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Wicked Tea Party with Chez Moi!

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Halloween furniture and decor from Chez Moi! This is the fabulous ‘Wicked Tea Party’ set and it’s an exclusive for the Tres Chic event which runs until November 10th.

Wicked Tea Party - Autumn setting

The set consists of a 3 LI Table with rezzable teatime treats accessible by clicking on the table – Macaroons & Tea is 19 LI and Cupcakes are 11 LI.

Alternatively, you can dress the table with the Pumpkin Candles at 6 LI and the fun floating teapot at 3 LI which really does bob up and down and floats daintily above the table.

Wicked Tea party - table close-up

Each chair you add to the table is a further 4 LI and they contain 7 amusing sits and 3 actions for gents and ladies each – drinking tea, eating and collapsed suitably stuffed 🙂 The chairs also have texture change options and there’s 9 of those via a HUD.

So who’s coming to tea?  We set up an evening Windlight and received a couple of dodgy characters who quaffed tea all night long and disposed of a multitude of macaroons, but when the morning came, they’d disappeared!

Wicked Tea party - teatime

Wicked Tea party - teatime thro chair

TAXI to Tres Chic Event

Cheers, m’dears 🙂

(With thanks to Arrchie for the through the web photo!)


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