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Decor project – Pavilion

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Arrchie and I are more than fortunate to live on a bounteous sim where we can indulge our love for historical housing and landscape. At the moment we are engrossed in a garden project which I thought I’d record as it progresses. It’s interesting – well at least to us 🙂

We have a Tudor house in the grounds and a lake with forestry around, it’s very pleasant and a wonderful place in which to chillax.  This month we decided to start our project by taking down a barn but leaving the surrounding walls and stone flooring. We wanted a knot garden which we found straight off from ArchiTech, all it needs is some extra landscaping in the way of flowers and perhaps lighting.  So we were left with a space for some sort of glasshouse or pavilion or orangery.

Couldn’t really find anything suitable so I looked in the vast recesses of my inventory and found a classic pavilion by Barnesworth Anubis [ba]. Put it down, it was the right size. Hmm… how to make it look as if it fitted into the general theme. This is [ba]‘s vendor poster.



After much fiddling around, I used my little colour matching program to take colours from the old barn walls and tinted the pavilion. Yes, you can do this and it works out wonderfully. When you stand in this pavilion, it’s close up to the hedge of the knot garden but it feels so… cosy.

[ba] pavilion unfurnished


Here’s the knot garden in front. There’s a choice of  light or dark foliage on this garden, the dark went best with the grass on the rest of the grounds.  I really love this combination of landscape and pavilion 🙂

Knot Garden and Pavilion


Here’s the view a bit further back where the forest trees blend into the background panels. Looks so nice even in ‘midday’ let alone when you use a windlight setting for photography.

Pavilion and beyond


So that’s how far we’ve got. Decor inside the pavilion and further flowers/ornaments to the knot garden.

Thought you might like to see a few other areas of the garden. This is an area of forest where we put a seating ‘slider’ from Chaz Longstaff  (Animated Living).  It’s great for friends and couples alike and again – somewhere to chill out, cuddle, eat and drink picnics, even play guitar.  By the side you can see our Woodcutter’s Block by Shade. This has a great animated wood chopping scene for when you’re annoyed at someone and can imagine their head on the block *laughs*.  The trees are a conifer group by Tobias Novi.

Slider and woodcutter block


Last but by no means least… this is Arrchie’s engagement present to me. It’s especially made as a one-off  by Eternal Realms. This amazing bridge stretches across the parkland side of the lake to lily pads in the middle. It’s stunningly beautiful and it took my breath away when it was presented to me! It’s based on the ‘Bridge of Dreams’ concept from ancient  legend. When you go to sleep, you desire to meet your loved one on this bridge where you can still be together. Sometimes it works – try it 🙂

At night we switch on the lantern here and walk to the middle where there are animations for a kiss n cuddle…

Bridge of Dreams garden side


Bridge of Dreams from the lake side. In the background you can see deer and the beginnings of the Tudor house.

Bridge of Dreams lake side


Jewelled dragonflies hover around the railings. Magical!

Bridge dragonflies


That’s all for the time being. Hope you’ve enjoyed the little tour 🙂


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12/11/2014 at 3:21 pm

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