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EB Awareness Fundraising week

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There are a number of good people working for various charities in Second Life. I choose to support debra – its a charity that works for children with the most appalling and painful genetic skin condition epidermolysis bullosa – and this week from 25th Oct to 31st Oct there’s a fund raiser with exclusive and new designs plus evening programs of music and fun. Please do come along and support this cause 🙂

There’s no cure for EB but there is support and research into this distressing condition. Last fund raiser in Second Life raised as much money as the first life event – so it only goes to show that SL people are equally generous in their giving.

This slurl will land you in the greeting place with info about the social events and a TP board to all the stores. Don’t forget to visit the Gacha Garden, too!

Here’s GDit Jewelry’s exclusives (and if you click that landmark again it’s a direct route to GDit’s store) –


model by Cindy


MarquetryTable and Lamp2_GDit Jewelry

Garden Lemuel Lo_BLOG

Lemuel Lo set_BLOG


Cheers, m’dears!



Written by Moz Loordes

25/10/2014 at 12:54 pm

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