that little bit different! And my question… I was going to ask how you keep Poe under control but *laughs*… I’m presuming you both have computers but what happens when one of those computers breaks down?

Poe: Chaos. Chaos happens lol

Jamie: Oh wow, we actually just lost my computer at the beginning of this month. We missed out on a really great event when my graphics card crashed, and we lost a ton of work. So when we upgrades his pc, we went ahead and upgraded mine.

Poe: To be on the safe side.

Jamie: Yeah, better to be safe. It’s hard because our RL job is online, too. We work full time and create on top of that. Creating and all of this, it’s an artistic outlet for us. Like you mentioned with the adverts. We don’t know how to present them any other way.

And on the subject of controlling Poe: –

Poe: Only when there’s food involved.

Jamie: Occasionally he sleeps. That’s when he’s under control… sort of.

Question from eku Zhong of Culprit: Can I ask what RL work… ignore if it is too nosey!

Jamie: Currently we do web publication for international newspapers. Which is a very tedious and underpaid job but much needed. We work 7 days a week from 8 in the morning until 11 at night. Then we create on top of that, which can be very hectic while we’re being self taught all of this.

Poe: I’ve learned to not sleep.

Jamie: It’s worth it, if this is something you love to do.

Jamie introduces Jade Samsara (JadedPanther) who is web publicist for the unKindness Facebook.

Jamie: Wave to Jade for all her hard work. We’re always getting her account blocked apparently!

With no more questions from a delighted and amused audience, that concluded the interview and Jamie and Poe TPed off to do yet more work. Take a breather, folks!!

unKindness Raven Creek Moonshine Still

unKindness Pioneer Vintage Kitchen



unKindness Cocktail Hour Set


N.B. unKindness were invited by Prim Perfect to take part in the face to face interviews at the Expo. Unfortunately, they were too busy to have a store at the Expo this year but were nice enough to give their time in this way to the fund raising outreach. It was a very entertaining evening 🙂

Social Media:
Flickr group – https://www.flickr.com/groups/2609607@N21/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/unKindnessSL/
Mainstore – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Theory/93/191/21



Written by Moz Loordes

24/02/2016 at 5:05 pm

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  1. Moz (and Wendz) tysm for capturing the content of the interview and delighted to hear it was enjoyable 🙂

    Kess Crystal

    24/02/2016 at 5:22 pm

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