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Hello Tuesday – 18th November

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Another ‘Hello Tuesday’ bargain event and only x number of shopping days until Christmas *laughs*. I had to get that in because it’s what all the advertisers say ad nauseum at this time of year.

A new designer at Cosmopolitan and I must say I’m slobbering over these designs like the proverbial bloodhound, more to come in another post. This is tag. by Deds Deezul and today there’s a bargain priced t-shirt  ‘science & religion’ in two versions… waisted and wide which is a tad looser than the first. Standard sizing XS-XL plus a well fitting alpha. I was wearing the more fitted variety in size L. 50L$



On to the decor. This is a very nice mesh Snowman by M. Law Designs. He plays ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’ and has some cute animations where you tend to the Snowman, adjust his scarf, patch up the snow body and similar. Land impact of 7, he won’t break the prim bank 🙂 50L$

HelloTuesday18Nov_M Law


Bee Designs presents ‘Elf getting ready for Christmas’, a cheeky chap bringing home his Christmas Tree on a sleigh cart. He plays a tune also, ‘Oh Christmas Tree!’ – most appropriate! Land Impact of 19, how could you resist him? 50L$



Storax Tree. Designer Kate has two decor pieces for us this Tuesday and they will be out for a few more days yet.  First is the ‘Eclectic Elegance Time Table Ec’, a really beautiful clock face here, countryside scene. The table is transfer, has a resizer and is land impact of 10. 50L$

Hello Tuesday ST Eclectic Elegance Time Table Ec 50L$


And this is the ‘Morocco Sword Displays Bc’, finely detailed pair of swords on wooden plaques which are transfer, with a resizer and a land impact of 13.  Hang them in the lounge for the next time your best pal annoys you *laughs*

All this fab for only 50L$

Hello Tuesday ST Morocco Sword Displays Bc 50L$


Cheers, m’dears 🙂




Written by Moz Loordes

18/11/2014 at 11:35 am

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