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True Love from Zerkalo!

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Zerkalo - True Love - roses n boxes

[zerkalo] have released a beautiful new gacha called, ‘True Love’ and you can try your luck on this at the Gacha Garden Event which runs until February 29th 2016. There are 13 Commons and 1 Rare and it’s 50L per play.

Rare: Large Mannequin – Dressed with adjustable wooden stand and top peg – 3 LI
Commons: Small Mannequins – Dressed and Plain at 3 LI each
Single Rose with card – white and red at 1 LI each
Box with a dozen Roses – white and red at 2 LI each
Box with Candies and lace doily – white and red at 1 LI each
Gift Box with lace doily – white and red at 1 LI each
Pillow edged with lace – 1 LI
Side Table shabby chic style – 2 LI
Birdcage with lace ribbon and wooden bird – 4 LI

Here’s the Rare: – the Large Mannequin looks great by the window. There’s a lot of attention to detail gone into this piece. I remember my mum having one of these and you could adjust the height of it so as to get the right length on skirts and dresses.

Zerkalo - True Love - Rare large mannequin


More Commons: – the two smaller mannequins which seem to be having a chat here, and that lovely cushion which could be a keepsake from a romantic holiday in Paris, plus the very useful Shabby Chic style side table – appreciate those elegant legs.

Zerkalo - True Love - small mannequins


Zerkalo - True Love - Cushion




Zerkalo - True Love - Table

This was my favourite piece, and not just because I love birdies!  The candles have a flicker on the flames which vary subtly in light intensity and make the whole piece come alive. It’s just so delicately and finely made. Table goes well with everything, too. These couple of pieces would make a wonderful hall decoration in their own right.

Zerkalo - True Love - Birdcage


The Gacha Garden offers an extra reward for playing the gachas. 20 plays on a single machine gives the player a ‘Seed of Inspiration’ gift. This will only be available for the duration of the Event. [zerkalo]’s ‘Seed of Inspiration’ is a beautiful Heart Frame that hangs from a lace ribbon and you can place your own photograph in the middle of the heart!


Zerkalo - True Love - Heart Frame

Windlights: – Annan Adored Light Explosion 3, Nacon’s Sweet Morning and Xanthe’s Flawless.

Visit the Gacha Garden Event

Visit [zerkalo] Mainstore

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


2 Responses

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  1. For me??? Yummmmmmeh! ❤ you Mozzy Bear xo


    03/02/2016 at 6:24 pm

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