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Cosmopolitan Sale Room 01/02 – Decor

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First round of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room new year! We have some amazing Decor designers now plus a display area for the higher LI sets and so I’m showcasing some of what’s available today. This round finishes on 9th November so get yer skates on.

Storax Tree (Kate McLaglen) – Kate is a constant designer, she must live on her work platform! There’s definitely a Storax Tree style – vintage, warm, quirky – just delicious.  Here’s a couple of the autumn days wall shelves… ‘autumn days wall shelf Ac’ – LI7 transfer with resizer and ‘autumn days wall shelf’ Cc – LI 9 transfer with resizer.


ST Autumn Days Wall Shelf Ac

ST Autumn Days Wall Shelf Cc


‘chimenea fireplace Ai’ – transfer with resizer LI 6 touch wood for flames and fire sound – very comforting!

ST Chimenea Fireplace Ai


‘vintage plant stand plant Oe’ – transfer with resizer – LI 3. All the Storax Tree items are being sold at L$50.

ST Vintage Plant Stand Plant Oe



Shutter Field (Heavenly Villa) – just loved this set which reminds me of holidays in Italy! Sold at 25% off listed price on box, the ‘Mediterranean pizza set’ is L$125 and the ‘pizza ovens’ come in grey or yellow at L$75.

Pizza set – the bench is LI9 as decorated and also included is a bench without decor. Plus all the decor items are offered separately! The Shelf is LI9 and that pizza is texture change for extra yummyness 🙂



Pizza Oven. The grill with Pizza is separate so that the oven can be used as as a fire. You’d normally put the grill lower down but I wanted to show you how nice the fire is. Switch that on and off by clicking on the logs.




Decor Junction (Anthonys Republic) offers us a natural stone bird bath with materials applied and a realistic animated water that I wish I could show you here. It has to be seen to be appreciated. That robin is only for decoration!  The bird bath is a mere LI 1 and L$175.



BananaN (Banana Mellow) – I really like this designer’s Boho colourful style, it’s something that little bit different.  Here’s a great lounge set which is offered in three colours, the purple set is shown here. It’s basically a ‘Hippi Furniture’ set! The sofa is LI3 and has 7 single and 5 couple animations. The sofa table is LI2 plus both the table cloth and the cushions on the sofa are texture change so you can get a number of looks. A rug and knitting basket complete the set which is L$279.




West 143rd (Delmar Quintessa) – Delmar produced an amazing chandelier for the Birthday Round and here’s another fab variety, this time the ‘Umbrella Chandelier’. It is LI7 with a rotating version included as well as the static one. And wait for it… this is on offer at L$50 🙂

West 143rd


Whelp… that’s all for now and my lunch is ready so I will say…

Cheers, m’dears 🙂








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02/11/2014 at 2:07 pm

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