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Shabby Lounge – Chez Moi

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Shabby Lounge_set

Chez Moi have just brought out a delightful low prim ‘Shabby Lounge’ set for the Lost & Found Event which runs until 1st January.

There’s 4 pieces altogether, which amounts to a very low Land Impact of 9.

Shabby Chaise PG  – LI 4 – Copy/Modify

Shabby Lamp on/off with click – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Hydrangea Shabby Jar – LI 2 – Copy/Modify
Shabby Side Table – LI 1 – Copy/Modify

Lovely poses in this chaise!  16/17 different poses for male and female, some of which rez wearables and props including book, guitar, coffee, laptop, mobile phone. Plus – 12 loving couples animations – all romantic and PG.

I particularly liked the Shabby Side Table with the decoupage effect, makes a very nice piece for decorating in general.

Shabby Lounge_side table

The lamp is on/off by touch and although I was using a Windlight setting (Euphoria smoky blue) it made a difference casting a warm glow around.

Shabby Lounge_lamp

Here’s some of the poses for males.  Easily adjustable on the XYZ co-ordinates. Couple poses also have the Swap facility.

Shabby Lounge_pose 2

Shabby Lounge_pose 1

Visit the Lost & Found Event

Chez Moi mainstore

Cheers, m’dears!


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