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Cosmopolitan Sale Room #22-02 Decor

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Lots of lovely decor still available until 28th September at the Cosmopolitan Sale Room 🙂

Shutter Field have this collection of storage boxes to cover all eventualities! At between 2 to 4 LI you’ll be able to fit them in the appropriate rooms and garden.  Very good LOD on these, they are all copy and make great decorations.

shutterfield storage box collection 2

shutterfield storage box collection 1

BananaN have two sets of Boho style items this round. Firstly, the cabinets in four colours. These are 2 LI each and fully modify/copy. Shabby chic at its finest!

BananaN Boho Cabinets


Secondly, BananaN have these set of Boho stools in four colours that would match the cabinets nicely.  5 animations in each and also copy/modify. Great stuff!

BananaN Boho stools

Storax Tree have some more items for your Napa Valley collection and if you’ve been attending Cosmo Sale Room for some time now, you’ll have quite a few pieces from this collection.

Napa Valley Chair in light wood with PG animations and props, LI 3, copy with resizer and two varieties
Napa Valley Loveseat, LI 6,  with PG animations and props including writing with pencil, reading newspaper and taking tea/coffee and cake.
Rugs – woven herringbone rug, LI 1, transfer and resizer
woven diamonds rug, LI1, transfer and resizer

Napa Valley Chair Lt Wood Be

Napa Valley Chair Lt Wood Ae

Napa Valley Loveseat Lt Wood Ae


How long have I been waiting for a decent woven rug? Forever!  I like them to go in kitchens, bathrooms and halls, not to mention with such a themed suite.

Woven Diamonds Rug e

Woven Herringbone Rug e

And just to demonstrate some of the Loveseat props… scoff away, Moz  lol

Napa Valley suite n props

Cheers, m’dears 🙂


Written by Moz Loordes

25/09/2014 at 10:27 pm

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