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Chez Moi – RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016

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The RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016 will open to the general public on February 14th and runs to March 6th. It’s the largest and longest running event dedicated to Home & Garden in Second Life™ and raises funds for Relay For Life – The American Cancer Society. Read more about it on their extensive website.  As you can imagine, there’s all sorts of exhibitors from well known brands to up and coming designers, hobbyists and professional merchants. Each exhibitor is required to release two brand new 100% donation items and there’s also a wonderful 50% donation gacha section and even a special hunt!

Designer Nanda, sent us Chez Moi bloggers her items today and I just had to blog them immediately even though the official H&G Expo bloggers don’t start just yet 🙂 These are too good to miss and I was playing about with various windlights – including my own – to get the best effects. Chez Moi has two 100% donation items and a hunt item so let’s start with the hunt item which is just enchanting.

It’s called, “Peaceful Place Bird House”. You get a stool to sit on and a couple of bird houses with birdies, all linked together. It’s so cute! Land Impact is 7.

Chez Moi_RFL_hunt full


Chez Moi_RFL_hunt closeup

On the ‘feed the birds’ animation, an extra set of birds appear on the ground ready to feed as you throw them seed.

Chez Moi_RFL_hunt feeding birds

The first 100% donation piece is, “Oh Deer Garden Bench”. It’s fully interactive with 108 animations which include 28 individual poses (male and female), 8 activities including reading, eating, feeding the birds and talking on the mobile. There are a further 28 animation to enjoy time alone and 22 couples poses. Some of these include wearables such as books, guitar, notebook, glass of wine, and sandwich. So it’s very comprehensive and enjoyable.

Chez Moi_RFL_oh deer1


Chez Moi_RFL_oh deer2


Not only do we get all those animations but there’s also a texture changer for 8 colour textures for the cushions and blanket. The bench itself is 15 LI with an optional vine at 4 LI. There’s also a family version available with 3 extra animations (2 for parents and one for children).

Chez Moi_RFL__oh deer4 Chez Moi_RFL_oh deer3


Chez Moi’s second 100% donation piece is, “Watercolor Porch Bench”. I set this up by the shore and used a Chez Moi gazebo to hang it from but it would look equally good hanging up in your porch! It’s not a huge size and is versatile enough.

Chez Moi_RFL_porch2

Animations total 108 and include 45 individual poses (male and female), 10 activities such as reading and playing the guitar, 24 animations to enjoy time alone and 38 poses for couples. Some of these include wearables such as books, guitar and glass of wine.  Poses are adjustable on the XYZ axes and there is a swap function as well. The bench has a land impact of 13.

Chez Moi_RFL_porch lazing

There’s a texture changer for the wood and pillow that you sit on. Really beautiful shades including pastels and darker woods – 9 colour combinations in all.

Chez Moi_RFL_porch3


Chez Moi_RFL_porch1

The lights really show up well. Here’s an evening shot so you can see the sparkle.

Chez Moi_RFL_porch sunset


Here’s Chez Moi’s store at H&G Expo – please note that you won’t be able to get in until February 14th. Patience is a virtue.

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Written by Moz Loordes

10/02/2016 at 5:31 pm

Posted in Chat, Furniture

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  1. I love bird houses and have a few in the yard. Such gorgeous creatures. Have a happy weekend Mozzy Bear ❤


    11/02/2016 at 6:35 pm

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