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V-Spot @ Boys of Summer Event

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Is it summer yet?  Well it must be because the ‘Boys of Summer’ event is on now!  Talk about lazing around in a deckchair watching the day go by 🙂

BOS15 Deckchair

V-Spot  have released a great Tee at the event. It comes in 5 varieties – Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Purple which all have different print textures. There’s bound to be one you like or even all of them.  Sizing is both in FitMesh 1 and 2, and standard sizing S, M and L.  A couple of Alphas make this sexy Tee easy to fit. I used FitMesh 1 together with Alpha 1. (Pants worn are V-Spot Rock Star pants available from the mainstore).

Here’s a montage of all the colours –

BOS15 Montage

I was at New Brighton – a pretty good representation of an old fashioned British pier and surrounding sea front which is not far off what it is nowadays back in the real world. The group owning the sim has events at the end of the pier which is decked out like an Art Deco bar and seating area – much fun! Windlight setting was – ‘Annan Adored Realistic ambient’.

BOS15 Brighton Pier

Here’s a Taxi to the ‘Boys of Summer’ event.

Here’s a Taxi to the sim ‘New Brighton’.

That’s all for today, Cheers m’dears 🙂

Vspot new logo smally aug 2014


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