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This is an unashamedly sentimental post about the virtual pets – KittyCats. I’ve always had some sort of SL breedables but none that I’ve liked so much as these affectionate little bundles of fur. They come in all sorts of sizes from teacup to mega and you can ride on the mega variety. They all start off as Kitten Boxes and clicking on this box tells you about their parentage and traits. Of course, there’s a thriving market in selling kittens with rare traits or simply an unusual combination that a prospective buyer might adore.  Here’s our latest pair, Choccie (a Chateau Coffee n Cream) and Inky (a Russian Black). Now Inky is a matte black Russian kitty which we prefer, even though it’s not a notable fur trait he’s just more black than if you had him with a shiny fur like the male of our previous pair, Ezra.

choccie n inky just grown

Later on, you can breed from them and pair them up. It’s a science with recessive and dominant traits and sometimes, out of the blue, you get rare sizes or traits that have been introduced as ‘specials’. At the moment, there’s the New Year KittyCats which are born during the first week of 2016. By a great stroke of luck, Choccie and Inky got a female kitten on the 1st of January that not only had all the new traits but was also a rare size – Fur: New Year Peace – Water
Eyes: Sun Peace (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)
Shade: Flair
Tail: Curious
Ears: Soft Fold
Whiskers: Sun Tipped (Shape: Plush)
Size: Bigger de Big

I took this picture in midnight lighting and it’s Ezra waiting hopefully by the kitten box, just in case I decide to keep the Peace kitten *laughs*. He’s got his denim vest on – and that’s one of the good things about KittyCats – there’s all sorts of accessories for them. Baskets, clothes, collars, scratching posts, kitty gym, posh feeding bowls… to name but a few.

Ezra waits hopefully by the new kitten box

KittyCats have an excellent website (see info at end of this article) and you can read all about them there. Now you don’t have to keep them all Inworld but there’s also a virtual cattery on the website and you can breed from there if you’re after a particular trait or you have best sellers in your stock or if you just don’t have enough prims to keep them all out. Inworld, you can reduce them down from the animated version to a cutout card. But generally, once you’ve lived with the fully animated animals, you will want to keep a couple of pairs as pets as they are so engaging.  Here’s Eliza (a Copper Bengal), Choccie and Inky with their sleep toys which appear automatically when they sleep.

sleep toys

KittyCats will travel between sims and can be teleported with your avatar. As kittens they will sit on your shoulder but as they grow up (takes around a week) they will interact much more with you like a real pet would. They need feeding or they will fall sick and lose the animations. If you rent land or housing, check the rental agreement as landlords will generally have a rule about how many KittyCats you can keep as part of the rental agreement and it’s usually dependent on prims.

They do have a breeding life of 120 days at which point you can retire them to the Big Cat Basket in the Sky but if you absolutely can’t part with them you can Permapet them. This means they don’t require feeding and will stay with you for as long as you like. Needless to say we kept Ezra and Eliza!  They do have different personalities due to the huge possibilities of breed, traits,  animations, chat and size. So by that time, they may just have worked their way into your heart and you can’t possibly retire them!

Ezra Eliza out for the count

There’s lots of help on the KittyCats forum, and if you happen to lose your kitty, there’s no need to panic as a support ticket to the website will always be sorted out promptly. Very, very occasionally you might encounter a scripting problem but again, this can be sorted out quickly and efficiently by the staff. It’s a good idea to join the Inworld group for KittyCats. It’s always staffed and is a good place to make friends with fellow KittyCat fans. If you want to sell Kitten Boxes Inworld, there are many markets in which you can rent a stall, even entire sims dedicated solely to KittyCat pursuits. There are also thriving Auction Clubs where Kitten Boxes can be bought and sold according to current trends and individual likes. If you discover a new trait (and these are released from time to time) then you can make an absolute killing by getting in there and putting up your subsequent Kitten Boxes to be sold through the Auction Clubs.

So, I would say in conclusion, that not only do KittyCats make wonderful virtual pets but there’s also a thriving market Inworld which adds to the interest. The science of their breeding is another great point in their favor and fascinating to get into. Try one, and you’ll be hooked in no time at all 🙂

Moz n Choccie

Visit KittyCats Region Inworld

Kitten Longmeadow’s ‘Top Picks‘ with lots of info on KittyCats

KittyCats main Forum website

Cheers, m’dears 🙂



Written by Moz Loordes

03/01/2016 at 9:26 pm

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