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Chez Moi – Romance on the Piste

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Winter Lift Seat - main

This is Chez Moi’s exclusive for the ‘It’s Cold Outside Round’ of the Tres Chic Event which starts tomorrow, 17th November and lasts until 10th December.

Apart from all the animations on it, this is a fabulous photography prop as it easily adjusts to any couple. Both have separate adjustments and swap poses and if I can work it out, anyone can!

Winter Lift Seat - clear base

Rezzed initially, the winter lift seat is 21 Land Impact but you can also add ‘scenes’ to the original seat that cost more Land Impact. So just tap the right hand lantern to display the scenes menu. We had the Ice and the Bush scene up which was 34 LI in total. You can also click the lanterns on and off by touching the bulbs. Other scenes are as follows:

* White Lights: 25 LI
* Ice: 25 LI
* Colorful Lights: 28 LI

There are 50 solo poses. 20 alone animations, 12 activities and 28 couple poses some of which rezz props like the newspaper I was holding. You just click ‘yes’ to accept and they attach automatically.

Winter Lift Seat - newpaper

Other props include: Mug, pillow, newspaper, book, guitar and tweety birds.

Winter Life Seat - romantic cuddle

There are also texture change options – 5 for the seat (we were using ‘berry’ and ‘forest’ which look rather nice against a snowy background) and 4 for the upright wooden poles and bar across the top which will change to variety of plain and snowy woods. Finally, the base has 6 texture changes which are very useful to fit in with surroundings, we were using a snowy one and one which had been swept of snow. Perfectly possible to use this in a non snowy scene, say a mountainside in summer, because of the texture change options.

So here’s your TAXIΒ to the Tres Chic Event and also the mainstore CHEZ MOI which is well worth visiting but take your time as there’s lots of great sets to try out. Take a friend!

Cheers, m’dears πŸ™‚


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