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Cosmopolitan Sale Room #23 – Menswear

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Time for our fortnightly fix of the Cosmopolitan Sale Room! Some of the menswear that the designers are spoiling us with this time 🙂

V-Spot  – The Beats Collection.  A fabulous set of hoodies and snapbacks in six musical themed designs. I mixed n matched in one of the photos and why not? At only L$159, you can afford a couple of these sets.  Usual standard 5 sizes XS to XL with a good alpha and range of colours. I was wearing the Eggplant colour in the first photo and Blue & Red in the second, both size L. The snapback is easy resize.

V-Spot - The Beats Collection

V-Spot - The Beats Collection 2

F.A.D. – The Outsider Leather Jacket and Hoodie. This is HUD-driven to give a choice of four leathers and four hoodie colours, all in good toning/contrasting textures. Perfect for what it says on the label – outside!  Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, plus alpha textures included in case of fitting difficulties but I don’t think you’ll have any. Very smart casual.

FAD Outsider leather jacket n hoodie


GioMEN – HUD-Driven Baggy Trousers. Endless texture amusement with this extensive HUD, dark and light shades for the main material. Suspenders included and these are also alterable on the HUD.   Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, with a great alpha. All this for only L$70 – GioGoodness 🙂

Poses are from Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1, a set of 5 useful poses.

GIOmen_baggy trousers 2

GioMEN HUD for Baggy Trousers

GIOmen_baggy trousers 1

American Bazaar – Smart mesh Jogg Capris in black, blue, dark, red L. black and grey @ L$99 each. PLUS… Vans Hoodie in black, blue, grey, khaki, L.Grey and Pale @ L$119 each.  Standard 5 sizes, XS to XL, you can’t go wrong with these staple wardrobe items.

Pose from Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1.

American Bazaar JoggCapri VansHoodie

[Cila]  – unisex backpack called Born to be Wild and there are two varieties, the White Zebra standard and White Zebra one shoulder. This is worn over the American Bazaar Vans Hoodie and the pose is from  Vestige poses – Male Pack Autumn 1.

Cila backpack on AB VansHoodie

That’s all for today, so I will wish you an excellent week and…

Cheers, m’dears 🙂




Written by Moz Loordes

29/09/2014 at 8:34 pm

Posted in Fashion

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