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Chez Moi – Salem Witches Memorial Square

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This is Chez Moi’s ‘Salem Witches Memorial Square’. It’s a railed around scene which contains animated spooks, trees, a memorial and benches to sit on if you dare! It even has crows circling above and it makes an amazing background to any vampire stories you may want to enact so again, terrific for photographers and roleplayers alike.

Here’s the entrance post with lamp – looks eerie already! Click on the post and you’ll get a surprise – some appropriate dancing animations are available which can be synced if you have a crowd.

Salem Set - entrance post and lamp

Here’s the crows circling above the scary trees. There is a multi sound player HUD within the scene which has a number of settings for day and night and you can switch off all sounds if needs be.

Salem Set - crows above

This is the Memorial to the Salem Witches itself and it has a black cat by the side. Also included in the set are two benches with copious single poses for male and female plus a number of couples cuddles. Also activity poses for various situations. Many poses have wearable props. The scary tree has space for 2 people to sit on it and 26 singles poses, 16 couples poses and 1 witchcraft animation. Designer Nanda has thought of everything!

Salem Set - memorial and bench

You get the scene as a coalesced object so make sure you rezz in Edit mode then you can move it around easily. The spooks move up and down, the benches are separate and can be moved within the scene easily.

Salem Set - cuddle bench

As the Salem Square lends itself to roleplay, Arrchie and me are vampire couple Louis and Lestat – it’s our interpretation and with sincere apologies to author Anne Rice – here they are greeting each other before the hunt and then afterwards when they are sated and you can guess what they’ve been up to!

Louis n Lestat interpretation 1

Louis n Lestat interpretation 2




Written by Moz Loordes

05/10/2015 at 5:02 pm

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