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Xmas Gacha – Chez Moi!

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Chez Moi’s ‘Xmas Gacha’ is now out at the mainstore – only until December 26th, though!  There’s 3 Rares and 8 Commons to collect and at only $L60 per play, it won’t break the bank.

gacha key Xmas Gacha Chez Moi

The gacha key shows all the items but not to their best advantage. These are really nice pieces and I’m not just saying that because I happen to blog for Chez Moi 🙂 So I’ve taken close-up photos to show all the pieces.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the Rares.  I suppose basically there is an ‘Xmas Pavilion’ and the pieces to put in and around it, but you could use the decor and furniture in a lot of areas in and around your home.

The pavilion is a reasonable and workable size at 15 LI. The floor and walls are wooden planks and corrugated tin, the front fence is carved and there’s a couple of string lights with stars that do reflect the natural light. The outside is in that shabby painted white wood style – very nice, and the roof is sloped.

Pavillon front Pavillon inside Pavillon side

The multi-pose ‘Xmas Rug’ is another Rare and it’s 6 LI. There are couples poses in it but you can also sit on it solo. The usual Swap and Adjust on the XYZ axes applies. I counted 15 poses, some with props like when you’re reading. Really nice textures on this and it’d go well on wooden flooring. You could also take it out and about, providing you can rez, but I’d suggest doing that in ‘Edit’ mode as you’ve only got one copy! Would make an excellent travel rug, then, for couples.

Rug Rug - pose

The third rare is this excellent ‘Xmas Armchair’ with red cushions and throwover rug draped on one arm. The white version is also included.  Land impact of 4 (white version is 3 LI) with solo sits for male and female – a generous 12 each, some with rezzable props.

Chairs Chairs_pose

Going onto the Commons now… some fun ‘Santa Frames’ here, three versions to collect and they are 2 LI each.

Santa Frames 1 2 3

Fun ‘Xmas Snowball Fight Sign’, this one is 2 LI and it’s really an outdoors piece, that is unless you want to smash up the house 🙂

Snowball Fight Sign

‘Xmas Ladder’. I love this one, it’s so detailed for only 6 LI. It would be nice in the porch or hall. Maybe propped up in the lounge if you’re doing a decorating scene.


‘Xmas Potted Bushes’. Definitely one for the outside of the house.  The lights draped around the middle tree have a particle effect which twinkles, pretty good even in Midday setting. Land Impact is 6.

Potted Bushes

‘Xmas String Cards’. Now these are fun and could be used in many Holiday scenes. They are 5 Land Impact and nicely detailed, spot the nail/tack fixings, it’s those extra little features that really add to a good decor piece.

string cards

Last but not least, a great decor piece – the ‘Xmas Please Snuggle Box’. Finely detailed with excellent LOD, this has a Land Impact of 8 and is well worth it. I put a linen rug underneath to show up the detailing, that is not part of the product.

Please Snuggle Box

All items are Transfer/Modify. Be careful when you rez and remember to take them back into Inventory. For only L$60 a play, any one of these would make a great addition to your furniture and also as gifts.


Until next time, cheers, m’dears!




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  1. that’s it Mozzy Bear! Now I have to decorate for Christmas… ❤ you!


    15/12/2015 at 3:54 pm

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