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Getting Cosy at Chez Moi

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Chez Moi have released the cozy ‘Douillet Outdoor Set’ and it’s available from the mainstore and on Marketplace.

‘Douillet’ means comfortable and cozy in French and it perfectly represents this interactive pier with its multipose furniture which can be wonderful garden decor as well as a place for friendly gatherings. It’s available in a PG and an Adult version.

Douillet - from small sofa
The Pier comes rezzed as a coalesced object – to use Edit mode to rez it. Steps are separate from the raised portion.

The Sofa 2 Seats has 130 (148 in the Adult version) animations:
50 individual animations (male and female)
20 animations to enjoy time alone
12 activities such as reading a good book, eating macaron, drinking hot chocolate, playing guitar among others
24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
Props: book, mug, guitar, newspaper, tablet, bubble blower etc.

The Couch has 84 animations:
40 individual animations (male and female)
8 activities
18 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
Props: book, mug, guitar, bubble blower etc.

Animations are easily adjustable for all sorts of couples! We liked these very much – they expressed relaxation, enjoyment and loving communication.

Douillet - large sofa n set

There are 3 texture change options for both the Sofa and Couch, I used the chocolate colour in these photos as it seems to have that richly textured effect. Other colorways are a lighter canvas style and a forest green style. Beautiful texturing work on these by designer Nanda – the cording and piping work on the sofa was just one of the details plus the little lights wrapped around the railings was another great feature.

Douillet - plant pots n steps
Also included in the set are a great log burning brazier, potted palm, flowerpots set and hanging blanket.  The hanging blanket on the Pier railings has 16 female and male animations and comes with some wearable props. Texture Change Options: 3 combinations to choose from a menu.

Douillet - lights railings n palm

All the items as seen in the pictures total only 38 Land Impact. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

Douillet - from distance

TAXI to Chez Moi mainstore

VISIT Chez Moi Marketplace for ‘Douillet Outdoor Set’ – this goes to the PG version but look at the end of the page and there’s the link to the Adult version.


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